There are so many people around us: our family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and even passersby. Some of these people go unnoticed and do not change anything in one’s life, while others might have a huge impact on us, might change our views, personalities.

One of such people should become the main character of your remembering a person essay. By the way, why do teachers assign such tasks as remembering people essays? Definitely, one of the main reasons is to check your writing skills, particularly skills of writing narrative and descriptive papers. You will have to use these two types to prepare your remembered person essay.

Another reason why teachers assign remembered person essays is that they want to know more about you, things that shaped your character and world views.

You can use our guidelines for writing remembering a person essays (if you need additional info on essay writing, just bookmark our website).

Remembering a Person Essays: Who to Write About

Definitely, it is better to write about someone you know well. It is good to know several stories about him/her that you can introduce in the essay. By the way, those stories or anecdotes can be used as a basis for your remembering a person essay. Yet, we should note that the person you choose should not necessarily be someone who played a crucial role in your life.

Remembering a Person Essays: What to Talk About

Basically, you have to explain why you remember the person you are talking about. We have already mentioned that several anecdotes involving this person can serve as a basis for your remembering a person essay.

One of the main keys to an effective paper is a detailed description. Ideally, you should provide as many details as you can (however, not too many) so that a teacher can vividly imagine the person after reading your remembering a person essay.

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