On the one hand, growing up is associated with something new and exciting. For parents, growing up means the first steps, the first words, and the first achievements of their children. For kids, growing up means everything new and unknown, and every kid at some point dreams to become a grown up one day.

Now, growing up is the topic of your next written assignment. You are not a kid anymore, but not yet an adult as well. We are sure it will be very interesting for your teacher to find out what you really think about your experience of growing up. Thus, writing a narrative personal essay on growing up seems to be one of the great ways to get your paper done.

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Although you will be covering a well-known topic (about yourself), we still strongly recommend you to plan everything and decide what exactly your essay on growing up will be devoted to. After all, describing everything you remember since the early childhood is not a good idea.

Here Are Several Hints for Essays on Growing Up

  1. write about your family values and how they have been shaping your personality;
  2. describe in the essay on growing up various roles you have had in your family, how and why they change;
  3. describe your personal changes in the course of growing up.

In other words, try to focus on something that made your growing up special and tell about it in the essay on growing up.

What if you do not feel like talking about own experience in the essay on growing up? Do not worry, since there are many other ways to complete your paper. What follows next are additional ideas for you:

  1. write essays on growing up based on a work of literature or some songs;
  2. write essays on growing up in a gay family;
  3. write about growing up without parents, etc.

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