So, have you been recently assigned a research project? Or, even worse, is it already due soon? The following 10 life hacks will help you do it in record time. Here are 10 amazing things, which will help you write a research paper like a pro (or you can purchase essays online easily at

1.  ✔️  Topic

Set a timer no to spend too much time on selecting a topic. Search for a gap in the existing literature. There must be at least a small area left untouched by other researchers. Try to choose the right perspective and make your question as narrow as you can. Use specific examples.

E.g. Bad choice: Do students believe in global warming?

E.g. Better choice: Is there a statistically significant relationship between students’ climate change awareness and their personal paper recycling choices?

2.  📚  Speed Literature Review

No time to read all the sources you find. At this point, only abstracts and conclusions are your goal. That’s what these parts have been created for.

3.  ⛔  No Problems with Sources

Never hesitate to check the reference pages of the articles you’ve found. The authors have probably done a great job for you. Feel free to use some of their sources for your paper (surely, after finding them in full).

4.  📝  Early Notes

To write a research paper right, you should start making notes as soon as you choose your topic. Whenever you find an interesting quote or some brilliant idea crosses your mind, put them down.

5.  🗺️  Outlining

No need to reinvent the wheel. Follow the standard structure to save your time and creative energy for other aspects of writing a research paper.

  1. Abstract;
  2. introduction;
  3. literature review;
  4. methodology;
  5. findings;
  6. discussion;
  7. limitations;
  8. conclusion and recommendations.

6.  💪  Strong Introduction

The three most important components to be included into the introduction part are a research question, a hypothesis and a strong thesis statement.

7.  📙  Literature Review

If you find the contradicting views, don’t hesitate to include them all into the literature review. It will only show that you understand the question in its complexity. Do your best to find the gap in the existing literature.

8.  🏁  Results

Give only facts and figures in the “Results” part of your paper.

9.  🙂  Discussion

Make the “Discussion” the biggest section of your project. Feel free to express your thoughts in this part. Include analysis and interpretation into this part.

10.  📰  Format

To write a research paper that rocks, you’ll need to pay proper attention to such a trifle as its format. The easiest way is to find a well-formatted research paper sample using the recommended citation style on a reputable site. One more quick tip is to use the features of the text editor and special applications to make the formatting process quicker and easier.

What about sharing your personal secrets on how to write a research paper with the public? We hope to see your comments below.

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