Psychology APA format

APA format is commonly used for citing the scientific resource. Every student has to have a particular understanding of the main structure and format of APA. The fundamental feature of APA format is a standard for many papers in different sciences. That is why all researchers, as well as scientists, cite their work in this format 1) .

  1. General Characteristics of APA Format
  2. Psychology APA Format
  3. Citation and Additional Peculiarities of APA style

General Characteristics of APA Format

Here are general characteristics of APA Format, prepared by Custom Writing service. Every paper should be typed according to the following formats, namely double-spaced on standard paper with margins on one inch everywhere. Every writer should use a clear font which can be quite readable. APA style recommends using 12pt 2) . Times New Roman font. Speaking about the overall structure of the paper in psychology, it should have the running head inserted at the top of the paper together with numbers of pages. Also, it should have a title of the paper, the name of the affiliation, students name, the main body, and references. In fact, there are four main parts of the paper: a Title Page, then comes an Abstract, the Main Body, and a page for Reference. It is necessary to include the running head on the title page with the full title of the essay in capital letters, author's name and institutional affiliation 3) . The abstract should have the page header, the word “Abstract” in the center of the page. It should be without any formatting. The next step is the summarization of the principal features of the paper. It is considered to have the research topic, questions, participants, data, analysis, conclusions 4) . Moreover, it is possible to include the further investigation that may be conducted soon. The abstract should not be long (about a double-spaced single paragraph). The approximate number of words is between 150 and 250 5) .

Main Body is the central element of the paper. It should contain the introduction, main paragraphs, at least three, and conclusion. The main body has to be well-structured and easy to perceive.

The last part of the paper is the reference. All the resources used in the paper should be cited. It proves the fact that paper has a scientific background 6) .

Psychology APA Format

Without a doubt, every science uses APA format as the fundamental one. Psychology is not an exception. Being a kind of science that investigates individuals' behavior, it requires a particular style of writing. Moreover, it has three main parts such as describing, understanding the concept from empirical investigation and explaining. That is why writing in psychology has its principles. The most popular are using plain and clear language, evidence-based reasoning, and the usage of APA format. APA format psychology paper is the same as a standard APA paper. It should have a strict structure and the essential components. APA format Psychology is taught at universities at every grade 7) . The reason is that every research should be aware of the APA format psychology research paper as well as APA psychology paper format in general 8) .

Citation and Additional Peculiarities of APA style

Citation and Additional Peculiarities of APA style

What is APA style format? The answer to the question will be quite simple 9) . It is a unified standard of writing. Every institution requires papers to be written according to the common standard. APA format is one of the most popular styles 10) . There are many APA style examples in every subject. Students try to follow the basic rules of APA format to have it looked like a traditional paper. That is why it is important to know of features of APA style especially APA format citation and APA style reference.

Citation and Additional Peculiarities of APA style 2

Speaking about APA format citation, it can be of different origins. It may be a paraphrase or a direct quote . Regardless of the type of quotation, there is a common style of citation. Every quote 11) and paraphrase should be written together with the name of the author and the year when the reference was published. What is more, the citation can only have the page number. Regarding APA style reference list, it includes the following constituents such as the name of the writer, the year of publication, the name of the paper, the publisher, and the figures of the book, magazine or electronic resource. Every resource should be a true one and be cited properly as well. One more important thing is the correct paraphrasing of the quote. Many times the individuals try to cheat, and they pretend that a certain saying is their one. However, they stole someone's idea and it is called plagiarism 12) .

Plagiarism is number one concern in academic writing today. All the papers are submitted to a special program that evaluates the document and identifies the level of plagiarism. In case the level of plagiarism is high, the paper will not be approved, and one can even be expected from the institution. That is why many students worry greatly about the quality of each paper. They try to avoid any plagiarism and format the papers according to the standard norm 13) .

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