Left and Right Brain—The Surprising Truth [INFOGRAPHIC]

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left brain right brain

Neuroscientists and psychologists all around the world have put great effort into investigating the functions and differences of the left and right brain.

The existence of differences between left brain and right brain have been proven by many studies. Especially valuable are the observations that have been made on brain injuries.

In this article, you will learn everything about the left brain vs. right brain, including their functions and characteristics.

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: 85 Apps to Improve Your Studying

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Bloom’s taxonomy has proven to be a highly efficient educational system that helps to set and reach learning objectives. Not only teachers, but also students find a great use for it.

But how do you make it even more effective?

Use apps! Modern technology gives us plenty of opportunities, so why not take advantage of it?

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Ultimate Guide to Academic Writing: 100+ Useful Resources

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What is academic writing? There is no definite answer to this question as long as it presents many various types of paper—essays, term papers, dissertation writings, reports…

Every kind is unique and has its own rules. This is one of the reasons why academic writing style is so challenging to stick to.
It was so before you’ve come across our guide! We’ve collected the best resources to help you perfectly understand academic writing features and functions. Check it out now.

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100 Self-Help & Study Skills for Students with ADD (ADHD)

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100 Self-Help & Study Skills for Students with ADD

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are becoming more and more common in the modern age. Students complain about struggling to pay attention, which affects their studying. Sometimes they need to ask "write my paper" or "edit my essay" to be successful at school.

But don’t you worry!

We’ve decided to compile a list of 100 tips on how students with ADD can develop proper study skills. This article can give you an idea of how to handle this condition properly and provide you with helpful ADHD strategies. (And if you're having tough times at college, you can always use our term paper writing service). Keep on reading if you want to know how to manage your time and schedule, take notes, and remember material efficiently. This article will also tell you about study strategies for ADHD students, study techniques, and skills you may find useful. You’ll get a number of study tips that actually work.

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Results of Essay Writing Contest by Custom-Writing.org

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And the winner is...

Essay Writing Contest by Custom-Writing.org has come to an end.

During that exciting period, numerous students from all over the world voiced their opinions on topics concerning students’ writing skills, decreasing amount of homework, and requirements of academic writing.

It was our first contest here at Custom-Writing.org, and we should admit that we were surprised to get so many brilliant essays!

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Guide to English Phonetic System: Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics

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Guide to English Phonetic System Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics

Did you ever notice any troubles with English phonetic spelling? Did you even need essay help because your English is far from perfect?

What about the pronunciation of unnatural speech sounds in English words? Or the use of stress on the wrong syllable?

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10 Tips for Public Speaking: Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

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Even those people who are communicative and talkative often feel nervous while standing on the stage. To tell the truth, this may happen also to those who have to write an academic essay. In such a case, there is a simple solution - pay for essay.

If you’ve ever experienced such symptoms as sweating, dry mouth or increased heartbeat, these tips for public speaking will make you more confident.

Here are some tips for how to speak in public which will tell you how to overcome public speaking fear and won’t let it mess up your speech. And don't forget that you can also get help with essay here.

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Free Books Online: 200+ Places to Read & Download Free Ebooks

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The ebook era is here to stay, and it demonstrates impressive projections.

The dynamic technology and mobility affect our everyday life. They even influence our reading habits. Contemporary young people prefer reading books using their e-readers, smart phones, and tablets.

Isn’t it great that you can read anywhere without having your thick book with you all the time?

You can quickly find and easily download almost any book you’d like to read. At no cost.

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