Gonerdify Review: Pricing, Credibility, & Features Ranked

If you’ve ever searched for an academic help website, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Gonerdify.com. This service looks promising, but soon doubt starts to creep in. Is Gonerdify legit? Is it worth your time and money? So many questions arise, and raving five-star Gonerdify reviews don’t necessarily have honest answers.

The picture shows a brief Gonerdify review and ranking.

No worries: we’ve independently analyzed Gonerdify for you. Check out this review to learn all about this website’s features and services!

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking 

Website  Samples Tools Low Prices Blog Other Services Informative website Overall Quality 
Go Nerdify ❌  ❌  ❌  ✅  ✅  ❌  ⭐⭐ 
Gradesfixer ✅  ✅  ❌  ✅  ✅  ❌  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Studymoose✅  ✅  ❌  ✅   ✅  ❌  ⭐⭐⭐ 
Wow Essays  ✅  ✅  ❌  ✅  ✅  ✅  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Samplius ✅  ❌  ✅  ❌  ❌  ❌  ⭐⭐⭐ 
Unemployed Professors❌  ❌  ❌  ✅  ❌  ❌  ⭐⭐ 
Online Class Help  ❌  ❌  ❌  ✅  ❌  ❌  ⭐ 
Papercoach✅  ❌  ✅  ✅  ✅  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
UK Essays✅  ✅  ❌  ✅  ✅  ❌  ⭐⭐ 
TransTutors❌  ✅  ❌  ✅  ✅    ❌  ⭐⭐ 

❓ What Is Gonerdify.com?

Gonerdify is a website that provides personal assistance to students, businesspeople, and even universities all over the USA and Canada. Its services include:

  • Connecting their clients with business consultants,
  • Finding job positions and internships for students,
  • Helping high school graduates get into their dream college.

And much more—in fact, they list so many services barely related to studying, it’s easy to become disoriented. But the company is mainly known for its writing service, which is not stated anywhere among its numerous features.

That’s the first thing you need to know: the website is very confusing. It doesn’t make it clear what Gonerdify does in the first place. Unintuitive navigation doesn’t help, either. To get to the useful links and resources, you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom, and even there, it’s hard even to notice them.

There’s also outdated information right on the main page, such as a link to client satisfaction research from 2016 and some deleted news articles.

Overall, navigation and transparency are not among Gonerdify’s strengths, which is already a red flag.

🧐 Is Gonerdify Legit?

If we’re talking about illegal stuff, then Gonerdify is trustworthy enough:

  • They provide all their legal information at the bottom of their main page under the FAQ.
  • They have privacy, cookie, and refund policy pages.
  • They even have an honor code!

But if you’re more interested in whether their website is safe, we’ll have to dig deeper. Our research showed the following safety issues on Go Nerdify:

  • To use their services, you’re required to share your phone number and Facebook ID.
  • We’ve detected 3 privacy trackers that the website uses.
  • The privacy policy says they share your data with third parties.
  • There’s no chatbot, and you can only contact Gonerdify via Messenger. Given the website’s lack of transparency, all potential customers are literally forced to message them and thus share their data.

Considering all that, it seems like Gonerdify is not too concerned about your privacy.

📊 Go Nerdify Features Ranked

Now, let’s take a closer look at what Gonerdify offers its users. There are several features, but are they any good? Let’s find out!

The picture enumerates Gonerdify.com's features.

Nerdify Blog

First off, they have a blog, and it’s divided into 3 categories:

News At the time of writing this article, their news page is empty. Supposedly, they will post information about the website’s updates here.
Study tips Here you will find various academic hacks and college life tips. Sadly, there are only 6 articles, and it hasn’t been updated in years.
Nerdify reviews You may think that this section contains customer reviews about Nerdify, but it’s actually about other websites and resources.

Overall, the blog is fine. We recommend “Nerdify reviews” as the most informative section with some nice articles.

Nerdy Bot Scholarships Essay Competition

Aside from providing numerous services, Gonerdify.com organizes an essay-writing competition with a $1000 scholarship for the 1st-place winners. You just have to submit an essay on the stated topic and like Nerdify’s Facebook page.

While we appreciate the idea of an essay competition, we disapprove that you must share your email address and a link to your Facebook account to submit your entry. Once again, with Gonerdify, you simply can’t avoid giving away your data. Besides, the contest advertized on the website took place in 2018, and it’s unclear whether it will ever be held again.

AI Assistant 

While Gonerdify doesn’t have a support chatbot, it prides itself on its personal AI assistant, the Nerdy Bot, which is supposed to help students with homework. When it was released, it was recognized as an ambitious project and even received some media coverage.

On the one hand, having an AI assistant is nice. It can do a lot:

✅ Look up definitions of complex concepts.

✅ Solve equations, which is handy for math assignments.

✅ Search Google for you.

✅ Draw plots and graphs.

And, of course, Nerdify uses it to connect students with its freelance experts. Essentially, it’s the app through which the service operates.

On the other hand, not everything is so rosy. There are some serious drawbacks too:

❌ You can only interact with this AI via Facebook’s Messenger,

❌ It only answers a limited number of pre-programmed commands.

Besides, with the emergence of advanced language models like ChatGPT, we feel like this chatbot has already become obsolete.

The picture shows the pros and cons of Nerdy Bot AI assistant.

Gonerdify Writing Services

As we’ve mentioned, Gonerdify doesn’t list its writing services on its website. At first, you might even think they don’t provide essay writing help at all. But don’t worry: the service actually exists, and judging by Nerdify reviews online, it’s their most popular one.

There’s something else you’ve got to learn right away: Go Nerdify’s “Nerds” are freelancers who help students write essays. We feel like we need to clarify it because it’s not very obvious who exactly the Nerds are. Some are listed on the Top Nerds page, but there’s still no information regarding their qualification and quality guarantees. Nerdify only states that their tutors are “from the best universities,” and that’s all you get.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the workings of Gonerdify from the site itself:

Step #1 To place an order, you text Nerdify using their phone number or message them via Facebook.
Step #2 Then, you connect to their AI assistant to place an order.
Step #3 The assistant will ask you some questions about your assignment.
Step #4 Then it will connect you to an expert (Nerd) who will tell you the final price.
Step #5 Once you’ve paid, your money will remain frozen while your Nerd works on your request.
Step #6 When your order is completed, the money is released to your Nerd.

Other Services

Aside from the services we’ve already mentioned, Gonerdify can do the following:

  • Find study materials online and offline,
  • Create tests and worksheets,
  • Print handwritten texts,
  • Help universities with talent scouting,
  • Prepare business plans and presentations.

And much more—as they say in their FAQs, they will do “anything at all.”

Basically, Gonerdify allows you to use it as a platform for your college studies with potential integration into business and freelance. It’s a viable concept, but judging by Gonerdify reviews online, these extra services are not as popular as essay writing help.

🏅 Gonerdify: Rating the Customer Experience 

To make our review as objective as possible, we’ve decided to check the quality of Gonerdify’s services by ordering an essay from them. This is how it went.

Step #1: Placing an Order

As you already know, you need to submit your phone number and Facebook ID to make an order. If you decide to try this service, we highly recommend you use a fake Facebook account so you don’t leak your data to third parties.

So, we created a fake account and contacted Gonerdify asking them to write us a 4-page college-level philosophy essay on a relatively difficult topic with a 5-day deadline. The AI assistant asked us about our requirements and told us the final price. After providing the payment we were transferred to an actual human expert, that is, one of the Nerds.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

After waiting for 5 days, we received our essay. The good news is that the text they wrote for us followed the topic closely and wasn’t delayed.

The bad news is that it wasn’t a very good text.

❌ It had very poor word choice and plenty of punctuation errors.

❌ There were also a couple of factual mistakes.

❌ One of the quotations in the essay had the wrong name attached to it.

❌ There was a phrase “didn’t made” that confused us a lot.

❌ And worst of all, one of the references was either miswritten or made up entirely, as we failed to find it anywhere.

We asked for a revision, and our Nerd fixed the most glaring mistakes. Still, the final result was disappointing and clearly not college-level. The topic we’ve picked wasn’t easy, but shouldn’t Nerdify be able to tackle “absolutely anything”?

Overall, we’ve got the impression that the Nerds are as qualified as the website makes it seem.

💸 Gonerdify Pricing: Is It Worth It?

We have to admit that Gonerdify’s prices could be more customer-friendly. The price that they gave us was over $120 to have a 4 pages essay completed in 5 days. We can’t say it was worth it.

Let’s go over the main disadvantages of this company’s pricing.

🧮 Gonerdify doesn’t have fixed prices for their services, so they calculate them on the go. Other platforms have a calculator or a pricelist that lets you clearly understand how much you’ll pay. With Gonerdify, you’ll first have to give away some of your important data, and only then will they tell you how much you’re expected to pay. Plus, they will add an 11% fee to the final price.
😱 We also noticed that Gonerdify’s costs are almost two times higher than on similar platforms, while the overall quality of the works is not something to be proud of.
💸 Like everything else, their refund page clearly lacks transparency. They don’t specify the circumstances under which you can expect compensation, so we didn’t even try to ask for it. In many Gonerdify reviews, people complain about the refund system:
  • Some of the disappointed clients didn’t get their money back.
  • Some say that instead of getting their money directly to their credit card, they’ve got it onto Gonerdify’s online balance, so now they’re forced to spend that money on that same service.
  • Others say that instead of simply giving the money back, the company comes up with excuses and pretenses, which is also an unreliable approach to customer relations.
💬 When browsing through Go Nerdify reviews, we’ve noticed that the company replies to every negative review and promises to resolve all the issues regarding refunds. Unfortunately, they do that only after their customers suffer the consequences of a sub-par service.

🧑‍⚖️ Go Nerdify: Our Verdict

Now that we’ve discussed everything about Gonerdify, it’s time for our final statement. Let’s recap the benefits and drawbacks of this service:

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • It has an impressive AI assistant with some useful functions.
  • It has a nice blog.
  • The concept of an academic help service in the form of a personal assistant is interesting and ambitious.
  • The company lists a wide variety of services not only for students but also for businesses and universities.
  • Its website is confusing and has unintuitive navigation.
  • It lacks transparency in every aspect.
  • There’s outdated information on the site.
  • The company completely disregards its customers’ privacy.
  • Their policies seem shady in some aspects.
  • The essay that we ordered from them was poorly written.
  • The services are expensive.

Considering all that, we’re giving Gonerdify 2 out of 5. We do not recommend it, as many other platforms offer less expensive services of higher quality.

This article was developed by the editorial team of Custom-Writing.org, a professional writing service with 3-hour delivery.