UnemployedProfessors Review: Writing Service & Other Features Ranked

Many websites can provide help in academic writing, but not all of them deserve your attention. With so many options available, it can be hard to distinguish between a legitimate service and a fraudulent one. We’re here to change it and provide honest reviews of such services!

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Recently we’ve stumbled upon UnemployedProfessors.com. The name surely sounds intriguing, but don’t let it fool you! Is it a hidden gem or a total scam? And most importantly: is Unemployed Professors illegal?

The picture shows a brief UnemployedProfessors review with a rating.

In this article, we will review UnemployedProfessors and give you an honest verdict on whether it’s worth your time and attention.

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking 

Website   Samples Tools Low Prices Blog Other Services Informative website Overall Quality 
Unemployed Professors   ❌   ❌   ❌   ✅   ❌   ❌   ⭐⭐  
Gradesfixer✅   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
Studymoose   ✅   ✅   ❌   ✅    ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐⭐  
Wow Essays   ✅   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ✅   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
Samplius✅   ❌   ✅   ❌   ❌   ❌   ⭐⭐⭐  
Go Nerdify ❌   ❌   ❌   ✅   ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐  
Online Class Help   ❌   ❌   ❌   ✅   ❌   ❌   ⭐  
Papercoach ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ✅   ✅  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
UK Essays   ✅   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐  
TransTutors   ❌   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅      ❌   ⭐⭐  

❓ What Is UnemployedProfessors.com?

UnemployedProfessors.com is an academic help service that aims to help students with writing essays, CVs, research papers, and even website content. It connects clients with freelance academic experts specializing in various fields, from history to engineering. Customers can submit their assignments and receive bids from experts interested in completing the work.

Let’s now turn our attention to the elephant in the room: the name. It’s not uncommon to see edgy or unconventional branding in today’s online world, but UnemployedProfessors takes it to another level. The name suggests that this site is run by former professors who are out of work for one reason or another.

We’ll see if that’s the case. For now, here’s a quick rundown of our first impressions:

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Let’s Start
  • The first thing you see is the website’s main page, so let’s talk about it. At first, you may laugh at the freaky design of the hipster professor logo, but once you dig deeper, you’ll see lots of cringe. For instance, the website features terrible jokes like “When you can’t get the job through pure nepotism or wanton sexual favors, you need a well-written resume,” which is disturbing and sexist.
  • We also learned that “unemployed professors” are active on Reddit, where they try to appeal to young people.
  • In addition, if you remove the weird jokes, the design of their website is colorful and catchy.

But we’re not here to look at their design, are we? Let’s get to what’s really important!

🧐 Is Unemployed Professors Legit?

This is what worries us the most: UnemployedProfessors doesn’t seem legit.

They boast that their professors have “some of the most stellar credentials” and come from “the best institutions on the planet.” To imagine that such an overqualified professor decides to write essays to make a living is highly implausible.
There is no info on UnemployedProfessor’s actual whereabouts. We found no address, location, or phone number to contact them. It means that if you get any problems or complaints, you won’t even know where to get help from.
In addition to that, the only way to contact them is to use their website’s application form, where you’ll have to submit your phone number and email.
They state, “We don’t have those annoying chatbots, and we never will.” Here’s what we think about it: a chatbot is a must. It’s much faster to anonymously ask a bot instead of writing a message, submitting your data, and waiting for an answer. It seems like they want to make you share your personal info and just ignore your message if they feel like it.
✔️ At least they have a DMCA badge with terms and conditions. It adds a drop of legitimacy to the website.

Well, it looks like UnemployedProfessors are not at all customer-friendly.

📊 Unemployed Professors Features Ranked

Alright, the “professors’” jokes are full of cringe, they boast too much, and their legitimacy is questionable, but what about the website’s essential features? Well, they provide a blog, a list of resources, and a writing service.

Are they any good? Let’s find out!

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Unemployed Professors Blog

The UnemployedProfessors blog is pretty small. It’s occasionally funny, but it seems like it was written by an adult trying to be hip ’n cool with the teens.

The blog’s tone is cynical and filled with cheap jokes about tweed and capitalism, outdated memes, and shameless self-promotion.
It’s almost completely useless. We can’t deny there is some useful info in it, but it’s like finding a tiny gem in a swamp of morbid memes and awful humor.
It’s important to note that it encourages academic dishonesty, which is illegal.
✔️ The one good thing that can be said about the UnemployedProfessors blog is that it’s written in good grammar.
The picture says that UnemployedPrifessors blog provides no useful information and promotes cheating.

Overall, the primary goal of this blog is not to teach you something useful but instead to joke around, criticize capitalism, and promote academic dishonesty. We absolutely don’t recommend reading it.


This feature is so well-hidden that it probably goes unnoticed by most visitors. Here’s a hint: it’s at the bottom under the DMCA badge.

These resources are how-to guides on various aspects of academic writing. A couple of articles are also dedicated to making students’ life easier. What’s strange is that, typically, you would expect to see such articles in a blog rather than in a separate section.

But that’s not the important part. These guides are boring, poorly structured, and filled with confusing sentences such as “The following elements have been fleshed out below.”

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While reading them, you might feel that they were written by completely different, less-qualified people than those who work on the UnemployedProfessors blog. At least these guides contain helpful information on academic writing, which is a good thing.

Writing Service

On its main page, UnemployedProfessors.com boldly proclaims itself as the “world’s best bespoke custom essay writing services company.” Here’s what they have to prove it:

  • It’s stated that the professors themselves write for the blog. We can’t deny that despite being mostly useless, their articles are still very well-written in terms of sentence structure and grammar. Maybe if they can write good blogs, they can also write decent essays.
  • But how do we know if these “professors” can handle academic assignments? According to the site, all employees are required to have a graduate degree and be proficient in English. Additionally, UnemployedProfessors claims to have a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the best candidates are accepted.
  • Also, they have an interesting page with their professor’s profiles, where you can read everything about their level of expertise. Some of them even state that they’ve written a few books themselves, which sounds promising.

So, UnemployedProfessors claim that their writing service is unquestionably the greatest in the world with the most skilled professors.

And here’s what the website says about the ordering process:

Step #1 You log in and submit some of your personal information.
Step #2 Afterward, you’ll be asked to fill in the requirements for your project and send it.
Step #3 UnemployedProfessors works by a bidding system, so their professors check out your project and bid their desired price over it. You just have to choose the one you like.
Step #4 After you’ve chosen a professor, you pay them the amount that they’ll tell you. The money that you pay will be “frozen” in your account until they finish your task.
Step #5 Now, you just wait for your text.

🏅 Our Experience with UnemployedProfessors.com

To see if the quality of their writing service is that good, we’ve decided to try it ourselves. We will now tell you how it went.

Step #1: Placing an Order

It’s not easy to make an order from UnemployedProfessors. Here’s why:

🕵️ Too much data required To create an account, you need to submit a lot of your personal information, including your country of residence. Why do they even need that?
🏅 Useless expertise levels The professors have 3 levels of expertise: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. We can’t say what these levels affect because we haven’t noticed any difference except for the price, which rises with each level.
🫠 Excruciatingly slow waiting process It also takes a very long time for the professors to notice your order and finish their bidding process. The website’s How It Works page says: “Watch, in amazement, as our Unemployed Professors voraciously outbid each other on your project.” In reality, it’s more like sitting there for a couple of hours, waiting for somebody to show up. 
🤑 No transparency regarding prices How much you’ll pay in the end is always a mystery. There is no price calculator, and nobody tells you the final sum.
📩 Inconvenient messaging system If you get any questions in the process or if you want to alter your requirements, then we feel sorry for you. The only option is to send a message where you’d have to share your phone number and email. Afterward, you wait for some more time and maybe get your answer.
️ No full-time support We’ve already mentioned that they don’t have a chatbot or a hotline. Why? Because: “Customer service is our guiding principle and our biggest goal.” That’s why, for the price of $12, you can apply a VIP status that will unlock full-time support. Typically, full-time support is free in academic services, so make your own thoughts on that. 

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

In the end, “unemployed professors” exceeded our deadline by 5 hours, and the text we received from them was atrocious.

❌ It featured grammar mistakes like “these men is operating,” as well as incorrect word order and missing articles.

❌ In addition, there were many informal phrases, even though we asked for a formal style.

❌ To make it even worse, the formatting was messed up. For instance, the color of the text was inconsistent.

❌ All in all, it appeared as if the text was partially copied from somewhere else and rephrased without changing the formatting.

💸 Unemployed Processors Cost: Reasonable or Not?

Now, let’s proceed to the most exciting aspect—the price. We have to say that Unemployed professors value their work very highly: their top professors ask for 35$ per page, which is very expensive for an essay-writing service.

We’ve already mentioned that the price depends on the assigned professor’s expertise level and the number of pages, but it’s still unclear how the cost is calculated. As for refunds, the website’s Payment Conditions state that due to the absence of guarantees, you are not getting your money back under any circumstances.

In the end, we had to pay 150$ for just 5 pages of text which came late and was unsatisfactory. This was a real disappointment, and we couldn’t even get any response regarding revisions from their support!

No one offered us a first-order discount. There was also no promo code for UnemployedProfessors on the website. With all of that being said, we can conclude that our experience with the service was terrible.

🧑‍⚖️ UnemployedProfessors Review: Our Verdict

As you can already guess, UnemployedProfessors has more downsides than upsides. Let’s go over them one last time.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • There are some helpful articles in the Resources section.
  • The website’s content will make you chuckle a couple of times.
  • Their writing is plain bad.
  • Their customer service is even worse.
  • The prices are very high.
  • The website lacks transparency.
  • The blog is toxic and useless.
  • They ask for too much personal data.
  • Worst off, they promote academic dishonesty.

All in all, we’re giving UnemployedProfessors 2 out of 5. We do not recommend you order from them under any circumstances.

This article was developed by the editorial team of Custom-Writing.org, a professional writing service with 3-hour delivery.

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