UKEssays Review: Free Essay Database & Other Features Ranked

Are you looking for an excellent academic help website? If so, you’ve probably seen one of the most promising ones— The web is full of glowing 5-star UKEssays reviews. But can you really trust them? And most importantly, is it legit?

The picture provides a brief UKEssays review with a rating.

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this comprehensive review. We looked into the service’s features and even made an order from them. Follow us as we thoroughly analyze UKEssays and make up your own opinion!

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking 

Website    Samples    Tools    Low Prices    Blog    Other Services    Informative website    Overall Quality   
UK Essays    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Gradesfixer   ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Studymoose    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅     ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Wow Essays    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Samplius   ✅    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Go Nerdify❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Unemployed Professors ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Online Class Help    ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐   
Papercoach ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ✅   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
TransTutors    ❌    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅        ❌    ⭐⭐   

❓ What Is is a long-standing service first registered in 2003. They specialize in providing free samples and writing services. Their experts help students with assignments such as essays, research papers, and even dissertations.

Let’s start with their website—the first thing that you see:

✔️ It’s informative and has a lovely minimalist design.
✔️ It has good navigation with a lot of links and shortcuts.
✔️ The fonts are big and readable.
Despite these positive aspects, we found one serious drawback: no quick “contact us” button and no chatbot.

Now, let’s talk about the website’s name. As you may know, academic help services are banned in the UK. So, why is it called UKEssays?

Well, here’s what happened. Until 2022, UKEssays specialized in helping English students, but after the ban, they switched to the US and other countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, and Hong Kong. Currently, UKEssays are registered in UAE and have nothing to do with the UK.

🧐 Is UK Essays Legit?

After thoroughly analyzing UKEssays, we can safely say that they are legit. Here are the aspects that speak in their favor:

  • Their full HQ address is available on their webpage.
  • Their terms and conditions are transparent and have all the necessary information.
  • They have a good reputation on Trustpilot and other review aggregators.
  • Their website has a TrustedSite security certificate.

Sadly, some drawbacks still make us doubt UKEssays’ legitimacy.

❌ They’re still available in England. If you switch to a British VPN address, you’ll see that their website still functions and advertises all of its services to UK students. As mentioned earlier, academic help websites are forbidden in England by law. Despite that, it seems UKEssays still works in Britain.
❌ They don’t care about your anonymity. You’d have to use your e-mail address or phone number to write them a message or to contact their representatives. There is no way to anonymously ask them without disclosing your personal contact information.
There’s no convenient way to contact them. Calling and e-mailing is very inconvenient for a customer. Most websites have chatbots to handle quick questions. Why UKEssays wouldn’t add one to their website is a mystery.

📊 UKEssays Features Ranked

When it comes to various services, UKEssays have many things to offer. These include:

📝 Samples BaseA database that shows examples of UKEssays’ work.
📑 Free EssaysA feature similar to Samples Base, but with essay samples submitted by students.
🔎 Referencing Guides & ToolsThese features will help you create references in various styles.
📚 Study GuidesThese are various guidelines on how to be a better student.
💬 Free LecturesLesson transcripts that will help you learn more about various subjects.
🔮 Humanity UniversityA weird feature that promises to help you “be successful in any area.”
🖊️ Writing ServiceA platform to place orders and get help with your assignments.

Now that you know the features UKEssays offer, it’s time to review each of them separately.

Samples Base

UKEssays’ sample base aims to demonstrate the work of their experts. It offers many text samples divided by type, subjects, and education level. Among the available types of assignments are coursework, case studies, essay plans, dissertations, PowerPoint presentations, and topics with titles. We especially enjoyed posters that demonstrate complex concepts visually. It’s rare to see something like that on an academic website.

The samples base is diverse, but its functionality is limited:

  • The number of available works is pretty low.
  • You can’t search topics because they’re not displayed and there is no search bar.
  • The dissertations that they offer are weak and very short. We wouldn’t really call them dissertations.

Overall, the Samples Base is okay, but aside from cool posters, there is nothing to write home about.

Free Essays

If you thought that “Samples Base” and “Free Essays” were the same things, you got confused just like we did. The question is: why did UKEssays separate these two features? Well, it’s because their “Free Essays” database consists of texts written by students and not by the company’s experts.

The essays there are much more diverse and numerous than those in the sample base. The interface is nicely organized. You’ll be able to see the word count of each essay and cite them using an in-built reference generator.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, something shady is going on with this database. In some UKEssays reviews, students complain about their texts being included in the website’s database without their knowledge. Some speculate that a plagiarism checker called Viper (owned by the same company that owns UKEssays) stealthily copied their texts and later uploaded them into the database.

This disturbing fact makes us suspect that not all samples were added with the authors’ permission.

Referencing Guides & Tools

UKEssays’ referencing tool has 3 styles to choose from: APA, Harvard, and Vancouver. There is also an OSCOLA available, but if you click on it, it redirects you to another website, so it doesn’t count.

Overall, the referencing tool functions nicely. In addition, UKEssays also provide guides on how to make references yourself. They’re pretty informative; we’ve nothing to complain about here.

Study Guides

This feature offers hundreds of guides on studying and essay writing. Sadly, their quality is not something to be proud of. The content is anything but informative and lacks truly useful tips. In addition, these guides are written and formatted like essays. For one, they use in-text citations with authors’ names and dates of publishing. This strange formatting makes it hard to read the guides.

Overall, this feature is not worth your time.

Free Lectures

This is the first time we’ve seen free lectures on academic websites. Basically, UKEssays offers detailed transcripts of lessons with additional illustrations. You can read them and learn many new things about various subjects. It’s all well-written and contains plenty of valuable information.

We can’t vouch for the academic source of these lectures (we suspect the website’s experts wrote them,) but including them was a good idea.

Humanity University

This feature really freaked us out. As UKEssays states, Humanity University is “the world’s first University dedicated to your worth and value as a human being.” What, in your opinion, can this vague description mean? Here’s a hint: it’s a stream of esoteric thoughts narrated by UKEssays’ founder, Barclay James.

This feature is relatively new and was first introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Barclay James offers to pass a lecture course that will supposedly grant you “success in any area.” How exactly will it do that? Who knows! UKEssays’ website only shows a few short previews. To see the remaining 98% of this course, you’d have to join its Discord channel. Once you do, you’ll get bombarded by a ton of useless information that we highly doubt you’ll need in your life.

The picture explains what UKEssays' Humanity University is.

Are you intrigued by headlines like The Real You and What Color is Your Brainscan? Or are you a New Age self-help enthusiast? If so, then sure, go ahead and check it out. But as for us, we just suspect it all to be a scammy way to promote UKEssays’ writing services—more on that in a moment.

Writing Service

This is the most important feature and the reason students visit the website in the first place. UK Essays’ writing service is similar to those provided by other academic helpers. The main difference is a wider variety of assignments. Aside from standard written tasks, these include:

  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Exam revisions
  • CVs
  • Text editing
  • Marking.

UKEssays offers enough information on its services, prices, and quality control measures. They also share data on their experts, such as their qualification and level of expertise.

What we didn’t like was that there were no guidelines on how to place an order. There is a page titled Essay Buying Guide, but it gives broad tips on ordering custom essays. It would be more convenient if they explained the steps of their ordering process.  

🏅 User Experience & Quality

Finally, we’ve placed an order to check the quality of UK Essays’ work, and now we’re going to tell you how it went.

Step #1: Placing an Order

The first thing we had to do was selecting a deadline and specifies the details of our task. Here are our notes on the ordering process:

  • The more time you give them to finish your assignment, the cheaper it will be.
  • The payment is 50% upfront. The second half is expected after you receive the results.
  • The minimum deadline is 4 hours.

After all the specifications have been set, you need to type in your name, e-mail address, and phone number. We must say that asks for a lot of personal information. Perhaps they’re just trying to avoid British students who break the law by ordering from them.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

The text that we received was acceptable in terms of quality. We liked it, but there were mistakes nevertheless. For example:

The conclusion mentioned a few arguments that weren’t stated once in the main body.
Also, one of the arguments was so weak that it could be easily disputed.
In addition, we found some issues common for non-native English speakers.

After we initiated the revision, they managed to correct all of the mistakes.

💸 UK Essays Prices: Are They Too High?

The prices are not just high—they are through-the-roof high! We were shocked when they gave us the final receipt. They told us that their minimal cost for one essay is around $172 if the deadline is one week. If you want to complete your assignment as soon as possible, it can cost you $600 or higher. Crazy talk by our standards!

The funny thing is that UKEssays state that their services are so great it’s worth the price. We can’t argue that the text we got was okay in terms of quality, but it wasn’t that good. Their essays should be perfectly written by an English-speaking professor with few Ph.D. degrees for the money they ask. And we’re not even talking about how little funds students typically have. The only explanation we can think of is that the prices used to be in GBP, and they didn’t change after UKEssays stopped catering to British students.

It’s also hard to get a refund from UKEssays once they start working on your assignment. If you really want your money back, you’d have to provide substantial evidence that they can still dispute. In the end, your request will likely be rejected.

🧑‍⚖️ UKEssays Review: Our Verdict

Ultimately, our experience with UKEssays was fine, but not without issues. Let’s review the main pros and cons that we encountered:

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • The website is informative and with many cool features.
  • There are 2 decent sample databases. Their legitimacy is out of the question.
  • The results they provide are pretty good.
  • The services are way too expensive.
  • It’s practically impossible to get a refund.
  • They ask for too much personal data.
  • You can’t contact them anonymously.
  • Humanity University is a weird scammy feature.

Overall, we give this company 4 out of 5 points. To use their services or to avoid them is all up to you!

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