YourDissertation — A Seasoned Player in Academic Assistance [Service Review]

There’s no denying that studies get progressively more complex each year: new subjects, new discoveries, more significant workload. The world around us expands, and so does our knowledge about it. The same might be said about the academic world. And there’s no other option but to adapt to these changes.

However, everyone would also agree that modern technology helps to simplify the learning process. There’s probably not a single aspect of student life that wasn’t impacted by tech: from daily routines to the way we deal with assignments, how we conduct research, and write papers.

So, we have ourselves a paradox.

On the one hand, there’s a variety of unique possibilities for modern students that weren’t available in the past. But on the other, the sheer number of things to take care of leaves almost no time to enjoy the benefits of today’s advancements.

Thankfully, there are modern solutions, too.

We’re talking about academic assistance services. And not just about old-school content mills that would mindlessly churn out papers, contributing to academic dishonesty. We talk about the modern breed of services that help students while not taking away the opportunity to receive knowledge and experience.

YourDissertation is one of such services. And we want to talk about it today in our review.

Even though this website has over 15 years of experience behind its belt, it keeps up with the times and has a lot to offer. This review will tell you about what this service is, how it works, what the prices are, and what else it can give students apart from the core things it offers.

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What is YourDissertation?

YourDissertation website homepage.

Let’s begin our review with a brief background.

YourDissertation is a service that can boast some impressive statistics. As we mentioned earlier, it has been operating for more than 15 years. But that’s not the only considerable number. The service claims that it completed orders for over 68,000 customers, and its experts have written a total of 5+ million pages of content. And despite its name, YourDissertation can help out with a variety of academic tasks. More on that later.

There’s no need to question whether or not YourDissertation is legit. The clients’ feedback on a variety of platforms and the website’s dedicated reviews page speak for themselves.

Review Page of YourDissertation service.

We like that this service didn’t decide to take the easiest path, sacrificing its integrity. Instead, they take a strong stance and follow their principles. As stated in their About us section, YourDissertation produces completely unique content. At the same time, the experts aim to help students while not breaking any rules. Their goal is to improve the experience and make studies enjoyable.

It’s time to discuss what does this website have in store for its customers.

What Services Does YourDissertation Offer?

There’s quite a lot that you can get from this website. Let’s take a look.

Services that YourDissertation offers.
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Admission paper writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Essay writing

As you can see, the variety is substantial. It’s worth noting, though, that provided content can only be used for research purposes. If you want to use any part of it in your work, you should insert a proper citation. You can find out about other service’s rules and regulations from their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Along with a range of possible content types you can receive from YourDissertation, the website also offers a set of guarantees.

YourDissertation guarantees of quality.
  • On-time delivery
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Free corrections
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Qualified academic help
  • Top-level quality and 100% originality of works

As you can see, there’s no reason not to trust this service. Even in the rarest case of something going wrong, their clients are fully protected.

How Does the Website Work?

The ordering process at YourDissertation is pretty linear, without unnecessary complications.

The ordering process at YourDissertation.
  1. Fill in the order form and provide all the essential information about the order. You can attach additional instructions, too.
  2. Proceed to payment. Paying upfront is required to reserve the sum for the expert who will complete the order.
  3. Wait for order assignment and completion. Throughout the whole process, it’s possible to reach out to the expert or customer support and get updates on the order status.
  4. Receive the completed order. Customers get notified via email and on their profile page.

As you can see, the service’s team decided to make the cooperation with the platform as seamless as possible.

Prices at YourDissertation

This aspect probably interests everyone the most. No need to wait any longer. Let’s discuss finances.

The paper's price calculator at YourDissertation.

For a service with such a reputation and this much experience, we’d say that the pricing is attractive enough to build a large audience of returning customers.

The website is quite transparent about its model of cost formation, too. There are four factors influencing the final price of the order: the number of pages, the deadline, the overall difficulty of the task, and the study level. With these components in mind, it’s not hard to predict how much asking for help at this website will cost.

To make it even more interesting for newcomers, YourDissertation offers a 15% discount right off the bat.

Service plans offered by YourDissertation.

For an improved experience, the website has three service plans to choose from. They allow customers to receive additional options if required.

Even with a standard service plan, you’ll get a selection of extras with every order:

  • Selecting a preferred writer;
  • Copies of sources used to complete the order;
  • Report from your expert in the form of a draft;
  • Plagiarism report.

We talked about the newcomers’ discount, but that’s not the only way to make the YourDissertation service even more attractive. For instance, you can subscribe to their newsletter and get notified whenever a special occasion or seasonal promotion is available. Another option is to visit the dedicated page where they offer weekly discount coupons. But we won’t spoil the delight and let you find that section yourself.

Extras. What Else Can YourDissertation Offer?

Apart from its leading paid service, YourDissertation has a couple of helpful freebies that will be useful to any student.

Academic Text Samples

Academic Text Samples.

In this section, you’ll find academic paper samples on various topics, including management, education, and healthcare. The paper examples are well-structured and properly formatted, each following a specific citation style. You can read them online or download them in PDF format.

Blog and Writing Guides

Blog and Writing Guides at YourDissertation.

YourDissertation’s blog is an informative resource that includes various articles for many different academic needs. It has got topic collections, study tips, definitive guides, professional advice, and much more.

Writing Tools

The free writing tools section at YourDissertation.

The free writing tools section is the cherry on top, both for the service and for our review. Their availability alone could make YourDissertation worth visiting right away. With the help of these tools, mundane writing tasks will become much easier and less stressful.

Now it’s time to conclude our review.

YourDissertation is one of those websites that can make even the most dedicated skeptics change their minds about how one should approach studying. With a simple ordering process, transparent pricing, a variety of services, and free resources available, it’s got all that it takes to become any student’s favorite.

We hope that you liked our review and will find the YourDissertation service useful!

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