StudyCorgi Review—The Most Comprehensive Free Essay Samples Database

What’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever you feel stuck with a writing assignment? The most likely answer is to look for someone who could help.

A friend or peer who could give some advice, a professor who might provide some tips or provide additional information on the task, or maybe a relative who would share some of their personal experience.

But such assistance may not always be available. Or you may not have enough time to ask around because you need help right here, right now.

What’s the solution?

Sure, you can turn to an academic assistance service. But what if your budget is limited and paying for help isn’t an option either? The answer comes in the form of an essay samples database.

And we’re going to talk about one of such websites in our StudyCorgi review.

This platform helps students by providing them with high-quality samples of essays and other types of academic papers. Keep reading the review to find out how this website functions, where it gets all the works from, and what you can do with the available content.

What is StudyCorgi? More About the Website

What is StudyCorgi? More About the Website.

As we said earlier, StudyCorgi is a free database of essay samples for high school, college, and university students.

According to its About page, the service started in 2014. And it’s got quite an interesting story to tell. There was a group of Welsh graduate students specializing in the English language. During their studies, they often collaborated on their written assignments in order to gather new and original ideas, improve each other’s creativity, and make the writing process more efficient in general.

That experience was laid as a foundation for this service. Young men decided to create a database where any student could find examples of essays that would help them write their own papers without cheating or otherwise breaking any rules.

The name for the website wasn’t picked randomly either. Wales is known to be the homeland of a dog breed called corgi. One of the cofounders was about to get one of such pups… And here we are writing a StudyCorgi review!

How to Use StudyCorgi Properly

Popular Essays topics.

The best thing about this website is that you can get straight to business right after entering it—no need to scroll through endless claims and lists of features.

If you have a particular idea in mind, you can search for samples using keywords from the get-go. If not, there’s a varied selection of topics to choose from.

  • Armed Hostilities
  • Art
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Environment
  • Family, Life & Experiences
  • Health & Medicine
  • History
  • Law
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Politics & Government
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Tech & Engineering
  • Transportation

Even judging from the list of topics alone, it’s easy to tell that StudyCorgi covers quite a lot of ground with its content. And it’s updated regularly, so if you haven’t visited the website for a couple of days and decided to check back—you’re guaranteed to find something new you haven’t seen before.

How to Use StudyCorgi Properly.

If you don’t have a particular subject in mind and came to StudyCorgi for a brainstorming session, you can simply browse through the list of available samples. Once you opened a specific work, you can continue exploring by jumping to the related papers through the links on that page.

This process is made comfortable and efficient thanks to the information about all the works that the service provides. It includes the essay’s title, a short preview, the topic it belongs to, word count, and page count. All that info is available whenever you’re browsing a specific category or opening a separate work, too.

The main goal of StudyCorgi is not to allow students to avoid doing writing tasks altogether but rather to make the process more manageable.

Available samples can be used as guidelines on writing particular works. They also serve as a great source of additional information on specific topics and subjects. Another way of using StudyCorgi is to conduct research: each sample has a list of references and resources used to write the work.

In general, you can go as far with using the database as your imagination allows you to. There’s one single catch.

How to Use StudyCorgi Properly.

StudyCorgi visitors aren’t allowed to try and submit any of the available samples as their own under any circumstances. Even using parts of examples is forbidden without proper referencing.

For that reason, StudyCorgi has a citation tool available on every sample’s page. It allows you to quickly create a reference if you’re planning to use snippets of a selected paper in your work. The tool can generate a citation in five major styles: APA-6, MLA-8, Chicago (N-B), Chicago (A-D), and Harvard.

Answering the Most Common Questions

Answering the Most Common Questions.

We have to say that StudyCorgi is a pretty friendly website, too.

Apart from providing absolutely free access to its massive database of essay samples, they also kindly answer any questions that may emerge. There’s a comprehensive FAQ page where you can find the majority of the information, but we wanted to touch upon some points.

The most obvious one is the origin of all the samples. Where do they come from?

StudyCorgi says that its team regularly reaches out to high-performing students to see if they would be willing to contribute to the database. The website also receives essays voluntarily contributed by website visitors.

So, the question of the website and its content’s legitimacy is answered. StudyCorgi is legit.

Answering the Most Common Questions.

How can one submit a written work to the website?

StudyCorgi has made it as comfortable as possible with the designated Donate a Paper page. All it takes is filling in the form and attaching the file with an essay. The website’s editing team then checks the submission to make sure it corresponds to a set of quality requirements and doesn’t contain any critical mistakes. If the work meets the standards, it will be added to the StudyCorgi database.

But what if a specific work should be deleted from the website? StudyCorgi has taken care of that, too.

Answering the Most Common Questions.

The website allows users to send a request to take down a particular sample through the special Content Removal page.

Again, it only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the form and provide all the necessary details. It should be noted, however, that a person sending a content removal request should also provide sufficient proof that they are the ones owning the rights to the content.


Summing up our StudyCorgi review, we are confident that this site will be of great use for many students and help with numerous written assignments.

The database is big enough to cover the majority of academic subjects and work types for different study levels. The website itself is easy to use, making the whole experience as effective as possible.

And the fact that anyone can contribute to the database makes it even more worth checking out. Because visitors are guaranteed to find genuine content written by real students without having to worry about whether or not those works were acquired legally.

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