UniPapers Review—Trustworthy Academic Service [10+ Years of Experience]

The issue of students struggling with home assignments and seeking additional help always causes active discussions. Especially when academic assistance services are involved in the talks.

We can’t deny that homework help websites have been surrounded by controversies for quite a while (more than a decade, actually). Some people see nothing wrong or bad about using them, while others are firmly against it.

Assistance services get a bad reputation because they’re often compared to essay mills—websites (or even full-fledged companies with offices) that did all the work for their client, helping them commit academic fraud. Nowadays, such services changed their strategy and provide much more legal help without promoting cheating.

The problem is that people who are against academic help services don’t realize that and still believe that things are the same as before.

But we’re hoping that this trend is going to change soon.

Today, we have the UniPapers review. This service is a perfect representative of websites that have a strong ideology and don’t try to capitalize on helping students to cheat. Instead, UniPapers provides just the right amount of help to make challenging tasks more bearable while not depriving clients of the chance to gain knowledge and skills.

Stay with us and keep reading the review if you want to know more about the service, how it works, what the prices are, what else is available on the website, and what makes UniPapers legit.

Things You Should Know About UniPapers

UniPapers main page.

The initial team of this website assembled and started the service in 2007. With such a long lifetime, it’s no wonder that UniPapers managed to help over 30,000 clients and complete a total of more than 89,000 orders. Now those are some serious numbers!

But that’s not the only thing about this service that deserves your attention.

Over the years, UniPapers have grown to have a team of certified academic experts that consists of over 1,200 members. They all have various backgrounds, making the service they work for a unique helper, capable of fulfilling any student’s needs.

Benefits UniPapers.

The undeniable benefit that comes with numerous years of expertise is the confidence in the product that the service provides. That is the case with UniPapers. This service’s experience translates straight into the set of benefits promised to every client.

  • The exceptional quality of all finished works, following the strict standards.
  • Guaranteed completion of any type of assignment. The big team of experts allows the service to take on even the most daring requests, as long as they don’t violate any rules or policies.
  • Complete privacy and safety. The service has strong principles regarding the personal information of its customers, so nothing is ever disclosed.
  • The period for free revisions. UniPapers shows that it’s ready to stand behind its claims about the quality of the product. So, if anything is wrong with the order—they’ll fix it for free.
  • Delivery within the designated deadline or sooner. UniPapers boasts 97% timely order delivery rate.
  • 24/7 service availability. That is applied both to ordering and to contacting customer support.

Even a quick look through UniPapers’ homepage clearly shows that the top priority for this service is its clients. Apart from providing top-notch assistance to all the customers, the website offers something extra to the most loyal ones.

First and foremost, there are additional discounts. Every new client gets to experience the joy of having the lower price—first orders get 15% off. Then there are occasional promotions and celebrations that make some discount codes available through the website’s newsletter. But after crossing the 20 assignments threshold, price cuts become regular.

Apart from becoming more affordable, UniPapers also offers a personal manager who’ll take care of all the orders processing and sort out any emerging issues.

Last but not least, there is a more extended period to request a revision. It’s possible to have it extended through an advanced service plan, too, but we’ll talk about it later in our UniPapers review when discussing prices.

Is UniPapers Legit?

The more services there are available—the harder it is to spot the ones that aren’t trustworthy.

With this website, though, the age of it alone tells quite a lot. The short answer to the question “Is UniPapers legit?”—yes. But let us get into a little bit more details.

Contact UniPapers.

The service’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages state that the website is operated by CoStudy OÜ. UniPapers has official addresses for correspondence, as well as other means of contacting it, including the US phone numbers.

And for those who are still having doubts about whether or not they can trust the service, UniPapers provides all the necessary in-depth details on the website in addition to their terms and policies. You can find it all on the Service Notice page.

What students say about UniPapers.

Another way to ensure the legitimacy of UniPapers is to check out the reviews, which there are plenty of on the website itself and the services like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Satisfied clients even shoot videos that get posted on YouTube. All the feedback with individual experiences showcases the bigger picture of what UniPapers is and that it can be trusted.

How to Place an Order

As with other modern academic help services, ordering at UniPapers is entirely straightforward. The most remarkable thing is that you can do that from almost any part of the website.

How to Place an Order.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Complete the order form with all the necessary details about your task. If you’re taken to the form from the special calculator, some of the information will already be filled in for you.
  2. Go through the process of having your order assigned to the most fitting expert. Several factors are considered, but everything happens quickly and without any additional actions from the customer.
  3. The work on the order starts. At this stage, clients can track the progress and request a draft to see if everything is going as planned.
  4. After the order is complete, a notification is sent via email. Customers can download the work through the dashboard or using the link from the email.

UniPapers’ Pricing

No matter how good the service is, its prices usually become the top deciding factor to use it or not.

With the way UniPapers handles this aspect, customers won’t have any additional questions about why their order has a specific cost.

UniPapers’ Pricing.

Four factors influence the order price at this service: study level, work type to complete, number of pages to write, and the amount of time available to finish the job.

To put it simply, the easier the task and the more time you have for its completion—the cheaper or order will be. The shortest deadline is three hours, and the minimum number of pages you can order is one, which equals 275 words.

Earlier on in this UniPapers review, we touched upon the topic of service plans. They allow customers to improve their experience with the website, bringing in even more benefits.

All the advantages we mentioned earlier are available with the Standard plan, while Superior and 1st Class plans improve order procession time, free revisions period, and add the availability of the top-performing experts, among other features.

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see the differences.

UniPapers’ Pricing.

More Ways UniPapers Can Help With Academics

Finally, to finish off our review, we wanted to talk about what else this service can bring to the table to assist students.

First, there’s a study blog. It provides informative and helpful articles that can help with different aspects of academic life. From simple lifehacks and tips to comprehensive guides and exhaustive lists.

There’s also a small samples section that showcases some of the work done by UniPapers’ experts. It will help everyone who’s on the fence on whether or not to use the service make up their mind. And you can download these samples to use them for research purposes.

Writing tools.

But the crown jewel of extra study help at UniPapers is, without a doubt, their online writing tools. They make mundane, annoying, and repetitive tasks much more bearable and significantly easier.

The UniPapers’ toolset consists of:

Try them out and see for yourself how useful they are.

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