48 ESL Resources for Students: ESL Writing, Listening & More

Learning English as a second language and want to make progress but don’t know how? Spend a lot of money on ESL textbooks and classes?

You can find many free or affordable resources for ESL students online!

Our team listed ESL websites for listening, reading, speaking, and writing to develop second language skills. Besides, you’ll see links to creative grammar activities. You can also find ESL materials (like worksheets) and effective YouTube channels in this article. Make sure to check out these ESL resources for students if you want to make your ESL writing practice online more enjoyable or find ESL writing ideas.

🔊 ESL Listening & Podcasts

Ask any ESL teacher or English language learner, “How do you study effectively?

They’ll answer – listening.

To speak or read the language, develop a habit of listening to it everywhere. While going to college or cleaning your room, turn on music or audiobook in English. You have to get accustomed to the speech in a foreign language.

Podcasts are one of the most enjoyable ways to practice English. They are often engaging and perfect for self-development. Even the most popular dictionary won’t be able to compete with podcasts in terms of giving the sense of a live English used in conversations.

Want to try one?

Choose one of these helpful ESL resources for students to spend some evenings learning a second language:

1. TalkEnglish.com

TalkEnglish.com - ESL lessons website

TalkEnglish.com has a vast range of files for ESL listening.

Choose one of three levels – you can get great ESL lesson plans for basic, intermediate, and advanced ones. For every recording, you have a list containing three steps – listening, quiz, and reading.

2. EnglishClub

If you’re a fan of learning English as a second language with the help of songs, EnglishClub can interest you!

It presents fables, poems, songs, recordings about Zodiac animals, and unusual stories. Use this website to practice English effectively and have fun!

3. ManyThings.org

ManyThings.org - ESL listening website.

This ESL listening website is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners. Every recording is followed by a transcription of dialogue so that you can read some tricky parts of the text.

ManyThings.org uses the method that shows you how to study English without a teacher.

4. EnglishTestStore

EnglishTestStore amazes, with its incredible 66 ESL tests for listening! The recordings aren’t as easy as previous ones, but they’re closer to everyday life. When you speak the second language, you hear complicated vocabulary and background noises.

Try your skills as if you’re in a native country!

5. News in Levels

News in Levels - World news for students in English website.

News in Levels is an excellent way to learn something new about the world every day and practice English at the same time!

You can find a topic of your choice and listen to ESL materials in three different difficulty levels.

6. Culips

This is one of the best resources for learning English that offers podcasts on any topic you want!

If you’re interested in ESL materials about culture, adventures, lifestyle, video games, or many other spheres, learn the second language on Culips.

7. Podcasts in English

Podcasts in English - ESL website.

Taking part in ESL activities is critical for every second language learner.

The Podcasts in English website knows how to study English. Whether you’re an elementary student or want to improve your second language for business purposes, it can help you.

8. Miss Buswell

Are you looking for English teaching resources?

Then, visit Miss Buswell’s ESL website.

It updates once every several days, so you’ll always have recordings to improve your second language. This site also presents dialogues with international speakers for ESL practice.

9. ESL Gold

Want to improve ESL listening every day?

Try to use ESL Gold so that you can have daily ESL lessons. It also contains a lot of videos to observe.

🖊️ ESL Writing & Reading

When you learn English, writing and reading become an everyday routine. You are better to use ESL textbooks every day.

Naturally, sometimes you’re too bored to practice English. So try to have fun with the following ESL writing websites!

10. British Council

British Council is a fantastic ESL resource where you can learn English grammar, writing, and reading.

If you’re unsure how to write in this language, look at their ESL writing exercises. You’ll learn how to nail an e-mail, letter, or postcard.

11. Agenda Web

Agenda Web ESL exercises for reading.

Need ESL exercises for reading? Choose one of the educational levels on the Agenda Web.

Reading is a fundamental skill every second language learner should master. Here you can find short stories, tales, and fables to practice the English language.

12. 5 Minute English

The general purpose of 5 Minute English is to help you learn English within short periods.

Every lesson consists of a story to read, ESL vocabulary, and a short quiz. Practice English with this website every day, and you’ll quickly improve your skills.

13. English-online.org.uk

English Online website - books with ESL vocabulary comments.

Are you a book lover?

Then, you’ll like English-online.org.uk!

Here you’ll find stories about Dracula’s and Sherlock Holmes’ adventures with ESL vocabulary comments.

14. ESLfast

When you learn English, sooner or later, you have to write a lot of essays. To make it easier, choose the category “365 Short Essays” to simultaneously practice reading and writing.

ESLfast also shares many facts about America. It’s essential to learn about the culture and customs of the given second language. Additional knowledge can help you become an exceptional essay writer, as every academic paper requires research and relevant facts.

15. ESL-Lounge

ESL-Lounge for practice English grammar and vocabulary.

Want more texts to learn ESL online? Use ESL-Lounge to practice English grammar and words.

Every text is followed by ESL writing exercises or vocabulary. Also, you can choose one to improve your grammar, especially various tenses.

16. My English Pages

If you’re an advanced learner, visit My English Pages. Many Wikipedia texts are collected here to practice English.

Also, you can check your comprehension of the materials by completing brief ESL exercises.

17. Iteslj.org

Iteslj.org - Conversation Questions for the ESL.

Iteslj.org is an enormous collection of links to various stories and passages. In these texts, you can find ESL vocabulary. They can help you to speak and write like a native speaker.

With the help of this resource, you can discover many ESL writing websites to learn English effectively.

💬 ESL Communication & Interactive Activities

Second language learning depends on how often you practice English. It’s essential to find native teachers or people for language exchange. That’s why there are numerous interactive services for learning English.

These ESL online resources allow you to speak with foreigners right from your home, so try the websites below!

18. Lang-8

Lang-8 is a website for improving English writing skills. You can publish your texts for native speakers to check them and explain any errors.

Such a practice is necessary to learn English or any other language.

19. Italki

Italki ESL website.

Want to study English but can’t find a teacher?

Italki is a unique ESL website where native teachers of any language are ready to give you lessons.

The primary benefit of these ESL activities is that you’re the one who chooses the date and time for your exercises.

20. Busuu

Busuu is another site to practice English online with the help of various interactive activities.

Many native speakers of twelve languages are here to offer ESL vocabulary and check your grammar.

21. Babbel

Babbel ESL website.

it’s one of the ESL writing practice websites, containing many materials to learn both speaking and writing.

Language exchange is an excellent way to improve conversational skills. You’ll encounter informal and classroom expressions that you can incorporate in your speech later. With Babbel, you can practice English with your tablet or smartphone anytime.

22. Mango Languages

If you’re looking for ESL writing resources, try Mango Languages!

This website offers courses, exercises, and other activities for second language learners. Improve your skills and get new vocabulary every day.

♟️ ESL Games

What is the most exciting type of ESL resource for students?

Games, of course!

Games for ESL kids and adults are one of the most exciting interactive methods of learning English. It also helps to remember vocabulary faster and more efficiently.

Check the following ESL fun resources:

23. TopMarks

TopMarks collects excellent materials for learning English. If you’re ready to learn ESL grammar, you’ll find games to sort words into nouns, adjectives, and verbs on this website.

Also, it’s an incredible chance to improve ESL vocabulary with games like Super Stories.

24. Games to Learn English

ESL resources for students rarely include online games, but they are useful even if you’re an adult.

Games to Learn English is an excellent tool to improve ESL vocabulary and grammar.

25. BBC English Games

BBC bitesize ESL website.

BBC is all about learning, and ESL learning is one of the essential parts of modern education.

You can spend several evenings playing with these engaging materials for learning English. The most useful games for ESL vocabulary are crosswords, homophones, and commas.

26. ESL Games +

If you need games for children, ESL Games + is what you’re looking for!

This website contains many engaging games for kids to practice English writing and grammar.

27. Digital Dialects

You can learn ESL vocabulary effectively if you study the language with the help of various activities.

On Digital Dialects, you can find ESL vocabulary games on essential topics like animals, food, and clothes.

28. ESL Games World

ESL games world website.

Want to learn ESL online?

ESL Games World can quickly become one of your favorite sites! It collects dozens of ESL language games on various topics. You can improve ESL pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

29. Freddie’s Ville

Freddie’s Ville is an excellent website that contains games for ESL children.

They’re great to use for beginner ESL lessons, so if you’re looking for teaching English materials, try Word Search or Crossword.

✒️ Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation are the basis of every language, and they’re a vital part of ESL learning. Studying the English language often starts with ESL textbooks full of rules and explanations.

But you can easily replace them by following these ESL writing resources:

30. GrammarBank.com

ESL teaching materials should include plenty of grammar rules.

GrammarBank.com contains grammar clarifications, exercises, and worksheets to practice English.

31. Grammar Girl

Have a lot of questions about ESL grammar?

“Further” or “farther”? “Lit” or “Lighted”? “Affect” or “effect”?

Grammar Girl gives answers to these questions for effective ESL learning! Improve your ESL writing and grammar with these useful pieces of advice.

32. Learn English Today

Learn English Today - free materials for learning language.

Learning English as a second language can be much easier with Learn English Today.

This ESL resource for students presents well-structured grammar explanations and exercises for every topic. With it, you can practice English in peace.

33. EducationFirst

On EducationFirst you can find compact tables for any ESL grammar question. It explains how to build various constructions and sentences.

In the end, you can test your English writing skills with a 15-minute quiz.

34. English Grammar Secrets

If you want to practice English more and search for ESL exercises, go to English Grammar Secrets.

You can find ESL grammar exercises to test your abilities in the English language.

35. English Grammar 101

EnglishGrammar101 website.

English Grammar 101 is an excellent free ESL resource for beginners and advanced learners.

This ESL website explains grammar rules and answers questions about confusing pairs of words such as “can” and “may,” or “fewer” and “less.”

36. Talk English

Talk English posts 5-minute ESL lessons to practice English grammar.

These articles can be used as materials for teaching English, creating lesson plans, or improving your skills.

37. The Punctuation Guide

One of the most critical fields of English language learning is punctuation.

On The Punctuation Guide, you can find articles about every symbol. Use this ESL website if you want to make sure that you’re using the right punctuation.

📜 ESL Handouts

Whether you go to an English speaking class or practice English at home, you may need to print ESL worksheets.

Here are several resources for ESL students where you can find handouts to print:

38. ESL Base

ESL Base doesn’t only share ESL worksheets with exercises. Here you can also find board games to play with friends or classmates.

Practice English with ESL activities–it’s a fun and effective way to learn English.

39. EL Civics

EL Civics is an enormous collection of ESL handouts. If you learn English, download a couple of worksheets from this website.

40. LearnEnglishFeelGood.com

LearnEnglishFeelGood.com website.

On LearnEnglishFeelGood.com, you can find ESL worksheets on any grammar topic.

Here are handouts for ESL beginners and advanced learners for you to download. Learn the language with these little ESL exercises.

41. UsingEnglish.com

Phrasal verbs, parts of speech, articles, and punctuation… UsingEnglish.com offers hundreds of quizzes in every ESL learning section.

These ESL handouts are easy to download and print.

42. ESLPDF.com

ESLpdf.com website.

ESLPDF.com supplies you with resources to teach English or learn it. Moreover, these ESL worksheets are perfect for advanced students.

If you choose this ESL website, you’ll soon see improvements in your English language skills.

43. ESL Tower

ESL Tower posts a lot of materials for English teachers and students.

The majority of ESL handouts are engaging activities like matching words, board games, and describing drawings.

📺 ESL YouTube Channels

Like to spend an hour or two watching YouTube videos? You can combine this hobby with ESL learning!

There are plenty of YouTube channels that provide video activities for English students. They’ll show you how to study the language and ensure you learn proper phonetics. Moreover, they’re engaging and pleasant to watch.

Here are some examples of second language channels that you should check out:

44. BBC Learning English

Among the ESL resources for students, BBC Learning English is one of the most effective sources to learn English.

It covers every sphere of ESL learning – grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation.

45. EnglishClass101.com

Englishclass101.com - channel which gives useful ESL vocabulary and listening exercises.

Tired of boring ESL textbooks and grammar rules?

It’s not the only way to practice English!

EnglishClass101.com is a funny and engaging channel. It gives useful vocabulary and listening exercises through fun ESL videos.

46. JenniferESL

JenniferESL is a channel full of English lessons based on videos from a professional teacher.

You can find here typical courses like ESL writing and reading. However, there are some unusual topics, such as the understanding of fast speech.

47. EnglishLessons4U

EngVid Learn English with Ronnie youtube channel.

Want to improve pronunciation and expand your vocabulary?

EnglishLessons4U posts new ESL videos every week! It’s also an excellent choice to practice English pronunciation. You’ll hear all the vowels and consonants pronounced in the right way and try it yourself.

48. Learn English with Let’s Talk

Learn English with Let’s Talk is a fantastic opportunity to practice English vocabulary and pronunciation.

The topics in this YouTube channel are significant materials for teaching English. You can use this ESL resource for students every week to learn something new in the English language.

When you learn English online, it’s vital to use several resources to master all essential skills. Listen to the right sounds and read texts in the given language.

With this list of useful and practical resources for ESL students, nothing can hinder your progress. Now you have everything you need to practice English every day. Share the article with others who may find our websites useful.

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