34 Best Websites for Full-Fledged Learning

The selection of websites in this article will help students cope with their everyday challenges easily and efficiently. Nowadays, the approach to teaching, learning and writing custom essay has undergone some changes.

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These are a few main qualities that modern education fosters so far:

  • Creative and critical thinking skills,
  • Interaction and collaboration,
  • In-depth research and analysis.

The collection of websites for learning you’ll find below offers you plenty of amazing opportunities and friendly assistance.


An interesting, yet somewhat complicated, process of your exploration and discovery of our multi-faceted world will become especially curious and memorable.

🎨 Think Creatively: Digital Storytelling Sites

Benefits of storytelling:

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  • Encourages collaboration
  • Develops better reading and listening skills
  • Helps to gain proficiency in writing
  • Exercises creative thinking

1. Storybird

Storybird screenshot.

This awesome visual storytelling project has already attracted millions of users from all over the world.

Turn images available on the site into your unique stories.

Isn’t it great?

You can create your visual stories within several seconds!

Best fit for:

  • Readers, writers, and artists
  • Amateurs and professionals
  • Teachers and students

2. Storyboard That

Storyboard That website screenshot.

Creating storyboards and graphic organizers with this web-based tool is fun.

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It will offer you:

  • Art gallery (images, photos, characters to fit any needs),
  • Layout and customization options,
  • Multiple use opportunities after creation.

The resource has both free and premium packages.

Best fit for:

Students who prefer to communicate their ideas clearly and describe processes by concentrating on “what to say” rather than “how to say”.

3. PicLits

Pic Lits website screenshot.

A brilliant website to let you capture a picture meaning and a story essence by:

  • Selecting a picture from a gallery,
  • Matching the appropriate word from a given list onto/off the chosen picture.

Best fit for:

Anyone who’d like to develop their creative thinking and writing skills, and simply get inspired.

4. Pixton

Pixton website screenshot.

Whether you’re a student, or just want to have fun, you’re welcome to try Pixton. This tool will let you make up your stories with the help of cartoons and characters available in the site’s gallery.

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You can then share them online, download, print, or even put them on your T-shirt!

Best fit for:

Anyone who wants to create impressive, customized comics using easy click-and-drag tools.

5. Smilebox

Smilebox website screenshot.

Whether you’re a student, or just want to have fun, you’re welcome to try Pixton. This tool will let you make up your stories with the help of cartoons and characters available in the site’s gallery.

Even more so:

You can then share them online, download, print, or even put them on your T-shirt!

Best fit for:

Anyone who wants to create impressive, customized comics using easy click-and-drag tools.

🔗 Communicate Effectively: Social Networking Sites

Benefits of using social networking in studies:

  • Active participation in studying process,
  • Better interaction between academic groups and teachers,
  • Sharing events, to-do lists, or study related materials between students.

6. Wiggio

Wiggio website screenshot.

Collaborate in groups by using this free service:

  • Participate in virtual meetings and calls,
  • Share and manage events,
  • Create to-do lists,
  • Send messages (email, text, voice).

Best fit for:

  • Academic groups,
  • Scouting troops,
  • Sports teams, etc.

7. Edublogs

Edublogs website screenshot.

A blogging platform for educational content only.

Common uses in classrooms:

  • Group projects,
  • Reflection journals,
  • School newspapers,
  • Class web pages, etc.


Ads can be somewhat bothering in a website’s free version.

Best fit for:

Students as a platform to interact and collaborate with their teachers and classmates in a creative writing way.

8. Pearltrees

Pearltrees website screenshot.

Being a “place for your interests”, Pearltrees helps you organize and share the things you like: any photos, files, or notes with other people.

Users can gang into Pearltrees Teams.

Best fit for:

Students who constantly find things online that they’d like to share with their friends or classmates.

9. ePals

ePals website screenshot.

A service for cross-cultural learning collaboration where you’ll:

  • Find plenty of quality content for different ages,
  • Share experience, knowledge, or ideas with other students,
  • Post blogs, etc.

Best fit for:

Students who want to expand their learning experience by networking with other students from any part of the world.

10. Docsity

Docsity website screenshot.

Social learning network where students from all over the world can share their knowledge, lecture notes, textbooks, etc. with each other.

It’s getting interesting here:

The more you share your experience and knowledge, the more help you’ll get from others whenever you need it.

Best fit for:

High School students who need help from their peers throughout their learning process.

📰 Interact: Media Sharing Sites

The benefits of media sharing in learning process:

  • Better memorization of new material,
  • Improving data organization for others to view and use it,
  • Getting involved in meaningful discussions.

11. Vialogues

Vialogues website screenshot.

A service that uses videos as a powerful tool for audience engagement. This free platform allows to upload, watch, discuss, and comment on videos.


You can use it both for public and private interaction.

Best fit for:

Students who want to share some interesting video and discuss it with their mates.

12. Popplet

Popplet website screenshot.

Popplet is a great platform to organize and share your ideas.

You can do these activities quickly and easily:

  • Brainstorm and mindmap,
  • Study (fulfill school projects, make class notes),
  • Draw diagrams or process charts,
  • Take notes in journals or lists,
  • Collect things that inspire you (mood boards, travel plans),
  • Make up galleries (photos, presentations).

Best fit for:

Students who need to

  • Create concept and mind maps,
  • Capture ideas and sort them visually,
  • Make notes,
  • Interact with others in real time.

13. Slide Share

SlideShare website screenshot.

A popular slide hosting service for everyone. Create an account, upload your Power Point slides, and they’ll become visible to anyone on the web.

Here’s what makes it even greater:

You can add sound file(s) to create a narrated slideshow.

Best fit for:

Students who want to share their presentations with their mates or teachers.

14. Vibby

Vibby website screenshot.

This resource allows you to identify certain parts of the video, emphasize, share, and discuss them online or offline.

Best fit for:

Students who need to comment on the key segments of the news or educational video.

💡 Collaborate: Websites for Ideas Exchanging

Benefits of collaboration between students:

  • Practicing listening and communicating skills
  • Learning to work in team
  • Inspiring each other

15. Twiddla

Twiddla website screenshot.

This is a “web-based meeting playground” or an effective online collaboration tool.

It’s free version allows you to:

  • Chat with your friends,
  • Attend meetings and use a whiteboard,
  • Share documents or images (stored there as long as you’re logged in though).

However, there are more features offered in paid versions.

Best fit for:

Students who want to interact with their mates in an easy and entertaining way.

16. Bubbl.us

Twiddla website screenshot.

The free, basic plan of this tool will let you work on 3 bubble maps.

You are free to:

  • Create,
  • Edit collaboratively,
  • Share,
  • Save.

Best fit for:

Students who have a team assignment where they need to structure data, or to come up with fresh ideas on a certain project.

17. Cacoo

Cacoo website screenshot.

Need to generate new ideas collaboratively for your class?

Why not use visual tools?

Flowcharts and diagrams will make it more effective and memorable.

Access the Cacoo’s free academic plan and feel free to get the best of it.

Best fit for:

Students who need to work at projects collaboratively in real time.

18. StudyBlue

Studyblue website screenshot.

StudyBlue offers an interactive approach to studying: students can create and animate flashcards here.

With the StudyBlue’s Basic Plan you’re getting these opportunities:

  • Create your unique flashcards and notes,
  • Upload and store all your notes and study materials in one place,
  • Get content suggestions when making flashcards,
  • Add images, audio, and other files to flashcards,
  • Use iOS or Android for offline mode.

Best fit for:

Students who prefer using interactive materials for better and quicker memorization.

19. DebateGraph

Debategraph website screenshot.

This resource gives an opportunity for students to participate in group debates or brainstorming.

Students can

  • Collaboratively build graphs or maps to work on different assignments and contribute their ideas.
  • Save their visuals for future use

Best fit for:

Anyone who needs to make their learning skills more efficient by debating and creating maps or graphs.

⚡ Analyze: Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Benefits of critical thinking skills:

  • Autonomous learning
  • Higher achievements
  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved decision-making abilities.

20. VoiceThread

Voicethread website screenshot.

A simple service to develop your critical thinking: create and share dynamic discussions around any kinds of videos, audios, documents, snapshots, etc.

It allows to:

  • Add any files
  • Type and draw while you’re talking
  • Share your conversations

Best fit for:

Students who need to come up with a meaningful, planned discussion on any topic.

21. CueThink

CueThink website screenshot.

A resource focused on improving critical thinking skills and collaboration in math.

CueThink empowers to:

  • Use a 4-step strategy to solve math problems,
  • Think through your solutions,
  • Share your strategies with teachers and classmates,
  • Get feedbacks from them.

Best fit for:

Students who want to try an effective and thought-through approach to problem solving.

22. The Critical Thinking Community

Critical Thinking Community website screenshot.

The website of a non-profit organization aimed at cultivating the society’s critical thinking.

Get acquainted with their materials in categories:

  • Library/articles,
  • Professional development,
  • Research,
  • Conferences/events,
  • Assessment/testing,
  • News,
  • Online learning.

Best fit for:

Students who are getting serious about their self-education to enhance their critical thinking abilities.

23. Lumosity

Lumosity website screenshot.

Lumosity offers games to aid you in your memory boosting and problem-solving skills improvement. Try their matching games, order sequence memorization, and other entertaining (yet very effective) tasks for your brains.

Best fit for:

Anyone seeking a resource that will train their brains and improve memory.

24. Braingle

Braingle website screenshot.

A website with a collection of over 20,000 different riddles, mind puzzles, quizzes, logic problems, trivia, etc. Make sure to check their section with brain workouts and books related to brain training.

Best fit for:

Anyone who want to keep their mind sharp and fit.

🔬 Research: Online Content Resources

Benefits of using online content resources:

  • Access to large content collections from home
  • Free (for the main part) and 24/7 access to learning materials
  • Saving time on search for needed information.

25. Actively Learn

Actively Learn website screenshot.

The online service to let students interact with text in social studies, science, math, current events, etc. to better memorize new materials they’ve been taught.

  • Make notes,
  • Collaborate with others,
  • Read articles of different lexile levels,
  • Translate.

Best fit for:

Students who need to strengthen their new knowledge they’ve acquired at school.

26. BioDigital Human

BioDigital Human website screenshot.

Learning human body has never been this realistic yet!

BioDigital Human goes beyond the boundaries of textbook diagrams or skeletons in science classrooms. This website offers an interactive 3D projection for a detailed human body study.


Zooming in and out helps to explore specific zones for minor details.

Best fit for:

Anyone studying human body and processes inside of it.

27. ARKive

Arkive website screenshot.

The mission of ARKive is a global initiative of “promoting the conservation of the world’s threatened species, through the power of wildlife imagery”.

You’ll find here a comprehensive collection of films, audios, photos of the world’s rare or threatened with extinction species.

Best fit for:

  • Anyone interested in wildlife and biology.
  • Students who need materials or inspiration for their creative projects.

28. Historypin

Historypin website screenshot.

This is a unique website that looks more like a huge photo album for the whole human population history.

This resource has gathered in one place different stories and photos worldwide.

So far available in beta version only.

Best fit for:

Students who need to

  • Gather data for social studies and history classes
  • Map out the stories and history of their family.

29. Media History Digital Library

Media History Project website screenshot.

The Media History Digital Library is a constantly updated collection of multiple resources with content featuring history of movies, broadcasting, and sound recordings.

Best fit for:

Students and history fans that want to deep into the first years of movies, radio, and TV broadcasting.

🗃️ Organize: Knowledge Management

Benefits of knowledge proper organization:

  • Facilitates an overall learning process
  • Allows to analyze data more efficiently
  • Helps to understand the relations between elements
  • Boosts focusing abilities

30. Droptask

Droptask website screenshot.

Power up your productivity with this task management tool.

You can choose a free version to collaborate with another person on 5 projects.

  • Visualize your study load,
  • Communicate with each other,
  • Track your progress on assignments,
  • Upload files.

Best fit for:

Students with a tight schedule who need to visualize things during their study process.

31. Mendeley

Mendeley website screenshot.

Mendeley is a content organization tool that will let you:

  • Collate and manage your PDF files,
  • Share your ideas/comments on papers with your mates,
  • Back up and synchronize your files between computers,
  • Insert references from your library and instantly create bibliographies.

Best fit for:

Students looking for a free tool to

  • Arrange their researches,
  • Cite research sources,
  • Collaborate with mates.

32. Pocket

Pocket website screenshot.

Pocket is your assistant for quick saving, opening, and sharing the best materials on the web.

When you stumble upon something online that you’d like to read later, just save it in your Pocket not to lose it.

Best fit for:

Anyone who wants to save and organize all the interesting articles and videos to enjoy them later.

33. Seesaw

Seesaw website screenshot.

A “student-driven digital portfolio” to help students capture independently the most essential things they discover at school by saving photos/videos of their work, or other digital files.

Students store all information in one place, and may then share it with their parents or peers.

Best fit for:

Students to capture and store/share their discoveries during the learning journey.

34. Spiderscribe

Spiderscribe website screenshot.

This online mind-mapping service allows you manage your ideas by connecting files, notes, images, geo locations, events, etc. in maps of any form imaginable. You can brainstorm collaboratively and share your maps online.

Best fit for:

Students who need to visualize their ideas by creating content maps and leaving them private or making public.

Did you know that learning should not be necessarily boring?

You can actually have fun studying!

Nowadays, you can easily involve online resources and tools to improve any of your skills and boost your knowledge. The selection we’ve covered above is supposed to get you engaged in learning process by making it interactive, more engaging, and entertaining.

Make new friends globally, exchange your ideas and experience with other students, collaborate in real time, create unique stories and share them, build custom comprehensive dictionaries,–all these and many other opportunities you get by using these websites.

Develop your mind and creativity to prepare yourself for the new age of information and global competition!

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