41 Best Study Blogs for College Students in 2024

Imagine you had a daily opportunity to have a chat with competent and knowledgeable people. During these meetings, they share their skills and know-how with you. In real life, it is unimaginable, but the Internet made it partly possible. Blogs are rated among the most comfortable and up-to-date sources of information from the experts in specific spheres.

In this article by Custom-writing.org experts, you will find a vast collection of blogs. They are all dedicated to studying hacks, campus life, college admissions, study abroad, and many other hot-button issues for high school and college students. You can draw motivation and ideas from these resources, making your student life more pleasurable.

1. 📚 Study Hacks Blogs

Deep work, productivity, and work-life (or study-life) balance look simple in theory but impossible in practice. Study blogs with hacks and practical examples are a perfect alternative to suffer bumps and bruises of personal experiences. Explore our list of best student blogs.

1Study Hacks Blog by Cal NewportHere a computer science professor writes about the borderland between digital technology and culture. He dwells upon the Deep Work Hypothesis, digital minimalism, and Attention Capital Theory. The professor approaches the human brain as a valuable resource that requires development.
2Study With Jess (YouTube)The Australian vlogger wrote The High School Survival Guide, which became a bestseller. Her video blog is a student support page. Besides, the videos discuss productivity and self-organization and helpful tips for well-being and mental health. Perfectionism issues, mindfulness, and motivation are only some of the topics she explains.
3Lisa’s Study Guides (YouTube)Lisa can guide you to reach the “study flow” condition when you enjoy obtaining new knowledge and strive for more. She explores the most urgent problems for any student, like career choice and realities after high school. Besides, her vlog has numerous videos on English studies.
4The Inforium (YouTube)This vlog can suggest many exciting solutions if you are struggling with your productivity in studies, personal finance, or entrepreneurship. The author tells how to eliminate procrastination, find an approach to unknown people, and even use stress to your advantage. The vlog is profoundly psychological but also advises on mundane issues.

2. 🤓 Best Academic Blogs

While the previous list comprised bloggers, who were students or ex-students, academic blogs are more serious. They discuss academic life, research problems, and novel scientific findings. That is why the content can be useful to graduate students and anyone engaged with science.

5The Thesis WhispererThe blog welcomes all researchers and Ph.D. students in particular. It is dedicated to the thorny path of completing a dissertation. The blog is managed by an Associate Professor of Australian National University who works with young researchers and early career academics. That is why its materials are reliable.
6GradHackerGradHacker explores Humane Arts, Social Sciences, and Letters for Ph.D. students. Still, it provides everyday tips on improving your research, useful tools, and other random student advice. Young tutors can find teaching ideas, but mainly it is aimed at graduate students.
7Blog on Math BlogsBlog on Math Blogs digs deep into the whys of mathematics beyond what most textbooks can offer. The authors claim that parents helping their children with math homework will find much useful information. But in the first place, it is targeted at math students who would like to learn more about their main subject.
8PHDThis blog is a chronicle of a graduate student’s life. It is a collection of comics to laugh and relate to. New posts appear twice a week. The author got his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. The blog can prepare you for a grad student’s “dark life” and show that the hardest situations can be laughed at.
9SciencetopiaThis one is a blog written by people who love science. They discover the process of research and investigation and share their insights. In addition, they explore the balance between academic life and the reality outside the university. The aim of the blog is to make science more accessible.
10ScienceBlogs ScienceBlogs is a multidisciplinary blog where scientists communicate with the general public. Being part of a nonprofit science organization, they publish exciting articles that could be understood by anyone. As a researcher, you can find untrivial ideas and draw inspiration for discoveries.
11Science Blog Network by The GuardianThis network hosts talented writers and experts in their spheres. They write on whatever subject they consider exciting without any editorial interference. If you are searching for topics for a scientific debate or would like to hear research news straight from the horse’s mouth, this blog is for you.

3. 🎓 Blogs for College Students

College student’s blogs are written by your peers who creatively approach their studentship. They discover the pros and cons of life on campus, pitfalls in studies, and many other everyday troubles faced by all students worldwide. In 2020, many of them started discussing the benefits of distance learning caused by the lockdown.

12Campus GrottoThe blog offers every possible advice on how to succeed at college. The covered topics range from career choice, admission issues, and student loans to a successful career path upon graduation. Here you can find the latest news about many colleges. It lists lots of information on college traditions, rankings of the best institutions, supplies needed for studies, and more.
13College CuresThis one guides you throughout college life and beyond. In addition to studies-related topics, the blog covers many real-life problems that college students may come across. Parties, hangovers, and friend-making are equally discussed as exams, overnight studies, and student credit cards.
14College SubredditCollege Subreddit can be scrolled through for ages. How much will your grades deteriorate if you skip assignments? What should you do if you are sick of college? What is the daily routine of online students? These and many other unobvious but hot-button issues are discussed here.
15International StudentThe blog is dedicated to international students, their problems, and concerns. It tells about insurance, loans, student travel and medical issues, rentals, visas, housing, and many other troubles. The information is aimed at students arriving to study in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. However, the students of any other countries can find something useful here.
16CollegeInfoGeekHere you’ll find a universal guide to all students, regardless of their nationality, interests, or sphere of study. It offers hacks for everyday college life, finding a vocation (or passion), and building a reliable financial base. Defeat procrastination, learn new things efficiently, find the best dictionary for students, take better notes, and enjoy your studentship with this resource.
17CollegeXpressCollegeXpress is an excellent search engine for colleges, scholarships, grants, and general advice on studies. It features articles about extracurricular activities, entrepreneurship during and after college, bullying, college athletic recruitment, and much more. Special attention is given to Christian students and their faith.
18College FashionThis is the first and best fashion blog for college students. The resource vastly describes beauty tips, fashion trends, décor ideas, sales, and style advice. Its authors are open to the reader’s participation through comments and emails. Created in 2007, it used to be a personal fashion blog. Now it has grown into an online fashion magazine written by stylish college girls.

4. 🗺️ Blogs on Studying Abroad

When you apply to a foreign educational institution, you cannot imagine how life and studies are arranged there. Lack of knowledge means more stress and longer “acclimatization.” To become aware of what is waiting for you abroad or which expenses and troubles you will face, explore these blogs.

19Go OverseasThis blog is for those who like to travel and plan to study abroad. The resource contains useful information about grants, scholarships, and popular programs. It features real-life stories about experiences shared by exchange students.
20The Study Abroad BlogThe name of this one is self-explanatory. This blog gives all the answers about traveling and studying abroad.
21Wandering EducatorsThis compilation of blogs, directories, and articles covers various aspects of studying abroad, including academic and travel issues.
22Abroad 101This blog is dedicated to giving listings and reviews of various study programs. Apart from providing relevant advice, this blog also covers the latest news and shares personal experiences.
23NAFSA BlogNAFSA Blog is based on promotion and support for promising students from around the world. It is not one of the student-created websites but a source that stimulates young professionals to work and study in the United States. Also, it helps American scholars practice outside the country.

5. 💻 Study Blogs on IT

Programming is becoming increasingly important, and skills in computing technologies are in higher demand. Here is a list of blogs that will help any student to understand modern IT better.

24CACMThis blog focuses on information technology. The authors post a wide variety of information for students starting their path in IT.
25Matt Might WeblogThis is the source of many questions and answers for both beginners and advanced students who have competency in programming languages.
26John D. Cook’s WebsiteIt belongs to a programmer and professor of mathematics. The author shares his knowledge and experience in IT and business, and he tells how this combination could be used to solve global problems.
27Scott Aaronson’s BlogWhen visiting this blog, you will see that a scientist from the U.S. reveals an unusual combination of IT, industry, politics, and social matters. He examines the relationship between these categories, which will allow many students to start thinking more broadly.
28Digital InspirationThis blog touches on various IT-related topics, from certain apps or websites to coding issues.
29Coding HorrorThe author of this blog rarely publishes articles. However, each time they trigger lively discussions. It will be useful for students who are looking for answers to complex IT questions.
30Proper FixationThe blog will help students to avoid common mistakes programmers make in code and software development.
31Terry Tao’s BlogInformatics and math students will surely be interested in this study blog. Although this is a blog, many students will find information for their projects in it.
32Freedom to TinkerThis blog will be of interest to students studying IT and digital technology.
33Computing Education BlogThis link is useful for both college students and teachers, as you will find information about IT in grades K–12 in this blog.
34Alfred Thompson’s BlogThis site will be useful for graduate students, as in it, the author publishes information on companies and their IT news.
35Knowing and DoingA source in which a student in the U.S. publishes his notes on developments in software and its use in business.
36Treehouse BlogThis study blog will help students who have difficulty solving computational problems, as it systematically explains the various examples.

6. 👨‍🏫 College Admissions Blogs

Do you have a pending exam? Be sure that this challenge makes up a small percent of all issues regarding college admission. The following blogs focus on essential details to become a college student. By the way, you can find the best institutions and their requirements on these websites.

37IvyWise College Admissions BlogThis blog gives detailed information about available college admission, along with advice on how to prepare for tests. A place worth checking out for every student.
38Tufts Blogs: Inside AdmissionsThis is more than just a blog. It is a collection of blogs, a calculator of expenses, and links for aid applications. Tufts University, Massachusetts, runs the resource, but prospective students of any other college will find lots of valuable information here. The blog has an Instagram page to follow.
39MIT Admissions: BlogHere you’ll find a resource from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The blog authors include staff, alumni, and students. This is the best place to learn about admissions from these three points of view. The list of publications is extensive, so it is recommended to select “best blogs” or use the search field.
40Georgia Tech Admission BlogThe blog is run by the director of admissions at Georgia Institute of Technology. That is why this resource is so valuable. The Blog tells how to choose the best college, how to be admitted, and which details the commission considers. You can as well explore the blog’s podcast.
41Insider Blog: College AdmissionsThis one is worth exploring because each of their writers has college admissions or financial aid experience. They help college applicants to reach success in pursuing their dreams. Their finance experts know how funding decisions are made, so their advice can make a change.

Today, the web is the number one source of information, and weblogs are becoming increasingly influential. They provide not only guidance for quality student experiences, but they also contribute effectively to maintaining your awareness of current news, tendencies, and opportunities the world of education can offer. Notably, student blogs cover all the possible issues and questions one can raise while searching the Net.

Do not forget to bookmark this list of top study blogs and for students to have an update on what is essential and to assist you in the long and exciting path of learning!

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