So, you’ve started your historical topic research.

What’s one of the most important stages of this process?

Right, finding competent resources. It may seem easy at first, but in reality, it’s a bit different. Finding great history websites is very time-consuming, to say the least.

Can you imagine how long it will take to get the exact information you’re looking for among the hundreds of sites available out there?

You’ve made the right choice to come here. Our custom writing essay service team did the most boring and time-consuming part for you. We’ve selected some of the most informative history websites for students and divided them into categories. So it’s even easier for you to find what you need.

With our selection of websites, it won’t be a problem to find information on any historical topic.

Let’s not waste any more of your time and get right into the list.

1.  🌎  World History Websites

Websites in this category cover a wide range of topics: all regarding world history in general.

1.1.  🏺  Ancient History

Ancient Columns

  1. BBC – Ancient History
    The BBC site contains a selection of resources and materials useful for any history student. They include Galleries, exhibitions, an ancient history timeline, history trails, information about historical figures, and much more.
  2. Discovering Ancient Egypt
    This site focuses more on a specific topic. And that topic is Ancient Egypt. With daily updates, this website is filled with information about hieroglyphs, Egyptian architecture, kings and queens of Ancient Egypt, numbers and Egyptian math, ancient history facts and more.
  3. Perseus Project
    This website will serve as an outstanding place for finding primary and secondary sources on various historical topics. Discover information on Ancient Greek history, archaeology and art, the Greco-Roman world, and Ancient Olympics just to name a few.
  4. Online Gallery – Virtual Books (aka Turning the Pages)
    This fascinating site really stands out among the other ancient history websites. It allows you to literally turn the pages of numerous manuscripts, books, and other historical works.
  5. Kaminski Handwriting Collection
    The name of this site speaks for itself. This is a collection of handwriting. It contains manuscripts, documents, and other works. This is a terrific site for finding primary and secondary sources of any kind.

1.2.  🏰  Medieval History

Medieval Castle on a Rock

  1. Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet
    This site is dedicated to studies of the Middle Ages with a focus on the Eastern Roman Empire. It has a wide selection of academic and teaching resources. Both students and lecturers will find them useful.
  2. The Labyrinth
    This site grants access to various resources in medieval studies. It covers a broad range of topics, including architecture, art, armor, nations, a Middle Ages timeline and much more. You’re very likely to find answers to any questions regarding medieval history here.
  3. NetSERF
    This site will provide you with quite a selection of materials about medieval history. It’s hard to tell what topics this site doesn’t cover. Visit it and see for yourself.
  4. Medievalists.Net
    This is a blog that’s oriented on medieval history. It includes general information, news, videos, and articles. All about medieval times, including Middle Ages facts.
  5. Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts
    This site contains about 11,000 manuscripts from medieval times. All of them are searchable, and the site is available in multiple languages.

1.3.  📺  Modern History

Modern City

  1. Academy of Achievement
    This site tells the stories of people who gained great achievements throughout the modern history timeline. It covers various fields including sports, art, science, and more. It also includes video and audio clips. It will help you find out more about iconic personalities through the stories of their success.
  2. Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
    Gives detailed information about the lives of people during the entire 20th century. Apart from that, the site also contains useful links, FAQs and an assortment of essays. It will surely be a valuable source of data for any modern history research.
  3. The 20th Century — a World History
    This is a very detailed site that tells about all of the key events of world history in the 20th century. It has easy to navigate indexation that makes this site user-friendly. It also provides a list of recommended readings.
  4. Internet Modern History Sourcebook
    The title is pretty self-explanatory. This is a collection of public domain historical texts that anyone can use for educational purposes. Materials presented here cover various aspects of the world’s modern history, making this site worth checking out.

2.  🗺️  History of Countries

History websites listed below are dedicated to highlighting the key events in the history of individual countries.

2.1.  🇺🇸  American History

The flag of United States

  1. U.S. History
    This is a website that describes the history of the United States of America from Pre-Columbian times to the modern age. It has all the materials divided into categories, so it’s easy to navigate the site.
  2. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
    This useful website will provide you with in-depth information about the events that happened in every era of American history. It also gives access to primary sources and has quite a collection of videos and audios.
  3. The National Museum of American History
    This site will help anyone interested in studying American history. Collections and exhibitions present on this site cover every aspect of people’s lives in America throughout its history. So, you should definitely take a look.
  4. United States History
    Here’s what differentiates this site from other American history websites. Apart from having all the historical facts described and sorted in chronological order, this site also offers information tables, maps, quizzes, and a glossary. Not only can you learn something new about American history, but you also have a chance to check your knowledge right away.
  5. Teaching American History
    This website will be equally useful for both teachers and students. It contains numerous exhibits, historical documents, and other resources. This site will make research on any topic regarding American history easier.

2.2.  🌍  African History

African Silhouette Map

  1. South African History Online
    This site will provide you with detailed and in-depth information on African history. Whatever it is that interests you about Africa – this website is one of the first places you should visit.
  2. Southern African Historical Society
    This isn’t only an informative online historical journal about Africa. This site also acts as a network to unite historians and allow them to communicate.
  3. Wonders of the African World
    This site is run by Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. He shares his vision of Africa through his travel diary, the depiction of architectural wonders, and interpreting the historical events. You should definitely visit this site if you’re in search of a fresh and unbiased look at African history.
  4. African Voices
    This website is more like a never-ending exhibition. Apart from materials that you’d expect to get from a history website, African Voices also highlights the issues of working, wealth, living conditions, and other everyday aspects of life in Africa.

2.3.  🇮🇳  Indian History

The National Flag of India

  1. Harappa
    This site will tell you about the Indus culture and the Indus Valley. It’s filled with images, photos, slideshows, and articles to describe the culture and its heritage in great details. It also includes videos, books, and articles.
  2. History of India
    This website has all it takes to become a go-to place if you research the ancient history of India. All the materials on this site are divided into sections for better navigation. Sections include religion, chronological events, education, references, geography, and other historical topics.
  3. India History
    Apart from telling about events of Indian history, this site also provides evidence of those events happening. It provides an incredibly informative spreadsheet that anyone can use as a reference during research.

2.4.  🇷🇺  Russian History

The Flag of Russia

  1. The Face of Russia
    The face of Russia is a series of historical documentaries by PBS. The site itself contains a timeline of Russian history, maps, biographies, indexes, program summaries, and references.
  2. Alexander Palace Time Machine
    Even though this site focuses on the last Russian tsar and the Romanov family, it also offers in-depth info about Russian history in general. It contains archives, documents, travel guides, biographies, books, links to sites and blogs, and more. It will satisfy all your researching needs.
  3. Soviet History Archive
    This is a part of the Marxist Internet Archive. It tells about the development of Russia during the 20th century. It describes the main historical events along with detailed info about culture and society of the USSR.
  4. Seventeen Moments in Soviet History
    This website is a multimedia archive for all those interested in Russian history during the Soviet era. It provides materials on history, economics, politics, culture, and society.

2.5.  🇪🇺  European History

European union’s flag

  1. European History Online
    This academic website contains articles on European history. It covers the period from the 15th century up to the 21st century. All the articles are separated into thematic threads, and the site includes a European history timeline.
  2. My House of European History
    This site contains articles and stories about European history written by regular users. It provides different points of view on various events in the history of Europe. The stories are complete with pictures, recordings, videos, and documents. They also have geographical locations. It’s easy to collect and share those stories, so this site is a real goldmine for any researcher.
  3. AP European History
    The site includes numerous educational materials on European history. It also has presentations, texts, videos, and assignments. This website can help researchers or those who just want to learn new material about European history.
  4. EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History
    This site as a great place to find historical materials and sources about various events and periods in any European country. The documents you can find here are transcribed or translated. There are also video and audio files, maps, and photos to complete your research.

2.6.  🇨🇦  Canadian History

Canada’s Flag

  1. Canada’s History
    This history website includes articles, books, magazines, podcasts, videos, and much more about Canada. It also grants access to online forums, webinars, archives, and galleries.
  2. Historica Canada
    This site tells everything about the history and citizenship of Canada. Not only does it tell about the events of the past, but this site’s staff also engages with people so they can tell stories and share their unique experiences.
  3. Canada History
    Another history website that provides interesting in-depth and well-classified information about Canadian history. It includes articles on historical events, politics, locations, and culture. The site also contains timelines, maps, videos, and a variety of historical documents.
  4. The Canadian Encyclopedia
    This is a detailed and well-organized encyclopedia that will tell you about all aspects of Canadian history. It also gives access to interactive resources such as various collections, exhibitions, and timelines.

2.7.  🇦🇺  Australian History

The flag of Australia

  1. Australian History Research
    The site will tell you about all the happenings that took place in Australian history. It also provides different types of publications and additional resources to help with researching a specific topic.
  2. Royal Australian Historical Society
    This is a site about Australia’s oldest historical organization. It was founded back in 1901, in Sydney. And to this day, its aim stays the same – to promote Australian history studies.
  3. Australian History Mysteries
    An Australian history website designed for primary and secondary schools. It provides you with historical information, case studies, videos, interactive activities, and print content.

2.8.  🇬🇧  British History

The flag of United Kingdom

  1. The National Archives
    This website is designed to help students with researching historical topics. It doesn’t only share historical and educational materials about British history. It also has research guides and other recommendations to help make your work more efficient.
  2. The British Empire
    This British history website contains timelines, photos, battle descriptions, maps, and much more regarding British history in general, and the British Empire in particular. It shares a personal view of the events, which makes this site different from other academic resources.
  3. British History Online
    This site serves as a source of primary and secondary materials for British and Irish history. Its main focus is on the time period from 1300 to 1800.

3.  📜  Topical History Websites

This category contains websites on specific historical topics.

3.1.  ⚔️  World War 1

Old plane in a battle in clouds

  1. International Encyclopedia of the First World War
    This site contains in-depth information and a variety of materials about World War I. It includes videos, imagery, and audio. It also has downloadable content and a list of links to other sites dedicated to this event.
  2. A Multimedia History of World War One
    This website covers every aspect of World War One history. From chronological events to personalities and weaponry used. It also contains source documents, maps, propaganda posters, and vintage photos and videos.
  3. The Great War
    Another site that shares the historical materials about key World War I dates. What makes it different, though, is that it shows what’s now situated at the locations where battlefields used to be.
    A history website for student and researchers that delivers a variety of award-winning materials about World War I, including books and magazines. Apart from that, it has links to other sites and articles that cover the topic of World War I.

3.2.  ⚔️  World War 2

US Tanks in World War 2

  1. World War 2
    This site provides detailed information on a wide selection of topics regarding the Second World War. Categories include a timeline, facts, figures, and statistics just to name a few. There’s much more to this site, so you should definitely visit it.
  2. Recollections of WWII
    This site provides oral history collections and contains stories of those who lived through World War II. It has interviews with people who were directly affected by the war. There are also video interviews, transcripts, and audios available on this site.
    Apart from describing key moments of the World War Two timeline, this site also provides visual materials, testimonies, and interviews with experts in this historical field. It also has a selection of links to other resources dedicated to this topic.
  4. World War II Today
    This website provides in-depth information about all the events of World War II, in chronological order. Content is divided into categories by year. It also contains new research and findings, as well as a selection of external links and diaries.

3.3.  🎨  Art History

Palette for art

  1. The Art History Archive
    This site serves as a valuable source of information about specific artists, art groups, and artistic movements. It mentions even the smallest art movements along the art history timeline to ensure that it will satisfy the needs of any visitor to the site.
  2. Art History Resources
    This site is basically a collection of links to various art topics. But the amount and level of organization of those links are what makes it worthwhile to visit the site. It’s a valuable source for any art history study.
  3. Trivium Art History
    This colorful resource can be equally useful for both students and educators. It not only contains historical facts about art movements but also provides high-resolution images and other materials, including writings and biographies of artists from various art history periods.
  4. Web Gallery of Art
    This site acts as a searchable database for anyone interested in art history. Apart from historical materials, this site includes guided tours, an extensive database, and a wide list of sources.

3.4.  👩  Women in History

Most recognizable women in a World History

  1. Women in World History
    This site contains a wide variety of educational materials and resources about women’s history on a global scale. It includes organized lessons, thematic units, biographies, background essays, reviews, and Q&As.
  2. Women’s History Network
    This is the site of a national association and charity. It promotes women’s history and encourages those interested in it. It shares publications, holds conferences, and has blog articles posted regularly.
  3. National Women’s History Project
    This history website dedicated to women in history has a wide selection of historical materials and other resources (such as quizzes, resource links, and commemorations).

3.5.  ⛓️  History of Slavery

Old rusty chains

  1. Slavery in South Africa
    This site focuses on enslaved society that existed in Africa. It provides extensive historical information, as well as additional resources. Those include primary documents, bibliography, personal stories, and a selection of links.
  2. Harvard and Slavery
    This website contains the results of students’ research on the topic of Harvard University’s involvement in slavery. It covers the time period throughout Harvard’s existence, starting with its founding in 1636.
  3. The Abolition Project – Slavery
    This is a section of The Abolition Project website telling about slavery. It covers a number of historical aspects of this topic and contains imagery, maps, a timeline, and articles.
  4. Slavery in the North
    This site provides a detailed look at the issue of slavery in North America. As well as covering the general data, it also tells about the issue in particular regions, making this site a valuable source for everyone researching this topic.

3.6.  💣  Military History

Old cannon in the field

  1. War History Online
    This site tells about the history and evolution of warfare in all of its aspects. It contains videos, pictures, and articles on a wide variety of topics.
  2. Military History Online
    As the name of this site suggests, it tells about military history. This website covers the period from ancient times up to modern days, making it a great resource for all those interested in this topic.
  3. Military History Encyclopedia
    This site covers all the aspects of military history. It contains over 5,500 articles, more than 1,000 book reviews, as well as pictures, maps, and documents. It also includes coverage of the infamous world conflicts.
  4. Military History Monthly
    Apart from covering events in military history, this site also provides new research and articles on this topic. It reveals new details about certain events and shares findings that were unknown before.

3.7.  ⛪  History of Religion

Buddha monument near water

  1. Religion Facts
    This site contains facts and historical information on all the major world religions. It also includes charts, a glossary, and descriptions of religious symbols.
  2. Religion in American History
    This site is exactly what its name portrays. It covers all the aspects of religion in American history from the point of view of writers and scholars who contribute to the website.
  3. BBC – History
    This is a section of the BBC website telling about world religions, specifically their appearance and development throughout the history of humankind.

3.8.  🔬  History of Science

Rocket takeoff in spaceport

  1. History of Science Society
    The site is dedicated to understanding science, its interaction with society, and studying its history. The Society holds meetings and events and also shares articles, publications, and other educational materials through its site.
  2. Department of the History of Science (Harvard University)
    The site is aimed at examining the history and development of science, its impact on human lives, and discussing the latest developments. It provides a wide list of resources that contains a large number of historical and educational materials.
  3. Museum of the History of Science
    This site includes a number of online exhibits that depict the history and development of various sciences. It also offers lectures and tours, all of which are available online and in podcast form.
  4. The British Society for the History of Science
    The Society is devoted to studying the history of science, technology, and medicine. It provides publications and other educational materials, holds conferences, and promotes the understanding of science in general.

We do hope that our list of history websites will help you out.

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Even if some of the websites listed here don’t deliver exactly what you’d expect, they have their own list of sources, too. So, it’s still worth looking through this list and visiting the sites.

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