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During that exciting period, numerous students from all over the world voiced their opinions on topics concerning students’ writing skills, decreasing amount of homework, requirements of academic writing, and custom essay services.

It was our first contest here at, and we should admit that we were surprised to get so many brilliant essays!

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🏆 Winners of Essay Writing Contest by

So, based on the results of online voting and the grades from our expert writers and editors, we are glad to announce winners of Winter 2016 Essay Writing Contest:

1st place goes to Emily Smith and her wonderful essay “The Importance of Improving Essay Writing for Students”

2nd place goes to Sushant Shrestha and his brilliant piece “Why do you think it is important for students to improve their essay writing skills?”

3rd place goes to Sanjeev Musuvathy the author of “How the Reduction of Homework Cultivates a Better Learning Experience”


Winners will get personal emails containing further instructions on how to claim their award.

Below you are welcome to find and enjoy winning pieces published in their original form.

🥇 The Importance of Improving Essay Writing for Students by Emily Smith

Writing is everywhere. From jobs, to school, to just a simple note to a friend. Regardless, writing is always around and, therefore, always will be. Therefore, it is imperative for students to have excellent writing skills. It is important for students to improve upon their essay writing skills, because being a superb writer can help with academics and advance job performance.

Having the ability to write well is valuable for academics. Knowing the information and vocabulary will only be halfway sufficient. But, through the capability of conveying the ideas and material by using essays and stories fulfills the other half. For many tests there are sections solely dedicated to testing the students’ ability to write and synthesize. Furthermore, sometimes the facts are not as important as how they are composed. In addition, before students even have the ability to get into college, they must answer a writing prompt to send. Students are being scrutinized over their story nonetheless, but also their knowledge about writing skills, and their performance of such. Therefore, before students even have the chance to present themselves and make the argument on why they should be accepted, the students will be accepted or rejected based upon their essay. Their writing is their first impression, and first impressions are everything. In other words, “Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged—in college, in the workplace, and in the community,” (Nowacek). Plus, once the writing skills are acquired, the students’ grades will improved, which overall will improve their future chances of getting a job.

Improving one’s essay writing skills can advance one’s job performance. Resume, transcript, recommendations, and interviews can land a job, but in order to keep and excel at it, one’s performance is often watched and judged. If writing is in the job description and the employee is briefing at a high school level, he or she could be fired for not succeeding at the level the employer expected. “Any time a profession requires written communication, writing skills become important,” (O’Farrell). Regardless of the field, having the necessary skills to articulate a specific point and message adds more power to the argument that is being addressed. In addition, in certain fields, such as law and medicine, writing is essential to complete the field requirements. For example, what is written by the lawyers determines if their customer is guilty or innocent. Likewise, in the field of medicine, documenting the patient’s records must be meticulously precise. Therefore, having the ability to write well is important for prevailing in the work force.

It is important for students to improve upon their essay writing skills, because being a superb writer can help with academics and advance job performance. Writings have lasting impressions when applying to college and numerous tests solely account for the students’ ability to write and synthesize points. In addition, writing in used regularly in the workforce, regardless of the job or field. Such writing skills are required when articulating a point to strengthen an argument and get a certain point across, More specifically, writing is imperative in fields, such as law and medicine. If their writing and documenting is at a high school level, then there is a high possibility their job is at risk. Therefore, improvement upon writing is critical for academics and job performance.

🥈 Why Do You Think It Is Important for Students to Improve Their Essay Skills by Sushant Shrestha

Learning to write good essays not only enhances our linguistic competence, but it also helps us in becoming academically proficient, and if we take this job seriously, then believe me, it will even have profound effect on our inner dimensions of life. We will become a better person, a more rational thinker and at the end of the day, we even will start discovering ourselves.

Writing an essay is like speaking to our inner self and is one of the best ways for self-reflection. Penning down our emotions and thoughts in the form of a beautifully written essay enables us to pour our heart out and once we do it, our mind will become calm and more or less, it will help enhance our concentration. In no time, we will start feeling better and this will even assist us in bolstering our self-esteem. The habit of brainstorming helps us to purify our thoughts and the final step in essay writing, what we call proofreading inspires us even in our daily lives to work on our shortcomings.

As students, we have a host of a things to share and there are a lot of issues we need to deal with, which might be disturbing. Writing essays can be an effective way to manage our stress levels and it might even be helpful in finding constructive solutions to our problems. Embracing writing also frees students from the cage of solitude, one of the leading causes of depression among youths and teenagers.

A good essay is never complete without critical analysis and deep understanding, so in the process of improving their essay-writing skills, students knowingly and unknowingly develop rationality, innovativeness and critical thinking which in the long run, prepares them diligently in facing the challenges of life ahead.

Moreover, encouraging students to write essays is amongst the most effective ways to foster creativity, which the modern world regards as an integral ingredient for success. Good essay writing is never possible without avid reading and reading has always been a doorway to new ideas and visions.

Students are the change makers of tomorrow and with a little bit of spark, they can ingenuously transform this world. And why I believe that essay writing can help bring this spark is because when students learn to write better essays, their level of confidence goes up significantly. It provides them with encouragement to give their writings a platform, which makes voices against prejudices and oppressions even more stronger.

From academic point of view, good essays are really helpful when it comes to increasing our score and for those students who aspire to get into prestigious universities, exceling in writing is a must. Wherever we go, we need to write good essays and if we can do it well, a myriad of opportunities will be waiting for us. A host of scholarships will be just a step away and a lot of employers will be there to reward our skill.

Some people do present orthodox views that essay writing is only confined to language and literature but in reality, it benefits us enormously in almost all types of subjects. Research papers in science, articles in economics, all require extensive writing and the most wonderful thing is that essay writing helps in fostering analytical skills which makes it easier for us even in tacking questions of the so-called hard subjects like mathematics and physics.

Essay writing, I believe is a life skill that every student must learn whole heartedly in order to grow intellectually and to add something more to his/her personal as well as professional life. So, let’s not let this opportunity slip from our hands, let’s cherish our lives by learning to express ourselves even better. Starting writing, start changing!

🥉 How the Reduction of Homework Cultivates a Better Learning Experience by Sanjeev Musuvathy

For the typical American student, school feels like a traumatizing nightmare that one will never wake up from. Thus, many students are looking towards the examples of Korea and Finland, two countries that spend fewer than three hours on homework a week, yet still excel in academics, as an education model that could help relieve their pain by reducing homework (Teng 14). With many policymakers such as François Holland actively considering such a shift in education policy, it becomes imperative to understand how effective reducing homework can be for students. The discussion will deal with first, the psychological benefits, and second, the added intellectual exploration benefits.

Sleep is a rare commodity for many students as a result of excessive homework, with the majority of students not getting enough sleep. In fact, on school nights, more than half of all students sleep fewer than eight hours a night, far less than the recommended amount of nine hours (Ponte 12). Lack of sleep not only decimates an individual’s ability to pay attention in class and think creatively, but it ruins learning as a whole. By staying up the extra hour in order to get that last vocab word memorized, hours of productive learning and creativity are lost. Homework is also one of the most direct contributors to stress, which not only ruins an individual’s ability to focus in class and pay attention, but also degrades a student’s mental and physical health. In fact, in 2013 Stanford University reported that 56 percent of students reported excessive homework as their primary stressor, alongside physical health detriments, and ostracization from society (Levy 16). These symptoms of instability from homework not only directly trade off with an individual’s focus and learning, but they also help cultivate a stigma of hatred towards homework, something that not only destroys the value of said homework, but also can hamper passion for learning. Top researchers found that more positive attitudes towards homework were linked directly to higher achievement and learning in that specific area (Chang et al,.14). Thus, by reducing a currently excessive amount of homework, individuals will feel like their homework is less of a chore and more of a tool to excel in academics. Busy work could be substituted for more thought provoking and abstract assignments with actual benefits.

Ironically, homework has been touted as a great time management teacher, except if you have lots of homework, there aren’t very many outside things to manage. Reducing a student’s homework load could be an effective step in allowing students to spend more of their time in extracurricular projects, which not only allows students to follow their passions, but also allows for more in-depth learning to occur. Extracurricular activities like Debate and Science fairs are phenomenal when it comes to learning about real world policymaking and many different science fields, but with mass amounts of homework, students have far less time to dedicate to such extracurricular activities, thoroughly harming the breadth of education that could be gained from activities such as these (Strauss 14). A massive amount of homework also destroys passion driven research. Instead of having the extra hour to study something you are greatly interested in, such as international relations or doing a world-changing science experiment, individuals are sucked into doing more homework. In fact, the five-hour rule, a process of constant learning used by Bill Gates and Benjamin Franklin, exemplifies the benefits of passion driven research, as devoting an hour a day to a topic you are passionate about enables students to become outstandingly more productive, creative, and capable of learning.

When returning to how beneficial a reduction of homework can be for students, there is a clear academic consensus on two areas, the incredible psychological benefits, and the ability for students to explore their passions. So, to policymakers like François Holland, for the sake of students everywhere, reduce homework and create a more educated population.

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