Free Books Online: 176 Links to Read for Adults & Kids

The ebook era is here to stay, and it demonstrates impressive projections.

The dynamic technology and mobility affect our everyday life. They even influence our reading habits. Contemporary young people prefer reading books using their e-readers, smart phones, and tablets.

Isn’t it great that you can read anywhere without having your thick book with you all the time?

You can quickly find and easily download almost any book you’d like to read or need for your essay writing. At no cost.

❤️ Will Ebooks Ever Replace Paper Books?

There is no consensus yet as to whether digital editions will replace paperback.

But here are some benefits of using ebooks:

  • Space saving
  • Cost cutting
  • Convenient reading
  • Possibility to customize reading settings

Did you know?

According to statistics, digital book sales are predicted to account roughly for about a quarter of book sales worldwide. Ebooks are supposed to bring a revenue of about 20 billion US dollars by the year 2018.

One of the concerns about online reading is that it has enabled the so-called “F-shaped reading pattern.” The point here is that while reading any digital content, a human eye scans the page in an F-shape. It helps to absorb just a few general key ideas of an article without deeply penetrating into the topic. This issue results in lack of depth in reading and thinking.

Another curious fact:

A study by the Pew Research Center states that 27% of US citizens read electronic books in 2015. This number keeps on growing.

No one can be sure about the outcome of this electronic-paper battle. However, combining paper books and ebooks must be the best way to get all the advantages from reading.

📚 Free Ebooks for Your Soul

Student life is not only textbooks or research works. From time to time, everyone needs a reading to relax. Check the list of various book websites where your can download any book you like.

🔮 Fiction and Nonfiction

  1. Authorama
    A website with 100+ free books from different authors. The format of books: HTML and ASCII. New books are added each month.
  2. Book Stacks
    Book Stacks hosts 60+ ebooks written between 400BC and 1955. You can download them from a direct link in PDF format.
    Founded in 1988, Bookboon is the world’s biggest ebook publisher now. There are currently 1,000+ textbooks for students, as well as 600+ ebooks for professionals in the business field in 9 different languages.
  4. Bookyards
    This resource gives an opportunity for users to publish their own books and choose among 21,700+ ebooks free of charge for reading.
  5. DailyLit
    A curious resource where you can read free books using your email or RSS. All you have to do is select a book and set up the time when you want to have it delivered. This way you’ll get your book just in time and will be spending some 5–15 min. on reading daily.
  6. Ebook Lobby
    Ebook Lobby is an online library with free non-fiction books. Choose the book by categories: Art, Business, Law, Sports, Computing, Education, etc.
    This site is a great place to find free online books like novels, bestsellers, short stories, plays, poetry, and picture books. You can use different filters to select the right book for you.
  8. Free Books
    Whatever book you’re looking for, you are likely to find it on Moreover, the users are free to contact the administrators to help them find materials that are unavailable on the website. All kinds of downloadable textbooks and ebooks in various topics and genres are available on the site.
    Find books from rising authors here. You’ll enjoy reading the entertaining romance and fiction. All kinds of non-fiction literature can also be found here.
    This site offers thousands of full-text books of different genres and topics. No payment is required.
  11. Internet Archive
    The Internet Archive, being one of the biggest free media resources, currently counts more than 10,000,000 books and texts.
  12. Kobo Free eBooks
    A great place to find both free and paid books. You can choose from over 5 million of them, and download the Kobo app to make your reading more convenient. Get recommendations, find top-rated books, and read previews to opt for the best books.
    You can find 33,000+ free books all around this site. It offers the users multiple search opportunities: by genres, titles, authors, languages, as well as recommended and popular books.
  14. Project Gutenberg
    There are already more than 53,000 free books located in this catalog. The readers can choose from EPUB books or Kindle ebooks. You can either download them or read them online. Thousands of volunteers helped to digitize and proofread the published books.
  15. Public Literature
    This site will offer you a big collection of the finest classics for reading online. You can read them online, download them, or go directly from the site page to Amazon to buy a hardcopy.
  16. Read Any Book is another great site offering a big collection of free online books to add to your library. Track the “Free book of the day” update. You can download your favorite book in any popular format to read it on your e-reader or upload your own book for others to read.
  17. The Literature Network
    This is a searchable resource currently offering 3,500+ full books, 4,400+ short stories, and poems by 260+ writers. Moreover, you will find over 8,500 quotes in their database, and more than 340 quizzes. Join the discussions with thousands of other forum members.
  18. UPenn’s Online Books Page
    There are in total over 2 million works on the website available in various formats. You can select from a “curated collection” with about 50,000 books, and the rest can be found in the “extended shelves.”
  19. Heidoc
    Find time-limited free offerings from Amazon on this site. Get daily updates by email and select updates only for the genres you’re looking for.
  20. eReaderIQ
    Find freebies from Amazon here. The listing is abbreviated and the offers are limited in time.
  21. DigiLibraries
    DigiLibraries has more than 20,000 free ebooks in various genres. All of them are free to read online and are available in the following formats: EPUB for the Nook and MOBI for Kindle.
  22. Open Library
    Choose your free books from over a million items on the website to read online: non-fiction, Social Sciences, reference, pure English, Religion, etc. You can select them by subject, title, or author.
  23. The Internet Book Database of Fiction
    This collection features a wide range of books in any genre. Anyone can submit a book, or donate.
  24. The Free Library by Farlex
    A unique Free Online Library: one of the biggest online libraries on the web. It presents millions of publications, magazines, news, newspapers, journal and reference documents in the subjects like Business, Health, Communications, Entertainment, Law, Politics, Government, Science, and Technology. You’ll always find there what you’re looking for.
  25. Library of Congress
    It’s one of the oldest cultural institutions of the nation. It is also a huge library containing more than 162 million works. The collection offers anyone to check books, pictures, audio recordings, maps, photos, and manuscripts.
  26. OverDrive
    The site offers a large catalogue of electronic books, audiobooks, and videos. You can also find here New York Times Bestsellers, Recommended Reads, 1984 Read-Alikes, and 2017 Youth Media Award Winners.

🕯️ Classics

  1. Classic Bookshelf
    Classic Bookshelf is a good resource to read classic books online. Classic Bookshelf offers its users easy e-reading with the help of a special Java applet. This program allows the readers to choose the best text size, spacing, and color they prefer.
  2. The Online Books Page
    This constantly updated resource presents more than 2 million free books. You can also choose from the collection of banned books and prize winners. It includes a big collection of classic literature.
  3. Classic Reader
    Classic Reader currently has more than 3,800 classic free books, short stories, the complete works of William Shakespeare and plays by other classic writers and poets, such as Dickens, Hemingway, and Twain available online.
  4. Classic Book Library
    There is a wide array of classical works in genres like History, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, and Literature for Children.
  5. Read Print
    Thousands of online books from the leading classical authors. You can track your reading progress, get recommendations, join the online book clubs and groups, and discuss literature.
  6. Planet eBook
    Over 80 classic books for download: read “The Great Gatsby,” “1984,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Pollyanna,” and many more books here for free.
  7. Free Classic Literature
    Find British and American authors like Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and enjoy reading their works for free. Make sure to check and read the most popular works.
  8. Free classic e-books
    Thousands of free out-of-copyright books online. Download the best classics in PDF or PRC format to read on Kindle, Sony eReader, Android, Nook, iPad, iPhone, and other gadgets. If you can’t find your favorite book here online, feel free to contact the site’s administration and let them know about it.
  9. DIYGenius
    This public domain library of classic ebooks is dedicated to the great philosophers and dreamers who managed to change the world with their ideas. Read their thoughts and change your own world outlook.
  10. Luminarium
    An anthology and guide to English Literature. Find here the works of the following periods: Middle Ages, Renaissance, 17th Century, Restoration, and 18th Century.
  11. Page By Page
    Classic literature lovers will like this place on the web. There are hundreds of books in the classic genre on Page By Page. You can search books by authors here.

🎭 Plays and Drama

  1. Stage Beauty
    A website dedicated to the female stars of the Golden Age English Theatre. You’ll discover brilliant Autobiographies, Plays, and Theory of Drama. Read books online free in HTML format or download them on your Kindle device.
    You might also find this page useful: it provides the direct links to drama and free plays ebooks on Amazon Kindle.
  3. Digital Book Index
    A large collection of external links to texts in Drama, Play, Performance, and Masques. Some materials are downloadable, whereas others can be read online.
  4. The Online Waldorf Library
    This site will provide useful information in English and in Spanish for everyone interested in Waldorf education. It helps to find all the available resources about Waldorf education currently in print or already for sale. Moreover, there are available ebooks in PDF format for you to download.
  5. Plays
    Read here four plays in open access: “Uncle Vanya” by A. Chekhov, “Pygmalion” by George B. Shaw, “The Playboy of the Western World” by J. M. Synge, “The Importance of Being Earnest” by O. Wilde.
  6. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
    Are you looking for the full collection of Shakespeare’s works? Here they are! MIT in Massachusetts has made available all of Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, and histories for you.
  7. Plays Online
    A service for playwrights and play readers. Find here a full-text version of plays online for free.
  8. ProPlay
    The website features the plays, dramas, comedies, and musicals for children.
  9. Simply Scripts
    A collection of hundreds of plays and movie scripts, screenplays, musicals, and transcripts for movies, anime, and radio shows. All texts are easily downloadable.
  10. Oscar Wilde online
    A unique website dedicated to a late Victorian era playwright Oscar Wilde. Find the full collection of his plays, short stories, and poetry.
  11. Theatre Database
    A vast database of theatrical works: from Ancient and Medieval Theatre and till the 21st Century Theatre. Here, you’ll find everything from Sophocles to the Theatre of Absurd.
  12. Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays
    This collection is located in the John Hay Library. It includes nearly 250,000 volumes of American and Canadian plays, poetry, and vocal music from 1609 until today. It looks like the biggest and most comprehensive collection in this field ever presented in a research library.

✒️ Poetry

  1. Poetry Archive
    A wide array of the world’s greatest poems all in one place: historical, dramatic, narrative, humorous, categorized by century, for children, or for weddings. Choose the poems to read depending on your mood or event.
  2. Poetry
    A comprehensible list of poems by Lewis Carroll, Henry W. Longfellow, Rudyard Kipling, and many others.
  3. Poem Hunter
    An interesting website to find free poems, lyrics, and quotations. You can read and listen to poetry here and find some great site features, like Poetry Contests, Poem of the Day, categories “Top 500 Poems” and “Top 500 Poets.” Feel free to submit your poems.
  4. Famous Poetry Online
    Enjoy reading love and friendship poetry, inspirational poems, limericks, and poems by famous poets, like Robert Browning, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, Lord Byron, and others.
  5. Google Poetry
    Google Books will offer you an almost unlimited selection of poems for any taste.
  6. Famous Poets And Poems
    Read poems by Elizabeth Barrett, William Wordsworth, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath, and many more. Browse a “Poem of the Month,” read “Top 50 Poems,” or find poems by their topic.
  7. The Children’s Poetry Archive
    The Poetry Archive was founded to get new poetry recordings for children and put them together on this website so that your kids could listen to them. Create your own collections and share with your friends.
  8. The Poetry Archive
    It’s a non-profit organization that makes and also acquires recordings of English-speaking poets globally and makes them available online for you free of charge.
  9. Family Friend Poems
    This site’s motto is “Loving. Healing. Touching.” There are thousands of poems that are well-organized in various categories. Anyone can submit a poem, get involved in relevant discussions, or even discover some poetic techniques to create their own poetic masterpieces.
  10. All Poetry
    One of the largest poetry communities and an inspiring place for poets. Every poem submitted gets several encouraging comments and might even win a prize in a national contest. There are also private forums open for friends or critiques.
  11. Poetry Foundation
    Poetry Foundation is a publisher of Poetry magazine. It offers a huge collection (over 30,000) of poems, audio, and video recordings. Be sure to check some poetry-related materials as well.
  12. Poetry Out Loud
    You will not only find many poems on this website, but you’ll also get great lessons and tips on how to master the recitation. This great program was created to help students master their public speaking skills, acquire self-confidence, and discover our literary heritage.

🎨 Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies

  1. Chest of Books
    This site has a big choice of free books on subjects like Gardening, Cooking, Home Improvement, Design, Craft, Hobbies, Arts, etc. Just choose the category you prefer. You can read them all for free.
    A big directory for free books online and ebooks in different categories: Spirituality, Art, Entertainment, History, Horror, Mystery, and many other genres.
  3. Noisetrade
    A big collection of books available in formats EPUB, PDF, or MOBI. You can connect this service to your account in Facebook. You can also leave a tip for your download.
  4. Foboko
    Foboko has 2,400+ free ebooks divided into categories for free online reading or free download in formats PDF, TXT, EPUB, MOBI Pocket, or you can send them directly to Kindle. Free registration is a must. You can read online as much as you want. However, there’s a limitation: just 5 downloads per month.
  5. Smashwords
    A link to the Smashwords’ Crafts and Hobbies ebooks and articles collection. A big choice of formats for download, online viewing option, no registration required.

➗ Science Fiction, Romance, and Fantasy

  1. Public Bookshelf
    Users can read romance novels free of charge here. Besides that, this resource can become a great stepping-stone for beginners: write your story or book, and get quick feedback about it.
  2. Free Online Novels
    Here you can search for Christian novels, fantasy and graphic novels, adventure books, horror books, and more. Download the books for your eReader, phone, tablet, or PC.
  3. Free On-Line Novels by RLC Authors
    The works of Romiley Literary Circle members in a form of observations, book reviews, and other materials that are frequently rather quirky or eccentric. There are also external links to free ebooks.
  4. Baen Books
    The Baen Free Library offers plenty of free science fiction and fantasy books. Select them by author, publisher, category, or title. Then you can either read online, download a zip or unzipped file, or even have it emailed to you.
    Are you looking for fiction books? This website has thousands of downloadable books available on any topic and in different popular formats. Moreover, you can find trending books and interesting news from the book world.
  6. John T. Cullen
    Read novels, short stories, and poetry by John T. Cullen on his website.
  7. Viable Paradise
    A science fiction and fantasy writers’ workshop. The specified link takes you to the page maintained by James D. Macdonald. You can read all the ebooks available there online.
  8. Strange Horizons
    An unusual magazine about speculative fiction. You’re welcome to read online fiction, poems, essays, reviews, roundtable discussions, interviews, and art.

😂 Humor

  1. BookRix
    Download free books from BookRix collection or read them online. Everyone will find a book to their liking: romance, short story, thriller, etc. This link will get you to the Humor category.
  2. Goodreads
    Are you ready to laugh out loud? Here’s a good list of humorous romance books that will make you laugh for sure. You can vote for your favorite books and tag them depending on whether you’re reading them, have already read, or just planning to read.
    Find your preferred books in the Humor category and read them online right away. No registration is needed.
  4. Loyal Books
    This is a Free Public Domain Audiobooks & eBook Downloads. You’ll definitely like the site’s considerable collection of ebooks.
  5. Centsless Books
    The website monitors Amazon (USA) for the top 100 free ebooks in the Humor and Entertainment category. If you subscribe, you’ll be getting regular updates on freebies or gift card giveaways every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  6. eBookTakeAway
    This site’s link offers free ebooks in a Comedy and Humor Fiction category available for free download in PDF, HTML or ebook text. Funny stories, books, and poems are available to download for free from authors like Jerome K. Jerome, Henry James, William W. Jacobs, and others.
  7. Fahim Farook
    Fahim Farook is an author of the humorous science fiction novel “Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog.” You can download it or view online for free.
  8. FeedBooks
    Another public domain with a good-sized collection of works in its Humor category. All the works are can be downloaded in EPUB, Kindle (MOBI), or PDF formats.
  9. FreeBook-S
    This is a Humor category of the classic books in different languages. Available for free download in EPUB, MOBU, and PDF formats.
  10. Nobooko
    Free ebooks in the “Humor & Comedy” genre. Most of them link to Kobo and can be downloaded for free in EPUB after the reader signs up for free at the Kobo website. There are also some free offerings from Smashwords.
  11. TheLiteraturePage
    This category contains funny stories, Shakespeare comedies, and any fiction or non-fiction that are at least intended to be humorous. Read them free online.
  12. WikiSource
    A nice collection of prose and poetry from the 19th-20th century that you can read online for free and have a good laugh. Some are also available as audios. Two satirical reference books can also be found here.

👔 Free Ebooks for Your Work and Study

If you’re looking for a literatute to work on your assignments or a textbook, stop and check the websites below! Here you will find a numerous useful sources to boost your studies.

🎓 Education Books and Textbooks

  1. Curriki
    Curriki is an open education service and acts primarily in support of K-12 education. You will find a huge amount of books on this website, but even more so, Curriki has a variety of learning and teaching materials.
  2. Open Book Project
    This site contributes to the free and open dissemination of global knowledge. Everyone can find open access textbooks and other educational materials online here.
  3. Open Culture
    Open Culture includes over 200 open access textbooks written by knowledgeable scholars.
  4. Open Educational Resources
    You can find lots of online open access materials published on the website. They are divided into several groups for your convenience: subject areas, grade levels, and types of materials. Feel free to use whatever you might need.
  5. Openstax
    The non-profit project OpenStax was created to improve access to education for students. Free educational books and other materials on OpenStax are now used by hundreds of thousands of students. You can easily join them as well.
  6. Questia
    This online research library offers both free and paid features. You can find more than 83,000 academic books and over 10 million articles from the leading publishers worldwide.
  7. Textbook Revolution
    Textbook Revolution is a free book area run by students. The aim of the project is to bring free educational materials into the classrooms. Anyone can find textbook reviews or select free resources for education. The books are available in PDF, can be viewed as ebooks online, or just give the link to a website with the content.
  8. TextBookGo is a great source for free ebooks from all sources and for all kinds of courses. Students can quickly download the needed material onto their device and start reading it right away. Others are free to share the e-texts they have with others.
  9. Textbooks Free
    A variety of textbooks, ebooks, free learning stuff, video lectures, free learning materials, and free courses are presented on this site.
  10. WikiBooks
    WikiBooks is a big collection of non-fiction books where anyone can contribute. There are currently 2,800+ books with 55,700+ pages available at no cost.
  11. FlatWorld Textbooks
    There are 12 free books available for online reading on this website: in Economics, Finance, Banking, and Business.

🔗 Reference Books

  1. Bartleby
    Bartleby is one of the leading publishers of content generated by students, researchers, and other creative minds. This website will provide you with any information you might need on any topic imaginable for free.
  2. Bibliomania Reference
    The Bibliomania Reference Section is a treasure for all intellectually curious people. In just one place you will find any language reference book, like dictionaries, quotations, synonym books, thesauruses, literary sources, linguistics dictionaries, etc.
    You’ll find over 100 credible sources on this website: dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauruses with synonyms, facts, definitions, abbreviations, and word origins.
  4. Fact Retriever
    A constantly updated collection of interesting facts from all over the world.
    This section contains free reference ebooks and guides. Some of the resources can be viewed online, and some of them are downloadable.
  6. Obooko
    Obooko includes a wide range of reference ebooks open for reading free of charge. Discover guidebooks, almanacs, compendiums, and directories to help you boost your knowledge and become smarter.
  7. Online PR Directories and Calendars
    A useful website to be bookmarked. You’ll get an extensive range of directories (almanacs, libraries, catalogs), calendars, research guides, encyclopedias, internet research guides, hoaxes, and other helpful data to make your life and studies easier.
  8. Ref Desk Encyclopedias
    The Encyclopedias Section of the site is a useful page for anyone wishing to expand their horizon. You’ll find references to 27 encyclopedias from all around the web. It’s worth bookmarking.
  9. The Free Dictionary
    This is the most comprehensive free online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia of synonyms, abbreviations, definitions, and idioms. It includes specialized dictionaries in various fields, like Law, Medicine, and Finances.
    The world’s biggest library of online Literature Summaries available for free. It presents 460+ useful Study Guides / Chapter Summaries / Book Notes, and more.

➗ Math, Science, and Programming

  1. Science and Engineering Books for free download
    A wide range of free programming books divided by categories: Java, Linux, SQL Database, Networking, Perl/Python, C and C++, Microsoft, Database, Security, Assembly, Science ebooks and manuals.
    Find 2,000+ Math, Engineering, Science, Economy and Finance books here and download them for free.
  3. Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications
    You need no registration or payment to find out about the Abstract Algebra theory and applications.
  4. A First Course in Linear Algebra
    Find here an introductory level textbook in Linear Algebra for reading online and for free download in PDF without registration.
  5. American Institute of Mathematics
    The website includes external links to the approved Mathematics textbooks in open access for college level courses. You need no registration for this site.
  6. American Mathematical Society (AMS)
    A collection of books on Mathematics History: find here the links to free online AMS Books and Resources.
    Cornell University Library offers 1,233,799 e-prints in open access in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, and Statistics. Totally free for download.
  8. Book Gold Mine
    This is a real gold mine for those who want to master Math. This resource lists the links to various free math related materials and courses throughout the Internet.
  9. By Math
    A great place to find full learning materials for an elementary level mathematics learner. It’s all free and with no sign-up required.
  10. CK-12
    One of the first websites worth checking if you’re looking for materials in Mathematics. It has a huge collection of free textbooks for free download in PDF or to view online. Here you’ll find Math textbooks for grades 1-5, Arithmetic, Geometry, Probability, Trigonometry, Statistics, and more.
  11. ClarkU
    Clark University has uploaded for you the classic work in Mathematics–Euclid’s Elements. Anyone can read it online for free without registration.
  12. College of the Redwoods
    If you’re looking for a textbook on Prealgebra–you’ll need to check this site. It offers a free textbook on this subject for free. You can download it in PDF by chapters or as a whole book at once.
  13. Free Book Centre
    This section of the Free Book Centre has free ebooks and manuals in Mathematics. You can view some of them online, others can be downloaded.
  14. GitHub
    A directory of links to all kinds of free programming books, guides, manuals, and textbooks that are available for download throughout the web.
  15. Jean Gallier
    A collection of Jean Gallier’s math books for online reading free of charge.
  16. Jim Hefferon
    An introductory course of Linear Algebra for college level with answers to all the exercises. The students can use it as a main material or a supplement, others can even study it independently.
  17. MacTutor History of Mathematics
    The history of mathematics presented in a very nice layout: including data on various cultures and different topics. For free online reading.
  18. Free Textbooks in Mathematics
    A well-organized collection of free Math textbooks from all over the web. You’ll easily find here any book from over 20 categories: from General Math and Algebra to Probability Theory and Mathematical Physics.
  19. Math and Multimedia
    A directory of links to over 30 free online textbooks in Algebra: Elementary Algebra and Trigonometry, Abstract and Linear Algebra. You might find here what you were looking for.
  20. Math eBook Net
    An interactive website to learn Mathematics with ease. A user can enter a virtual classroom and read texts online or download free Math materials divided into categories: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High school.
  21. Statlect
    Statlect provides a digital textbook on the theory of probability and mathematical statistics divided into sections. Whoever needs it, can read it online for free without registration.
  22. Wolfram Mathworld
    This website positions itself as the most extensive mathematics resource. You’ll find all kinds of math related information here for free: Math Foundations, Number Theory, Discrete and Recreational Math, Algebra, Geometry, Topology, and many more. Enjoy your free reading online!
  23. Free College Arts and Science Textbooks Internet Library
    Are you looking for more free college textbooks in sciences? Here they are: all useful links gathered and listed on one page.
  24. GE Geek
    A massive directory of links leading to various tech related articles, guides, tutorials, and ebooks found throughout the web. Some links will take you offsite; others will instantly download the requested material.
  25. In-Tech
    One of the world’s largest book publishers of open access materials in Science, Technology, and Medicine. Currently the collection of Computer and Information Science books counts 332 books in PDF for free download.
  26. Programming Ebooks
    This website lists free programming related books found on the web. The collection is rather sizable.
  27. Science Books Online
    The Computer Science category offers links to free computer books in different subcategories: Theory of Computation, Databases and Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence, and others. The links will take you offsite, so download options may vary. However, most books are in PDF.
  28. Online Programming Books
    A big collection of books about computers, Programming, Software Development, Web Design, IT, AI, computer hardware, networking, etc. Feel free to download them and enjoy reading.
  29. Free Computer Books
    Read free books online in the technical disciplines like Programming and Mathematics. Lecture notes are also available on the website.
  30. Free Tech Books
    This is the storage of open access books in Computer Science, textbooks, and lecture notes for free. The collection currently counts 1,100+ books, and it keeps on growing.

📿 Philosophy and Religion

    Discover free ebooks in disciplines like Psychology, Sociology, Politics, etc. Here, you’ll find works by Rene Descartes, Arthur Schopenhauer, Sigmund Freud, John Stuart Mill, David Hume, and others. Read these books online on this very website.
  2. The Divine Life Society
    A very good selection of ebooks in Philosophy, Yoga, and Religion. You can freely download them in PDF or HTML, or buy print edition if you need.
  3. A Buddhist Library
    Has a big number of articles (6,000+) and books (400+) that mainly cover Buddhism, but there are also many works on world religions as well: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and others.
  4. Early Christian Writings
    This website is considered to be the most complete Christian texts collection before the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Another outstanding feature is that you can find translations and comments on the sources provided. The texts are listed in chronological order and are divided into categories: the New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers, as well as some non-Christian references.
  5. Early Jewish Writings
    Read online a full collection of Jewish documents from ancient times including translations, introductions, and useful links.
  6. Internet Sacred Text Archive
    The largest archive of online books in Religion, Folklore, Mythology, and Esoteric. The amount of ebook categories is sure to impress anyone.
  7. Ishwar
    One more awesome collection of free ebooks on the majority of religions out there.
  8. Islam for Universe
    A wide array of books about Islam in English and other languages. The materials are available for download in PDF.
  9. Meta Religion
    At Meta Religion, you’re welcome to check an extensive coverage of almost all the existing religions: Ancient Religions, Christianity, Hinduism, Sufism, Voodoo, and others. You can view these books online for free.
  10. Religion-Online
    The website offers you to read the complete texts of the recognized scholars in Religious disciplines. There are over 6,000 articles and chapters. Topics include the Old and New Testament, Religion History and Sociology, Ethics, Cultural Studies and Communication, Pastoral Care, Homiletics, Worship, Missions, and Church Education.
  11. Early Modern Texts
    A very convenient search of Philosophy books sorted by authors. There are classics of early modern philosophy, as well as several from the 19th century. No registration needed, free download in PDF is available.
  12. Infomotions
    A sizable collection of etexts in Philosophy. The materials are placed chronologically and can be read online for free.
  13. Philosophy Pages
    If you need to learn more about the Western philosophical tradition, this site will help you. You’ll like a convenient search of texts: by History, Timeline, or Philosophers.
  14. Bible History Daily
    This is a website of a Biblical Archaeology Society. By signing up to this site, you’ll be able to read about Ancient Cultures, Archaeology, Biblical Artefacts, Sites and Places, and many other things you might be interested in.

🗿 History and Culture

  1. Perseus Digital Library
    Tufts’ Perseus Digital Library includes texts from Ancient Rome and Greece times. They are published in original languages and English.
  2. Kellscraft
    The website offers free books in the History genre for anyone to read online. There are many interesting books like “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin,” “Stories from Roman History,” “Early American Craftsmen,” and more.
  3. Talebooks
    There are about 100 free PDF ebooks in the History genre that anyone can download and read right away.
  4. The Historical Archive
    The books on this site are mostly for sale, however there’s a two-volume book–Stories of the Civil War–available for free viewing or download in PDF.
  5. WikiSource (World History)
    An extensive selection of the free World History related works. Specifically, there’s a category dedicated to the American History collection available for free online reading.
  6. Ebooks for All
    There are in total 16 free ebooks in History: about the USA, Asia, Europe, and more.
    Open Ebooks Library provides free access to a number of books in History covering the topics like the History of Jewish Christianity, Westminster Abbey, Civilization, Coinage, Technocracy, and others.
  8. Office of the Historian
    The Office of the Historian presents ebook editions of an increasing number of volumes from the series of the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS). There are currently 340 volumes available for reading online or downloading in EPUB or MOBI formats.
  9. Wikibooks (History)
    A can’t miss collection of historical texts divided into subsections: Art history, History by continent, Mathematics history, Military history, Religious history, Transportation history, and European and New Zealand history.
  10. Homeschool Base
    This website will enable you to study the Ancient Greece Biographies, Mythologies and Histories, as well as Greek Culture, Art and Life. There are also a few audiobooks available for any user.
  11. Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)
    There are 1,130+ books for you to study History and Archeology in different languages.
  12. Edtechteacher
    A website on History aimed to provide a convenient and reliable access for teachers, students, and independent learners to the online resources in History. The site includes links to 1,200+ websites that offer K-12 history lesson plans, historical guides, activities, and other history-related content for easy learning.

💸 Business

  1. Best eBooks World
    A list of the Business ebooks for free download. Anyone can comment on books presented. Here are some categories you might be interested in: Online Business, Stock Trading, Marketing, Finance, Economy, Sales, etc.
  2. Business Book Mall
    A large directory of Free Business Textbooks in multiple categories for free download: Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Management, etc.
  3. Education Blogs
    Education–Blogs, Websites, Wikis, Directories suggests checking a few categories of its business-related books: Business, Financial, Marketing, Scientific, Project Management, and the Management Principles.
  4. Feedbooks (Business and Economics)
    The website presents 35+ free Business & Economics books. They are ready for download in PDF, EPUB, or Kindle formats.
  5. Financial Management Training Center
    The Financial Management Training Center will easily teach business finance discipline to anyone. Here’s what you’ll find for your studies: quick or expanded online training courses, webinars, spreadsheets, videos, and additional resources for study.
  6. Micro-eMBA
    Are you interested in starting and managing a non-profit organization? Then this online course is for you! Enjoy learning online for free and without registration.
  7. Wyzant Resources
    The WyzAnt’s accounting lessons will let you learn the main accounting concepts and polish your accounting skills. You’ll get acquainted with a history of Accounting, discover the Financial Statements and Budgeting.
  8. MIT OpenCourseWare
    Dive deep into the Business field with the Sloan School of Management section. It includes both materials for undergraduate and graduate students.
  9. Napoleon Hill
    Read a classical “Think and Grow Rich” and more works by Napoleon Hill in the Internet Archive.
  10. Read Central
    Just search for “Business” on this website and you’ll get at least 8,100 free ebooks for free online reading without registration.
  11. ZainBooks
    This link will take you to almost 50 free online texts in Business, in the form of lessons.

Use this list to entertain yourself and expand your horizon!

If you’re still searching for more ebook resources, you’re welcome to check out this list compiled by The American Association of Blind Teachers. They offer a good selection of useful links to a vast variety of digital texts and their bibliographies.

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