10 Funniest Quotes About Education

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Who said that education should be boring? Studies should be fun and we can prove it!

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And now let’s have some fun:

Woody Allen

Steven Wright
Joan welsh
Phyllis Diller
Bruce Lee.
Edgar Wallace
Mark Twain
Jack Herbert
William Glasser
Heinrich Heine

Comments (4)

  • My Inner Chick My Inner Chick Posted:

    Woody Allen is a genius! Love him <3
    Fun Post.

  • Jack Milgram Jack Milgram Posted:

    After I came across this quote, I love Woody Allen even better than before =)
    Thank you for your comment. I hope to see you again soon.

  • Chadrack Chadrack Posted:

    Not just funny but inspiring quotes. Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, why did you choose to remove the URL box? Does this have to do with the problems with Google Penguin?

    • Jack Milgram Jack Milgram Posted:

      Hi Chadrack,
      We are happy to know that these quotes inspired you. I reread them from time to time too=)
      As to the URL box, it has nothing to do with Google Penguin. We removed it a long time ago in order to reduce the spam concerns. However, today there are a lot of new filters which can solve the problem. If we find a good one, we will return the URL box to our blog. Thanks for your question.