Every student knows that a boring lecture can be the best sleeping pill ever – especially when you are tired. But even if you had a good night rest, you might still feel in class as if an unknown power makes your eyelids heavy.

You might start blinking slowly and then the lecturer’s words will seem so far away and without any meaning, sounding like the sweetest lullaby ever… Students beware: avoid classroom naps -they are not only embarrassing, but also truly dangerous!

To avoid dooming your grade for the course as well as hurting your neck by sleeping in an uncomfortable position, learn these simple hints on how to stay awake in class (and don’t forget to go here when you need writing assistance).

Practical Hints

The following tips and tricks are pretty simple, but can help you successfully fight sleep while in class:

  1. have a good night rest before going to class (“good” means 8-9 hrs of sleep);
  2. chew gum to keep your mind and body awake and even improve your mood;
  3. drink coffee or strong tea before class (make certain not to overuse this tip, to avoid caffeine addiction);
  4. eat good portions of vegetables and fruit (particularly citrus fruits and juices can be truly helpful);
  5. stimulate certain acupuncture points on your body, which can help you influence the functioning of your organism (in this case awakening your body):
    • just below both knees;
    • the back side of your hand between thumbs and forefingers;
    • the lobes of your ears.
  6. face your teacher with an interested look on your face (you can practice this first in front of a mirror);
  7. forget about Burn, Red Bull and other energy drinks, which can be bad for your health.

Use Your Imagination

Another effective way to stay awake in class is using your imagination and your sense of humor and creativity. Particularly during the most boring lecture, when most of your classmates already snore, you could conduct some funny experiments and try the following strategies:

  • Smart translation. Try to translate the lecture into youth slang. Imagine that you are a secret spy who has to get the teacher’s message and send it to your team. Write down your unique translation and you will be able to share it with your friends who are snoring at the moment.
  • Silent movie. For a moment, imagine that you do not hear your teacher (in most cases there is nothing easier than this.) Try to concentrate on his/her moves and face expressions. What could s/he say in the same manner? Maybe, the speech of a sales representative, trying to sell an anti-dandruff shampoo? Do not forget to return to reality and carefully listen to the lecture, which is surely much less annoying than the advertisement you have just imagined, isn’t it?
  • Funny pictures. Try to personalize the topic of the lecture and draw comics related to it while listening to your teacher. For example, you can depict “stress management” as a superhero, who walks around and saves businesses from failure.

No more classroom naps! Use these simple tips to fight sleep and stay alert and super productive in class.

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