Transtutors Review: Prices, Features, & Services Rated

The Internet is full of websites ready to provide an upper hand for students in their stress-filled academic life. One such website——has recently caught our attention. Our initial interest was piqued by their affiliate programs and advanced plagiarism checker. It all looks promising, but is it really that good?

The picture shows a rating and a brief review of

Filled with high hopes, we’ve decided to thoroughly review Transtutors and see if it’s safe and trustworthy. Follow us as we go through the website’s various features, advantages, and disadvantages.

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking 

Website    SamplesToolsLow PricesBlogOther ServicesInformative websiteOverall Quality
TransTutors    ❌    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Gradesfixer   ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Studymoose    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅     ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Wow Essays    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Samplius   ✅    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Go Nerdify❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Unemployed Professors ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Online Class Help    ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐   
Papercoach ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ✅   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
UK Essays ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   

❓What Is

Transtutors help students with homework and host online tutoring. They also have a platform where registered users can post questions and receive expert answers.

And here we already encounter our first issue with the website: lack of information. It doesn’t give you a clear answer about what the company does. All we could get is that they specialize in assisting students from the US and Australia.

The website has some advantages:

  • The design is pleasant. The colors aren’t acid, and the fonts are big enough to read.
  • There are plenty of links to social media. TransTutors have profiles on many platforms, and you can check them out if you want.
  • It has a convenient chatbot. It can answer some questions but won’t be able to explain anything complex.

Despite all that, it also has notable disadvantages:

  • The navigation is terrible. You’d have to dig deep to get any information about TransTutors’ services or prices. In fact, you’d have to contact the support team and ask them directly. Have you ever seen anything like that on a good website? We haven’t!
  • Nothing is clear. Usually, similar websites list their services outright. Some even provide a price calculator or list of available services, saving visitors time. Well, doesn’t do any of that.
  • It’s necessary to register. You have no choice but to create an account and disclose a ton of information about yourself. Only then can you place an order or ask any questions.

Now, let’s talk about the title—who actually are these “transtutors”? Well, they are experts who don’t have any verified degrees. They are ordinary Internet users freelancing for TransTutors. It’s also likely that “trans” here stands for “transatlantic,” as we strongly suspect that the company is located in India despite showing HQ addresses in New York and Brisbane.

All of this makes us suspect that things are shady here.

🧐 Is TransTutors Legit?

The website’s main page has a couple of legal addresses and a contact number. All of this proves that they’re a legit organization. But once you get deeper, it starts getting worse:

❌ Trans Tutors’ terms and conditions don’t guarantee you quality services.

❌ They state that they’re not responsible for their tutors’ level of expertise.

❌ They aren’t liable for any loss caused by their posts.

❌ They collect a lot of personal data from users.

❌ They don’t have any web certificates (like the McAfee Web Gateway) that would prove the safety of their website.

Judging by these factors, we doubt the service’s safety and legitimacy.

📊 Trans Tutors Features Ranked

Okay, their website could be better; they collect your private data and need to clarify what they actually do. But what about the features that Trans Tutors have? Let’s see:

📝 A blogArticles about academic life with various study tips.
❓ Q&A databaseA big forum where you can get an answer to any homework-related question.
🧮 Math problem solverA neat tool that solves equations.
✅ Plagiarism checkerAn app that checks your texts for uniqueness.
📱 Mobile appJust a mobile version of the website.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Affiliate platformVarious discounts and even ways to earn money for bringing a friend with you.
✍️ Writing serviceA platform that allows students to order an assignment from TransTutors’ experts.

There’s also a feature called Online tutoring, but it redirects you to another website, so it doesn’t count.

Now, let’s review these features individually and see how good they are.

TransTutors Blog

The blog is informative and diverse. The latest article was posted recently, which means it’s very much alive and keeps receiving updates. Also, there are a lot of articles, so you are likely to find something for yourself.

This is where the positives end.

❌ The first and biggest drawback is that the posts are divided into categories which are as confusing as can be:

Academia in action There you’ll find helpful info regarding higher education.
Essay writing Literally the same articles as in the previous category.
Giveaways It’s not about giveaways; it’s actually study guides, reviews, and news articles vaguely related to money.
Guest contribution Apparently, these are articles written by someone other than the tutors.
Life on campus This category is mostly about studying in Australia.
News These are 2 categories: Education news and TransTutors news. They are both the same as “Academia in action.”
Trivia and Tips It’s not identical to any other category, but thematically it’s somewhere between “Essay writing” and “Giveaways.”
Work-life There are only 4 articles about extracurricular activities.

❌ Another inconvenience is that you can’t quickly move from the blog to the homepage, as there is no shortcut.

❌ Finally, the articles themselves are not exactly well-written. See for yourself: “You may experience mental stress leading to high blood pressure, which can further impact you physically and could even be fatal many times.” How can something be fatal many times? We don’t know.

Overall, we can’t say it’s a bad blog, but it could be better.

Questions & Answers Database

This feature seemed promising at first. The extensive database provides hundreds of answers to questions from every possible academic subject. Despite that, there is one crucial disadvantage—it costs money to see the answers. You’ll have to register a $20 monthly subscription account to use this feature fully. There is no free trial whatsoever. It is very unpleasant, especially because many other websites offer the same thing for free.

The picture talks about the features of the Transtutors website.

Math Problem Solver

This is a very intriguing tool that provides step-by-step math problem solutions. It even shows graphs that visualize functions and variables. This is the first time we’ve seen something like that on a study website.

We’ve tested it, and yes, it works. However:

❌ The answers are not entirely correct. For one equation, we’ve got the answer of approximately 4.321928095, while, in fact, it should be 3. We have no idea why that happened.

❌ We couldn’t find any step-by-step solutions. It simply shows an (incorrect) answer without explaining where it came from.

Overall, we liked this tool’s idea, but it needs some tweaking.

Plagiarism Checker

Like the Q&A database, the plagiarism checker is not free. You’ll have to sign up and pay for the subscription first.

The checker itself is advanced. It’s said that it can check 100 pages at once, which is impressive. Still, its description could be clearer and more informative. TransTutors themselves state that their plagiarism checker is tailored specifically for students from the US and Australia, so if you’re from another English-speaking country, then you won’t get much from it.

Overall, we don’t recommend it. There are plenty of much better tools out there.

TransTutors App

TransTutors also provide a mobile app with the same features as their website. It allows you to:

  • Take pictures of your assignments and find solutions to them;
  • Connect with the experts;
  • Use the website’s Q&A database.

You can download TransTutors app via Google Play. But we wouldn’t recommend it: it’s actually pretty useless.

Affiliate Program

This is a feature that allows earning up to 400 dollars for any friend that you bring along with you to If your friend orders something, you get 20% of their payment on your account. Sounds great, right?

But don’t get too excited.

❌ This money can only be spent on TransTutors services.

❌ For some reason, it’s in Australian dollars.

❌ You won’t find much information about this affiliation program on the website. We had to google it to learn all the details.

❌ The program resembles a financial pyramid and a marketing ploy. You can only earn money from this feature if you attract hundreds of people by promoting TransTutors on social media.

All in all, this feature is only worth it if you’re a big Instagram influencer.

Writing Service

We had a hard time finding any information regarding TransTutors’ writing service on their website. At first, a random visitor might even get the impression that TransTutors don’t have this feature at all. After thoroughly searching, we finally realized that the “Submit questions” option on the main page is actually an order form.

Everything about this writing service is wrong:

  • The website doesn’t shed light on the quality of their work or the level of tutors’ professionalism. They only state that ordinary users write their essays and answers. According to terms and conditions, the “experts” are not really experts and don’t have any relevant qualifications.
  • The company also doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of tutors’ identities and credentials simply because “identification on the Internet is difficult.”
  • Moreover, TransTutors themselves state that they’re not responsible for the quality of their work, so it all strongly resembles a scam.
  • In addition, there’s no way to quickly contact them to voice any complaints or changes of plans.
  • Unsurprisingly, the TransTutors’ support team will ignore you if you try to contact them to express dissatisfaction with the result. They don’t care about their customers’ problems and aren’t liable for losses.

Well, this doesn’t sound like a legit writing service.

🏅 Our Experience with

By this point, we were fully aware that our chances of being scammed by Trans Tutors were very high. Nevertheless, we had to leave no stone unturned and see this writing company in action. So, we’ve made an order from them. Here’s how it went.

Step #1: Placing an Order

The process of placing an order is relatively standard:

  1. First, you describe your assignment on their main page. There, you specify the deadline and additional requirements. You can also submit files or promo codes if you have any.
  2. After you’ve placed an order, you wait for the support team to reach out to you. They will name you the final price for your assignment.
  3. After that, TransTutors expect you to pay it fully upfront without allowing you to wait to see the results of their work.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

The good news is that we got the text. The bad news is that the text’s quality was simply horrible.

  • It made no sense whatsoever and featured the worst wording imaginable.
  • There were numerous grammatical and punctuation mistakes, with informal language and no commas throughout the text.
  • Also, the formatting was atrocious, with inconsistent colors and font style.

Overall, the quality of their work is unacceptable. Ultimately, we were left with a strong feeling of being scammed for money.

💸 Prices: Yay or Nay?

As you can already guess, TransTutors like to earn money for nothing. Their prices are much higher than on other similar websites. You already know they’re asking for $20 monthly to unlock the answers on their forum. But that’s not all of it: the thirst for dollars can be seen throughout every feature that they offer:

  • Their support told us that their standard cost is $20 per page, but the final price depends on the things like the deadline and unique requirements. In reality, you’ll always feel that you’re paying way more than necessary.
  • Everything about TransTutors’ work is shady and overpriced. There is no price calculator or standard pricelist that allows a clear understanding of what you’d have to expect. Also, many people on the Internet say they can’t cancel their subscriptions or delete their TransTutors account.
  • TransTutors state that they have a “no questions asked” refund policy. But once you ask for it, they will ignore you and may even refuse to return your money.

🧑‍⚖️ Our Verdict

Finally, let’s summarize our experience with TransTutors:

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • The blog is informative and diverse.
  • Many features.
  • An advanced plagiarism checker.
  • Almost every feature of TransTutors requires payment.
  • Shady refund policy.
  • Inferior quality of written works.
  • The experts are not really experts.

Overall, “a scam” is the best way to describe our experience with TransTutors. We don’t recommend you order from this company. They may deceive you with their blog, mobile app, and advanced plagiarism checker, but in the end, you will be disappointed. We rate this company 2 out of 5 points.

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