StandoutEssay Review—High-Quality Academic Assistance From Real Pros

In terms of difficulty, studying was never supposed to be “a walk in the park,” so to speak. But when the challenge gets too high, there’s no other choice for students but to seek outside help.

What are their options?

Teachers and professors may only give general directions, peers and friends may be busy with their own assignments, and relatives may not know the topic well enough. As a result, struggling students are left on their own. And we didn’t even mention that some of them also have other tasks and responsibilities apart from studies.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

We review StandoutEssay today. It’s an academic assistance website that’s aimed at helping students struggling with their studies, just like we described above. The focus that this company’s taken is not to do all the work for their clients but rather to guide them in the right direction. With service’s assistance, tasks become less complex and exhausting while students don’t miss out on receiving all the necessary knowledge and skills. 

Read our review to find out more about this service: how it operates, what the prices are, and what makes StandoutEssay legit. 

How to Get Help From StandoutEssay 

We decided to do things a bit differently this time. So, let’s go straight to business with our StandoutEssay review.

As we mentioned in the introduction, this service doesn’t write papers for you. It provides written works that can be later used for research purposes, idea generation, or finding inspiration. And the variety of uses for the website’s services doesn’t end there. 

How to Get Help From StandoutEssay.

StandoutEssay has developed a straightforward and well-thought-through system for receiving and fulfilling orders. It consists of only four steps that don’t require much from the client apart from providing initial instructions. Let’s go over the order completion stages

  1. Placing an order. Nothing special here. The website will give you the order form to fill out. Provide all the necessary details about your assignment and attach the essential documents if you have any. Don’t worry if you forgot something or some requirements changed over time. You’ll be able to contact your expert later and update the order information. 
Contact your writer.
  1. Matching with the expert. This is where things get interesting. After you’ve submitted your order, the website’s system will match it with the most suitable expert that’s available at the moment (with the proper experience and background for the task). You can influence the selection process by mentioning a preferred expert (if you worked with one before and want them to complete the new order) or having the top 5 or 10 experts available as a perk of a service plan (more on that later).
  2. Tracking the order completion progress. You can reach out to your expert at any moment to check how things are going with the task. You can go as far as requesting a draft to make sure everything looks as it’s supposed to. If there are any problems—you can report them immediately. This is also the chance for your to update the instructions or send additional documents. 
  3. Getting the finished work. When your expert is done with the order, it first goes to the editing team. They ensure that the work corresponds to all the requirements and quality standards. After that, the finished order gets sent to you. It’s available from the dashboard or via the link in the notification email. After receiving the work, there are at least 14 days for you to request a revision if you’ve noticed any inconsistencies or errors in the document. 

Website’s Prices 

Website’s Prices.

The pricing policy at StandoutEssay is as clear as its ordering process. 

There are four major factors influencing how much completing your assignment will cost. Those include page count (with one page equaling up to 275 words), deadline, type of task, and academic level. That’s as simple as it can get. The simplest orders with the lowest page count and bigger deadline will have the lowest price.

But there are other ways to make orders cheaper. 

Grab StandoutEssay Discount Codes.

Every week, StandoutEssay offers a selection of special coupon codes granting the person who activated one of them a 7% discount for the order. Apart from that, the website runs promotions, celebrates holidays and other special occasions. Anyone who subscribed to the service’s newsletter is informed about such events and gets access to limited discounts. 

Earlier in our review, we quickly mentioned service plans. That’s the other thing that can help StandoutEssay’s clients improve their experience.

There are three levels of service plans: Standard, Superior, and 1st class. The first one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s available to every customer placing an order.

What Superior and 1st class service plans do is expand the period for free revisions request (to 45 and 90 days, respectively) and grant access to the top-performing experts working for the service. Also, there’s a higher priority for processing orders and improved support.

What Makes StandoutEssay Special: Tools, Legitimacy of the Service, and More 

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning extra features that StandoutEssay has beyond its core service. And they go way beyond a simple blog with a handful of articles. This is also present on the website, by the way, and it includes quite a lot of informative materials. 

What Makes StandoutEssay Special: Tools.

First and foremost, we should mention the selection of free online writing tools. They are designed to rid students of monotonous and tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on something more important. Here’s what the toolset includes. 

The purpose of each instrument is quite easy to understand. They’re also designed in a way to maximize the simplicity of use. Give them a try!

Next, we would like to tackle a burning question. Is StandoutEssay legit?

To get an answer, even a quick glance at the website’s About Us page would be enough. It says that the service is active since 2007 and successfully helped over 30,000 customers. The service’s team consists of over 1,200 qualified professionals. This explains the high average quality score of 4.9/5 based on more than 500 clients’ reviews. Not a single shady service can get even close to such numbers. 

What Makes StandoutEssay Special: Legitimacy.

But StandoutEssay goes further. On the website, there’s a special Fair Use page explaining why the service is legitimate. Couple that with the legal information stated in Terms & Conditions, as well as Privacy & Cookies policy, and there should be not a single doubt left about whether StandoutEssay is trustworthy or not. 

Another interesting thing is that the website is open for hiring new employees. They have a list of requirements and instructions about how to apply for the job. So if you feel like you’re experienced and willing enough to help out students, you can give it a shot. For us, it’s another green flag proving that StandoutEssay is the real deal. 

We could stretch this review on and on, talking about every page and every aspect of this website. But, as people say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So go ahead, poke around the website, and you’ll see for yourself that it’s a service worth checking out! 

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