Writing-Services Review—Academic Help Website You’ve Been Looking For!

It’s probably hard to find a student that would enjoy 100% of the tasks and assignments they get at high school, college, or university. That’s the way people are, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

There can be a myriad of reasons to dislike particular tasks. Personal preferences, lack of interest or motivation, lack of time, or even not being good enough at something that requires completing said assignment.

But that’s not even the biggest problem.

The real issue here is that more often than not, it’s impossible to avoid doing tasks that bring more harm than good. All because curriculums require certain subjects or activities, and there’s no way to succeed academically without being forced into them. As a result, students suffer from work overload and unnecessary pressure, which, in turn, causes anxiety and stressfulness.

Thankfully, there’s a solution in the form of academic help services. They are websites that help students cope with challenging assignments they wouldn’t be able to deal with otherwise. And we’re going to talk about one of such platforms in today’s Writing-Services review.

This article will cover all the most critical aspects of the website: how it works, the prices, what kind of help it can provide, and what else is in store for customers. If you want to know what is Writing-Services all about—keep reading our review. Or go to the section that interests you the most using the links in the table of contents below.

Essential Information About Writing-Services


The inception of this service dates back to 2007. As it’s stated on the website’s About page, Writing-Services established a strict principle of doing everything in their power to keep all of their customers satisfied. And it seems like they’re sticking to it to this day.

Worth mentioning right off the bat that you don’t need to worry whether is Writing-Services legit or not. All the legal information is clearly stated across the website’s designated pages: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy. The service even went a step further and created a Service Notice page for the extra reassurance of its legitimacy.

Writing-Services Accomplishments.

Truth be told, you don’t even need to carefully look through legal texts to be confident that Writing-Services is the real deal. Even a glance at the website’s statistics that it managed to amass over the years can tell a lot. We have to say that these numbers are pretty impressive.

Another green flag is the collection of reviews from Writing-Services’ customers. The service managed to gather more than 600 of them, both on the website itself and the reviewing platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. The average score based on all the feedback is 4.8/5, which tells us that Writing-Service is pretty successful and loved among its clients.

Why Writing-Services.org is Your Best Choice.

More than ten years in the industry is a solid experience. We believe it’s because of this that Writing-Services offers a great set of benefits for every order.

  • Complete confidentiality and safety. The service promises to keep all the personal data secure, using the latest encryption methods, and without disclosing it to anyone.
  • 100% original works. The website’s editing team does thorough checks involving advanced software and algorithms. As a result, finished orders end up being entirely original.
  • On-time delivery. Another one of Writing-Services’ priorities is strictly following the deadlines set by customers and finishing the work within the designated timeframe.
  • Completion of any task. An extended team of qualified academic experts that this service gathered can take on practically any assignment, regardless of its difficulty and subject.
  • Free revisions. Nothing shows confidence in the quality of a service’s product more than the unlimited number of free corrections (for a limited time, though) after the order is completed.
  • Money-back guarantee. This is the final reassurance that can as well be a deciding factor for some customers. Writing-Services promises to issue a refund if something is wrong with the order and corrections couldn’t fix it.

Ordering Process

Our Writing-Services review wouldn’t be complete without talking about how this service works. The screenshot below can give you a general idea of the website’s workflow, but there are a few additional steps we should mention.

How it Works.

Here’s the entire path that the task you want this service to help you with goes through.

  1. Order submission. You fill out the form with all the necessary details and instructions and upload all the required documents.
  2. Payment for the order. After all the information is filled out, you’ll get a price estimate. In order for the service to begin working, the sum for the task needs to be reserved for the expert.
  3. Order assignment. Writing-Services’ team checks the order to see if all the information is provided. They also determine who of the available experts will be the most suitable pick to complete it.
  4. Contacting with the expert. Once the worker’s been assigned to your order, you can reach out to them to check how the completion process is going. If there’s additional information or documents that would be useful for the work—you can send those at this stage.
  5. Review by the editing team. There’s a series of checks the order goes through after the expert is done working on it. Editors look for mistakes and inconsistencies, as well as make sure that the order is fully original.
  6. Receiving the order. After all the checks, you get the completed work. It will be available to download through the dashboard or via email. If anything is wrong, you can send a revision request.

What Can Writing-Services Do?

The website offers a wide selection of services that can satisfy any student’s academic needs.

Top Quality Academic Writing Services.

Apart from what’s shown on the screenshot above, Writing-Services can also help with many other tasks. They include assessments, press releases, reviews, art critiques, PowerPoint presentations, Resumes and CVs, summaries, reactions and responses, as well as GCSE, AS, and A2 materials.

The only limit to Writing-Services’ capabilities is the legality of the assignment. If the request doesn’t break any rules or violate any policies—the experts’ team can fulfill it.

Additional features.

And if that’s not enough, the service offers a selection of extra features, including an official plagiarism report, a draft of the work that the expert is dealing with, copies of the used sources, or the ability to select a particular expert to complete the order.

What are the Prices?

How We Determine the Price?

Many services make their pricing overly complicated or not transparent enough. In both of those cases, customers don’t have a clear understanding of what they’re paying for.

Things are different with Writing-Services.

Their pricing is straightforward, and you’re getting exactly what you pay for. The cost of the order is influenced by four aspects: the deadline, number of pages, assignment type, and level of study.

Discount Codes from Writing-Services.org.

Another thing that makes Writing-Services’ prices more enticing is the variety of discounts available.

First off, all the new clients get 15% off their order. Then there are seasonal promotions and other special occasions, on which the service gives out discounts and notifies about them in the newsletter.

Last but not least, there’s a special discounts page with several single-use coupons that grant a price cut for the order upon their use.

Helpful Free Tools at Writing-Services

Academic assistance isn’t the only thing this website can be helpful for. It also offers stuff for free to help struggling students with their studies.

Writing-Services has an excellent and informative blog full of informative articles and tips. It’s divided into specific categories, each containing a selection of articles. There’s also a topics section that can help students brainstorm ideas for their future papers.

But what deserves the most attention is the set of writing tools. They’re designed to simplify the creative process by omitting monotonous and mundane tasks to allow students to focus on the writing itself.

Random Topic Generator

Random Topic Generator.

A perfect tool for when you need to come up with a unique and exciting topic to write about, and you’ve already exhausted all the other resources available. All it takes is to type in the keywords and look through the generated results.

Summary & Conclusion Generator

Summary & Conclusion Generator.

Writing a summary or coming up with a conclusion doesn’t usually require any creative input. It’s practically restating the same ideas using different words, which can get quite tricky if you’ve already spent some time writing. A summary maker is just the tools for such occasions. 

Thesis Statement Generator

Thesis Statement Generator.

Another challenging writing task is constructing a thesis statement. Especially when the topic is unfamiliar, or you’ve rarely (or never) worked with a particular paper type.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool.

This tool is another time saver for situations when you need to reword what’s already been said. It allows you to pick how much you want your text to be rephrased and highlights the changes in the resulting piece.

Cover Page Maker

Cover Page Maker.

It’s no wonder students find it hard to create a good title page when there are so many citation styles, all with different requirements. With this generator, you fill in the form with the necessary information and get a flawless title page after a single click.

To wrap up our Writing-Services review, we just want to say that this website is the perfect example of an academic help platform done right. From a clean and user-friendly design to a streamlined work process, affordable pricing, and a selection of free tools and resources, it shows that the visitors have nothing to worry about. Whoever needs help with academics will get it at Writing-Services.

This article was developed by the editorial team of Custom-Writing.org, a professional writing service with 3-hour delivery.