HelpfulPapers Review—The Academic Assistance You Can Rely on

Every student has their own good reasons to be looking for help with assignments.

Overload with too much homework, other tasks and responsibilities to take care of, part-time job, lack of information or resources, insufficient language skills in ESL students… The list can go on and on. The fact that apart from everything mentioned above, the education system only becomes more demanding doesn’t help the situation either.

And the everyday emergence of new services aimed to help students only proves that there’s a big demand for them. But on the other hand, finding a legit website that would provide you with high-quality assistance is also becoming increasingly hard. The problem is that some of them will either help you cheat, doing all the work for you, or will simply deliver poorly done work that you will have to redo from scratch.

For that reason, we’re writing this HelpfulPapers review.

What is HelpfulPapers?

It’s an academic help website designed to provide struggling students with professional assistance. It pairs clients who placed an order with experts who have enough knowledge of a specific subject or study field to successfully help them out.

Keep reading this review to learn more about HelpfulPapers. We will uncover all the service’s details: how it works, what the prices are, and what else does it have to offer to its customers.

What is All About?

On the surface, HelpfulPapers may seem like your average writing website. But that would be completely wrong to label this service like that.


Because the scope of tasks that HelpfulPapers can complete is much wider than just model essay writing. As we’ve mentioned in the introduction to this review, the website positions itself as an academic assistance service. That means that no one is going to write papers for you here.

What is HelpfulPapers.

What you can get, though, is a work that will serve as a base for your own paper. You can use it as a source of reference, an example of writing a particular work type or utilizing a specific citation style, additional information or ideas resource, or a starting point for your research, as the text will contain a list with all the materials used. And we’ve only mentioned a single way in which HelpfulPapers can assist you.

While we still haven’t gone into an in-depth description of the website, let’s get your possible worries out of the way.

Is HelpfulPapers legit?

Well, if it weren’t, we wouldn’t write this review in the first place. But all jokes aside, yes, HelpfulPapers is a legitimate service. It is officially run by the parent company called Grand Dominie LLC. You can learn more legal details pertinent to the service from its Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Fair Use Policy pages.

Customers Attend.

Another aspect adding to the legitimacy of HelpfulPapers is that among the clients of this service are students of some of the most well-known universities. Those include Florida International University, University of Washington, Purdue University, University of Canberra, and many other educational institutions from different parts of the world.

Let us now go over some quick HelpfulPapers facts. They will help you to learn more about the company and establish more trust in it.

  • The service started operating back in 2013.
  • It managed to provide more than 35,000 clients with academic assistance.
  • The team of experts consists of over 1,200 qualified professionals. As the service is available 24/7, there are always around 700 specialists online and ready to take on any tasks.
  • With nearly 90,000 completed orders, HelpfulPapers delivered more than 97% of them within the set deadline or even sooner.
  • By the time of writing this article, HelpfulPapers gathered over 600 customer reviews, with the quality score of the service averaging at 4.9 out of 5.

HelpfulPapers clearly shows that it’s ready to stand behind its product and is quite confident in its quality. The proof for that is a list of guarantees that every client gets, regardless of the selected service plan (more on that later, when we’ll be discussing prices).

  • Complete confidentiality and safety.
  • Fully original works without plagiarism.
  • Timely delivery within the specified deadline.
  • Works of the highest quality with free revisions period.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Customer support available 24/7.
  • Fulfillment of any order and type of task.

How Does the Service Work?

Now that you know all the basics, it’s time to talk about how HelpfulPapers works. It won’t be big news to tell you that the whole process is simple and straightforward enough. The HelpfulPapers team took the best practices from similar services and improved on them to deliver the most comfortable user experience possible.

How Does the Service Work.

Let’s go over the steps in little more detail.

  1. To place an order, you’ll fill out the form that will allow you to describe the task and provide as many details as possible.
  2. You’ll then go through the process of getting the most suitable expert assigned to your order. This step doesn’t require any action from you. The exception is when you want a specific expert to work on your order (in case you worked with them before and were satisfied with the result).
  3. Your expert starts working on the order while you can track the progress. You can request a draft of the work to see if everything is in order. If any corrections are needed right away, you’ll be able to inform us about it via chat. You can also use it to send additional instructions or extra materials for the assignment.
  4. After the work is done, you’ll receive a notification. The finished paper will be available to download via a special link in the email that will be sent to you or through the order’s dashboard. After the task is completed, you have at least 14 days to request free corrections in case you think something is wrong with the work.

HelpfulPapers’ Prices

Pricing of a service can often become a deal-breaker for many customers. Too expensive, too little of a discount, hidden fees, not transparent enough (as in “why exactly does it cost so much?”)… There are numerous potential reasons not to end up placing an order.

The way HelpfulPapers’ pricing works will leave you with absolutely no additional questions or hesitations.

HelpfulPapers’ Prices.

The total sum you’ll have to pay for the order is influenced by four factors: the assignment type, study level, desired deadline, and the number of pages/word count. In other words, the bigger the timeframe for order completion and the simpler and shorter the task—the less money you’ll have to pay. Sounds simple and transparent enough.


To make the service more enticing, HelpfulPapers has a couple of offers.

First of them is the initial 15% discount for all new customers. It acts as an additional motivator and allows people to get acquainted with the service at a lesser price. And you don’t even have to go through any intricate procedures to get the price cut. Just check the special box when placing the order. Apart from that, there are also discounts available regularly on the website and through the newsletter.

Another way to get extra benefits from HelpfulPapers is similar to the loyalty program. After placing 20 or more orders, customers receive additional discounts on orders, a personal manager for their account, and longer times to request a revision.

HelpfulPapers Prices.

Speaking of revisions, remember earlier in our HelpfulPapers review we mentioned service plans? Well, the thing is that one of the perks of said plans is longer revision time.

Allow us to elaborate.

There are three service plans available at HelpfulPapers. And each of them carries a set of specific benefits.

  • Standard plan. This is the one everyone gets as soon as they register on the website. When placing an order, you’ll get the best expert available assigned to it and a 14-day period to request a revision for your order after it’s completed.
  • Superior plan. This one gives you more than triple of the time to ask for corrections on your order, bumping it up to 45 days. Apart from that, you get access to the top 10 experts qualified in your study area to work on your tasks. Also, there’s improved support and instant order processing.
  • 1st Class plan. This plan doubles the revision time of the previous one, making it 90 days! Instead of the top 10, you get top 5 experts with a qualification in your field of study to help you with assignments. You’re also getting a support upgrade and the highest priority of order processing.

Tools and Services of HelpfulPapers

There’s more to this website than its main service. Here’s what else you can find on HelpfulPapers.



This section contains some of the works completed by the service’s experts. The samples can serve as a showcase of what the website’s specialists are capable of if you’re still unsure whether or not you’re ready to place an order. You can also use these examples for research purposes. The only thing to keep in mind is proper referencing of the materials.

Summary Generator

Free Text Summary Generator.

This summarizer can become not only a useful tool but also a great time-saver for when you have a complex paper with a multitude of points to highlight. It’s also great in situations when you encountered writing block and can’t decide where to begin with your summary. Generate one with this tool, and the result will give you a clearer idea of what to write about next.

Thesis Statement Generator

Free Thesis Statement Generator.

A thesis statement is another part of a paper that often confuses students. This powerful thesis statement generator tool will turn the whole process from annoying and stressful into easy and quick. The generator offers you different fields to fill in the form depending on what paper type you choose. Again, you don’t have to use the exact statement that the tool produces, and instead, have it as a guide to writing one yourself.

Research Topic Generator

Research Topic Generator.

This is another tool that’s going to save you in situations where you have to produce a lot of creative output, and you’re just not feeling it. Forcing creativity isn’t always the greatest idea when looking for a topic to research, so why not use the generator? Just type in the keyword and look through the results.

Paraphrase Generator

Instant Paraphrase Generator.

You’ll find this tool useful when you have to put the same thoughts and ideas into different words. Quite often, this task becomes unbearable. Especially when you’ve already written a couple of pages and are simply too exhausted to successfully come up with a rephrased version of what you’ve already said.

HelpfulPapers Blog

Essay writing blog.

HelpfulPapers blog is another place where you can get professional assistance. The only difference is that here you’ll be looking at some general cases, topics, and study issues. The blog is divided into three big categories: College Pro Tips, Succeed in Studying, and Writing Tips. Each of them is filled with informative articles that will be useful for the majority of students.


All in all, what you’re looking at is a decent representative of academic help websites that stays in tune with the times.

Apart from its core service, HelpfulPapers has a lot more to offer, including its free writing tools, selection of samples, and an informative blog. Reasonable and clear pricing, streamlined ordering process, as well as its controlled completion make this website really worth your while. So, make sure to give it a try!

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