OnlineClassHelp Review: Writing Service & Other Features Ranked

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Unfortunately, online students have tons of classes and assignments each semester, and it isn’t easy to complete them all. In your search for help with your online coursework, you may have stumbled upon You’re probably wondering, is Online Class Help legit? Should you use their services?

The picture shows a rating and a brief review of OnlineClassHelp.

Lucky for you, we have explored the site and thoroughly tested all their services. Read our honest, in-depth OnlineClassHelp review to learn everything about it!

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking   

Website    Samples    Tools    Low Prices    Blog    Other Services    Informative website    Overall Quality   
Online Class Help    ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐   
Gradesfixer   ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Studymoose    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅     ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Wow Essays    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Samplius   ✅    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Go Nerdify❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Unemployed Professors ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Papercoach ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ✅   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
UK Essays ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
TransTutors    ❌    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅        ❌    ⭐⭐   

❓ What Is

According to their website, OnlineClassHelp was founded in 2010 to help students with their online classes, including exams, coursework, projects, homework, and other academic tasks. Here’s what else they claim:

🖥️ Online classes The company’s experts even attend online lessons for busy students whose work schedules clash with the classes.
🏆 Experienced experts They claim that their workforce includes those who have previously worked in academics, those currently enrolled in grad schools, and those who have grown disenchanted with the current education system.
🔝 Top grades Based on the experience and expertise of their team members, the site guarantees top grades for all clients.
🤑 Money back There are also unsubstantiated claims of a money-back guarantee if the student doesn’t score a minimum of A or B on the submitted test or assignment.
🌐 IP security Online Class Help promises top-notch security regarding IP checks. Allegedly, they have a “custom-made VPN network” that has never been detected.

Now, let’s see whether this website is any good:

  • If you’re looking for educational and research material, Online Class Help is of no use. It’s very uninformative and does not help students looking for reference sources.
  • The site’s content comes with many grammatical errors and poorly structured content.
  • There are very few features and services. Essentially the only thing you can do on the website is to place an order.
  • Make no mistake: taking classes instead of someone else is illegal, and sitting for exams on behalf of others is even worse. You’ll get expelled from school if you’re caught doing it.

Overall, our first impressions lead us to believe that OnlineClassHelp is an illegal company that promotes academic dishonesty and doesn’t offer anything substantial to the users. For now, we can safely say it’s the worst academic service we’ve reviewed.

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Let’s Start

🧐 Is Online Class Help Legit?

The short answer is: no, it’s not. Any site that openly encourages students to obtain academic qualifications fraudulently is illegal, which is the case of OnlineClassHelp. But there are plenty of other factors that point toward its illegitimacy:

  • The company does not disclose any legal information about itself even though its homepage states that the organization is “100% based in the USA.”
  • Furthermore, the company doesn’t offer any legally binding terms of engagement on its Terms and Conditions page. The site claims that the company values its customers’ privacy and confidentiality, yet you need to provide an email and phone number to order anything! Even if the company does not sell your data to third parties, it collects too much personal information.
  • The site also needs to openly reveal its revision and refund policies on the website, which is an integral part of a trustworthy academic service.

📊 Online Class Help: Features Ranked

OnlineClassHelp website has a limited number of services on offer. These include:

  • A blog
  • Library
  • Writing service
  • Online classes.

Let us explore their featured services below.

Study Blog

The website has a study blog section, which has recently been overhauled. Previously, it contained an extensive catalog amounting to 32 pages. By the time we finished writing this review, all the articles were deleted and replaced with only 15 new ones. Sadly, it used to be far more varied and informative than it is now.

  • The tips offered in these articles aim to encourage students to cheat by delegating the schoolwork to someone else. They justify it by claiming that students can do well without routine educational activities.
  • Besides, the articles offer little factual information or study tips. Instead, they mostly contain the company’s service ads.
  • Aside from direct calls to academic fraud with articles teaching you how to cheat during exams (with one option being, you guessed it, pay them to take it for you,) some of their statements are just plain offensive, such as “Don’t be a hypocrite! Living your life as a bookworm 24/7, yet complaining about added stresses, is just pathetic.”

The blog section could be better at best, which makes one wonder what quality of services they will receive from this train wreck of a site.

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You may think that a link that says “Library” will take you to a bunch of helpful study materials and free resources. Alas, it’s not the case. This “library” simply enumerates all the subjects OnlineClassHelp can assist you with. Each subject page, be it project management or the Spanish language, features more or less the same text urging you to order a task from the company.

Writing Service

You can find the site’s range of services under its What We Offer page, which unsurprisingly has grammatical errors. For a website that claims to have a team of experts with a background in academia, it is disappointing to see mistakes on the page’s heading, which reads, “Take My Online Course? We Do It For You.”

The writing services include a standard range of products: individual exams, quizzes, midterms, finals, projects, papers, labs, study guides, and more.

The ordering procedure is explained on the Do My Homework page, but unfortunately, it’s not very detailed. In reality, it goes as follows:

Step #1 You start by filling in the form on the website’s main page. The last step is to enter your email address.
Step #2 Then, a support agent emails you to discuss the essay’s topic, deadline, and requirements.
Step #3 In the same conversation, you receive the price quote and a link to a website registration page where you input your personal and contact information.
Step #4 After paying for the order, you wait until you receive the paper on your registered profile.

Interestingly, they insist on purchasing multiple tasks with a bulk discount for the package deal, including exams, quizzes, and assignments. The discount applies to various assignments (e.g., 5-10 tasks) or the coursework of your entire semester. If you have a single task, exam, or quiz, you’ll need to speak to a sales manager. Isn’t it suspicious that it’s easier to offer a bunch of assignments rather than just one?

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The picture talks about OnlineClassHelp's fraudulent activities.

But that’s not the worst part. The primary concern is that the content you receive cannot be edited, cited, or used as a source of inspiration. Instead, you must submit it in its current form to preserve the right to a refund. You must also send a grade report along with your refund request. 

The problem here is that presenting academic papers written by third-party providers like yours is illegal, so you won’t get a refund unless you commit academic fraud. And the worst thing is that this policy is not stated anywhere on the website: we’ve learned it the hard way.

Other Services

Other services offered by Online Class Help include paying someone to sit at the student’s online classes. Allegedly, the company receives many requests saying, “Take my online class for me,” so they have a separate service for attending courses instead of the students.

If you choose to pay someone to sit through your classes, the tutor will access your online class using the login credentials you provide, and they will complete all of your work by the deadline specified on the course website. Then they will go through all of your course content and devise a strategy to enhance your grade so that you are no longer at the bottom of the grade pool. If you pay for the entire coursework to be handled, you must make monthly payments in installments for the writer’s regular work.

The problem with this mode of collaboration is more than just its illegality. The price is never fixed, as there’s no way to predict how much should be done throughout the course. Thus, you’re entering a relationship in which you never know the final price of the ordered service.

🏅 Our Experience with Online Class Help

To satisfy our curiosity regarding the quality of OnlineClassHelp’s services, we’ve made an order from them. Here’s how it went.

Step #1: Placing an Order

Placing an order for a three-page essay was a surprisingly tricky task. We spent more time navigating the sections and categories of the disorganized website as we were looking for the order form. The only reliable variant was the “get a quote” button on the main page. We received an email within a few hours with questions regarding the type of task, the deadline, and so on. They also urged us to get an “entire course package deal,” but we weren’t interested.

We answered the questions and received a price estimate of $250 and a link to register on the website. It took a lot of work to go through the whole process because there was no single order form. Instead, we had to complete many steps and disclose our email and phone number.

After registering, we made payments and began waiting.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

Here’s a twist: we never received our order. At first, we attempted to contact customer service and support to track our order. After seeing no response and no paper, we tried to request a refund for non-delivery, but that also turned out impossible. Later, they informed us that the reimbursement was only available if the grade was officially lower than A or B, which was not the case.

This was the first time we saw a scenario like this. Academic services we reviewed before always delivered at least something, even if the texts were mediocre, poorly written, or plagiarized. After failing to provide the results or give us back our money, the Online Class Help team was unresponsive to our requests. When they did respond to the emails, the answers were unfriendly and cold.

That negative experience was reinforced by other Online Class Help reviews online. Some mentioned that the website’s team even threatened to blackmail them when they requested their money back. Given the complete lack of assurances (besides A/B grades,) ordering anything here is risky and unlawful, let alone the cases of student blackmailing.

💸 OnlineClassHelp Prices: Affordable or Not?

Those wondering, “How much should I pay for this service?” would also be unpleasantly surprised by the OnlineClassHelp price rates. We’ve noted that this company’s charges were about 10 times higher than the market rate. One essay page was priced at 80 dollars, while urgent orders were charged $250 more. The bulk discounted package is set at approximately $1,000, depending on the timelines and amount of work.

We haven’t found any info regarding discounts, but there is a referral program. If you get a friend to sign up for a complete course, you will get a 50% discount. Knowing what their services are like, we don’t really think that such a reward is worth it. Besides, the only point of this program is to use you as a marketing tool to promote their website.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: lack of price transparency.

The fact that prices are calculated independently by the sales support team without a structured pricing strategy makes it hard to estimate the cost. The only way to do it is by placing a price quote, which you can’t do anonymously.

The lack of a pricing policy and the absence of a clear, intuitive ordering form are major red flags for credibility issues. The ultimate fee is set by sales agents who take too long to respond to inquiries, with some orders taking more than a day to receive a response. The biggest red flag yet is the 100% payment upfront before assessing the writer’s work and the non-existent money-back guarantee.

👨‍⚖️ Our Verdict 

The only thing that makes Online Class Help a good service is a nice website design. The rest of it is terrible:

  • The blog is useless and full of ads.
  • According to online reviews and our experience, the company is notorious for failing to deliver on its paid projects.
  • They are also known to blackmail students who want their money back.
  • This site also encourages students to abandon their courses and delegate the learning process to a different individual, which is illegal.

Thus, given the risks we’ve encountered and the non-delivery of our order, our final rating for this site is 1 out of 5. We strongly recommend you avoid OnlineClassHelp at all costs.

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