Top-5 Websites to Get Study Tools and Education Services for College Students

Looking for the study tools but don’t know which one will perfectly fit your needs? We have a simple solution: check the reviews.

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We have gathered the best websites to get comprehensive reviews on online study tools for college students. In this article, you also will learn out how to select the right apps and services.

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💡 How to Choose the Best Study App or Service?

You should assess many factors when selecting the perfect educational tool or service. However, there are three crucial questions you need to answer:

  • What kind of tool do you need?
  • What is your budget?
  • What do others say about a specific app or website?

Now, let’s take a closer look at what to pay attention to.

What Kind of Study Tool Do You Need?

Study apps help to overcome numerous academic challenges. That is why you need to know the type of required tool. Here are some of them:

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  • Writing tools. These services can help you to polish your writing. We are talking about grammar checkers, plagiarism software, list sorters, alphabetizers, case converters, and so on.
  • Generators. These online study tools will inspire you: they form topic ideas, random words and numbers, generate citations, and more. You can also find thesis generation and summarizing tools online.
  • Math calculators. If you struggle with solving math tasks, you can use online services that build graphs, solve equations, etc.
  • Score calculators. With these study tools for students, everyone may estimate their IELTS, Semester grade, or GPA scores.
  • Study assistance services. Such services can help you with your homework and explain how to solve some challenging tasks.


All the mentioned tools may or not support additional functions. These options improve the efficiency and speed of the writing process.

The best study apps also have guides and tips. They may implement the essential data into the web tool’s interface.

Do not forget about a balance. You need to find an equilibrium between the number of features, convenience, and efficiency.

Think about the task you need and choose the right type of personal digital academic assistant.

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Paid or Free App?

Looking for the right tool for the exact writing project? You may find both free and paid study apps for college students. There are two questions people ask themselves:

  • Do I have money to pay for the particular educational web tools?
  • Should I purchase a subscription when there is similar free academic software?

There are three types of services:

Type of subscriptionProsCons
⏰ 100% free study tools
  • Simple interfaces
  • Quick results
  • Free
  • May require registration or solving CAPTCHA
  • Have limitations
  • May contain ads
⏰ Subscription-based services
  • Limitation-free
  • Access to extended features
  • Customer support
  • Ad-free
  • Free trial access (optional)
  • Manually downgrading if you use less
  • Manual subscription cancellation
  • Some functions remain unused
⏰ Pay-per-use services
  • Better cost-per-use
  • No commitment
  • Customized features
  • Bills can be unpredictable

Want to know more about each type of subscription? Here are some more details.

100% Free Study Tools

Free apps and tools usually have some limitations. For example, plagiarism checkers may limit the word count. Other services limit the number of checks. Third websites require registration or solving the CAPTCHA.

All these limitations can be a bit frustrating, especially when you have not enough time. However, if you are satisfied with the result and CAPTCHA is not a problem – these tools can save you a lot of money.

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Another significant drawback of most (but not all!) free tools is the abundance of ads. The site owners earn money from placing ads on their websites. Ads allow them to provide you free access to the tool. Still, you can use ad-blocking software to avoid bothering ads and pop-ups.

Subscription-based Academic Tools

These websites provide you access to extra features without annoying ads. Most of them allow you to try the features before purchase.

Some services offer various subscription options: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or one-time fees. You can choose the best plan that fits your budget and cancel the subscription when you no longer wish to use the tool.

Before you spend any money, you can ask for a free trial or book a demo call to find out more about the features and whether the study tool meets your requirements. Moreover, many services provide a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Pay-per-use Services

If you plan to use a specific service infrequently, consider pay-per-use tools. You will pay only when you need it. Moreover, these services typically provide customized solutions according to your needs. For example, one-on-one tutoring sessions, individual homework services, and so on.

Check the Reviews

Reviews allow people to evaluate almost everything today before using them. They may share impressions or thoughts. Besides, some people provide structured and comprehensive overviews. Carefully check the reviews to save time and money.

Even more…

Many web platforms collect a wide variety of reviews. Some of them reveal different initially unnoticeable aspects. The factors can either improve your future user experience or make it worse. It is good to know about such features as early as possible.

These websites allow you to receive study apps reviews quickly. Below, we will discuss the best of them. Check them out and select the best option.

🏆 5 Best Websites with Study Tool Reviews

We tested all the study tools review websites available and created a selection of the five best options. These online platforms contain numerous guides. They also have plenty of articles about education-related services and tools. Their collection of valuable materials may help you save a significant amount of time.

Let’s begin!

StudyLlama Review

StudyLlama review.

The StudyLlama provides students of all study levels with high-quality academic assistance. Their team constantly looks for new and powerful educational tools and services. They perform in-depth analysis and write comprehensive reviews about these apps.

Here are the key features of the platform:

  • Categories and subcategories. All study tools and services are categorized. You can easily find the best tools in a specific category.
  • Rankings. The StudyLlama specialists choose the best candidates for each type of tool and form lists with their best.
  • Testing system. The team performs strict tests on real projects. You can be sure that you will find the best website to do assignments here.

You will quickly navigate the website. It has a clean, straightforward, and swift interface.

And that is not all. The website is well-optimized for devices with small screen resolutions. You may open it on your smartphone or tablet.

StudyLlama Reviews Screenshot.

All the reviewed services are divided into three big categories for student’s convenience. They are:

  1. Essay writing tools. Here you may find plenty of reviews about the apps that can help you with writing projects. Check the ranking or read an individual tool review to select the best one for your assignment.
  2. Math calculators. They are suitable for different study levels. With these tools, you can handle various calculation tasks.
  3. Text tools. If you are looking for the best word or sentence generators, check this section. The StudyLlama team found plenty of such services. All of them have comprehensive reviews.

The platform provides all visitors with full access to the materials. It is free from the beginning. Besides, there is no need to register here.

Educational Freeware Review

Educational Freeware Screenshot.

The Educational Freeware focused on academic websites and apps for children and adults. The website collects the reviews of different study tools.

The interface might seem a bit outdated and overwhelming with elements. However, you can find here various educational materials, apps, and websites reviewed. There are many valuable materials parents and students may find handy:

  • Education games. If you are looking for a good selection of quizzes, games, and exercises, you’ve come to the right place. The Educational Freeware has lots of detailed reviews of study games.
  • The K-12 section. Here you can find plenty of resources and reviews of websites for school. These reviews can save time both for learners and educators.
  • News & Articles. Thissection contains numerous articles with tips, website selections, and more.

One of the crucial drawbacks is slightly outdated materials. The collection is focused on the study tools and services for children, but the latest reviews are dated back to 2015. However, most of the tools are still available.

Edu Reviewer

EduReviewer Screenshot.

The Edu Reviewer provides reviews of a variety of services and tools. You will quickly find the following materials there:

  • Top writing services. If you need some academic assistance, check the reviews on this website before you spend any money.
  • Career-oriented sources. In this section, you will find resume databases and corresponding tutorials.
  • Tutoring. The category includes reviews of educational services. Find the best tutoring websites and advance your learning.
  • Online courses. Ifyouare looking for the best courses to prepare for an exam, check this section. Here you will find test comparisons and the best test prep programs reviewed.
  • Business-oriented services. Do you need a perfect website to create a business plan? This section is the right place to get advice.

How does the service work?

Website specialists choose education-oriented services or tools. Edu Reviewer team analyzes various tutoring, test preparation, or writing platforms. The analysis includes contact with customer service.

They also decide whether recommend the service to readers. The review platform does not require any payment. However, the service features its partners. They receive revenue if visitors click the partners’ links. Note, this can make some reviews biased.

A swift and modern interface allows users to navigate the website conveniently. You also avoid excess steps. The platform works well on devices with small screen resolutions.

CommonSence Education

CommonSence Education Screenshot.

The CommonSence is an independent NPO that works since 2003. The CommonSence Education platform offers amusement and technology suggestions.

How does the website work?

Choose the subject, grade, pricing, and apply filter. You can also select the platform: Android, Kindle, etc.; purpose, and skills. Their intelligent search allows users to look for, e.g., movies, games, books, music, apps, and websites.

The CommonSence has a modern and clean interface. That is why it allows users to avoid excess steps. All items have age and score ratings. You can understand whether to open the full review.

What about the reviews?

They are comprehensive and well-formatted. There is also a section with parents’ and children’s opinions. All the articles allow you to get all the necessary data quickly.

CommonSence Top Picks Lists.

At CommonSense, you will also find curated lists of top tools and websites. Use the filter to adjust search results for your needs.

The website fits well for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. That is why all users may read the study tools reviews from any device.

WhatToBecome Review

What to become.

The WhatToBecome website reviews study services and tools. You can also get here the information on the latest career statistics, trends, and professional advice.

WhatToBecome team performs an in-depth analysis of service or tool. The articles include the essential data for the possible user: pros, cons, and opinions about the app to help you study.

The WhatToBecome has a swift and precise design. Its interface does not have excess elements. Besides, the website is well-optimized for smartphones.

The downside of WhatToBecome is the absence of filters. You have to use the search bar at the top of the screen or just scroll down the articles.


Now, you know how to select the best online study tools and which websites to use if you want to read a detailed review of a specific app or service. Learn as much as possible about study apps, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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