WowEssays Review: Free Essay Samples & Other Features Ranked

Finding a perfect study helper website can give you an incredible advantage in academic life. Sadly, most of them are scams and a waste of time. But then there are services like Wow that have a near-spotless reputation. That’s why in today’s review, we will be looking at WowEssays to find out whether it’s just another scam or a site worthy of your attention.

The picture shows a rating and a brief review of WowEssays.

Is WowEssays legit? How high are the prices? All of these questions will be answered in this comprehensive review. Stick with us and make an informed opinion about the website!

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking 

WebsiteSamples ToolsLow PricesBlogOther ServicesInformative websiteOverall Quality
Wow Essays    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Gradesfixer   ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐⭐   
Studymoose    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅     ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Samplius   ✅    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐⭐   
Go Nerdify❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Unemployed Professors    ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐⭐   
Online Class Help ❌    ❌    ❌    ✅    ❌    ❌    ⭐   
Papercoach ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ✅    ✅   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
UK Essays    ✅    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅    ❌    ⭐⭐   
TransTutors    ❌    ✅    ❌    ✅    ✅        ❌    ⭐⭐   

❓ What Is is an academic help website that specializes in providing essay samples. They also offer writing services and many other features.

First off, let’s take a look at the WowEssays’ website:

✔️ It’s informative and has the same old Corporate Memphis design. The colors aren’t acid, and all the information presented is clear and concise.
✔️ It has a “chat now” feature, which is always a plus. With it, you can quickly and anonymously address some of your questions without calling the hotline.
✔️ They also provide a price calculator. It allows counting the expected cost of your assignments conveniently.

All in all, our first impression was positive. Will anything spoil it? Let’s see!

🧐 Is WowEssays Legit?

After looking at WowEssays’ Terms of Use and checking their numerous policies (fair use, privacy, cookies, revision, and quality evaluation—that’s a lot!), we can say that they’re likely legit. They take the legal aspects very seriously. The website also has a solid reputation on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, which ensures its safety.

Despite that, there are still some suspicious things that we have to point out. You see, Wow Essays doesn’t provide any information about their founders, owners, and whereabouts. You can’t even tell in which country Wow Essays is located. This left us feeling that this company is not 100% transparent.

📊 WowEssays Features Ranked

In this next section, we’ll closely review’s features. But first, let’s see what they offer on their website:

📝 Essay examplesA database of free essay samples divided by topics.
👀 A blogA place to read news and tips about academic life.
🎯 Essay topicsA collection of ideas for your papers.
🔥 Free toolsA total of 23 writing generators to help you improve your essays’ quality.
🤖 AI writing assistantA tool capable of generating writing ideas and content.
🚀 Quizzes and tests As for now, there are 4 pop culture-related quizzes.
🖊️ Writing service A platform to order assignments from WowEssays.
🎁 Additional servicesThis includes rewriting, editing, proofreading, making presentations, and even solving math assignments.

And now, we’ll examine these features in detail.

Free Essay Samples

WowEssays’ database is arguably its most prominent feature. Here’re the advantages it has to offer:

  • Each essay is accompanied by a detailed description that includes the author’s ID.
  • The database is relatively large and varied.
  • WowEssays promote academic integrity. This means that they don’t encourage the direct copying of their samples. Instead, they state that their work is only meant to boost students’ inspiration.

Despite all of that, we can’t say that this feature is devoid of drawbacks. Here’s why:

  • It’s hard to navigate, and the essay topics are not clearly visible.
  • The search options are vague and uninformative.
  • Many categories consist of 1 single essay.
  • You can browse through the database only via the search bar. It’s very uncomfortable, as you have to know the exact topic.
  • There are no tags or any other features to assist you with the search.

Additionally, there’s a thing called Premium Essay Finder. This paid option expands WowEssays’ database up to a million samples! It also provides a more convenient search by adding tags to it. Perhaps that’s why the free version of the database is so disappointing.

WowEssays Blog has a pretty extensive blog where students can read about one of the following categories:

Education news Interesting things that happen in the world of education right now.
Formatting and citation Tips on how to cite sources correctly.
Freebies and discounts Interestingly, this section covers other websites’ discounts too.
Scholarships All about the financial support you can receive in college.
Student life Tips on productivity, career choice, budgeting, etc.
Topic collection A nice selection of original essay ideas.
Writing guides General recommendations on how to write academic papers of various types.

The articles are diverse and well-written. There are many of them so you can read to your heart’s content. Overall, our experience with the blog was positive.

Essay Topics

Even though this feature is called “topics,” it’s just a long list of essay sample categories. They comprise 2 or 3 words only, which makes them uninformative and not exactly inspiring. Even a list of sample titles would be a better feature. We recommend you ignore it and use hand-picked essay topic collections from the blog instead.

Free Tools

Wow Essays’ study tools are great. They’re diverse and nicely done. Among the most useful ones are:

Topic generator This generator helps you create unique topics for your essays.
Citation generator This one makes citations by using book titles. It’s a handy tool, especially if you find citation rules confusing.
Online essay editor This tool helps you to find your essay’s weak points.
Grammar checker This one locates any mistakes in your text and corrects them.
Plagiarism checker This generator allows you to check the uniqueness of your essay. The higher percentage it shows, the more unique your text is.

There are also many other tools like a readability checker, a grade calculator, a case converter, a GPA calculator, etc. In total, there are whopping 23 tools! It’s a noticeable advantage that makes WowEssays a standout.

AI Writing Assistant

And here’s a disappointing feature. Wow Essays’ main page includes an in-built AI that generates content for essays. The website brags about this tool’s capability to develop outlines, provide sources, and create research purposes. All you need to do is enter your topic or a few keywords.

Even though this tool sounds cooler than ChatGPT, it failed to generate anything for us. We have tried repeatedly, but all we got was, “Oh My Bot! It’s not an AI uprising, it just couldn’t generate a paper on this topic.” Too bad.

Quizzes and Tests

Now, this feature is said to contain “every quiz for students in existence.” Supposedly it should help you study, revise material before exams, and have some fun with personality tests. In reality, there are only 4 Buzzfeed-style quizzes that reveal who you are from Harry Potter or The Last of Us. This feature is relatively new, so we won’t be too hard on it. Perhaps in the future, there indeed will be every quiz in existence. But for now, it’s not worth your attention.

Writing Services

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the essays database or the AI failed to generate anything for you, you can order a custom sample from Wow Essays’ experts. The payment is 100% upfront with a refund guarantee.

The writing services page shows a wide variety of assignment categories. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that “Essay Writing Service,” “Paper Writing Help,” “Custom Essay Service” etc. all mean the same thing. It makes us suspect that this diversity is just a marketing ploy.

You click the “How it works” button to see an ordering guide. There you’ll find a detailed description of the whole process. Plus, the service allows selecting the categories of experts who will be working on your assignment. By choosing a more advanced category, you have more chances of getting your order done perfectly. Yet, top-category experts require more money.

The picture talks about the drawbacks of WowEssays' writing service.

Sadly, not everything is as rosy as it seems:

WowEssays permits initiating only 3 free revisions. If their experts don’t correct all the mistakes during the first 3, you’d have to pay extra for the 4th revision. Here we have to say that there are a lot of other websites where the number of revisions is unlimited.

❌ The worst thing is that for whatever reason, WowEssays consider such things as a plagiarism report, a list of sources, and an editor’s check to be “additional” features that cost extra. You may think you can avoid them if they say so, but you can’t. These features are the core of an essay’s writing process. Simply speaking, you’ll have to pay for them anyway to get a decent paper. Moreover, these “additional” features are not permitted to refund.

Overall, we seriously disliked this approach. We’ll see if their papers are worth all the trouble.

Additional Services

WowEssays offer more services aside from those listed above. These include:

Rewriting This service involves changing the wording of your essay, so it becomes unique. It’s a great way to avoid plagiarism.
Editing Wow Essays’ experts will polish and refine your essay to make it better. It’s a good feature when you don’t want to write a new paper and only need to improve an existing one.
Proofreading This feature is similar to editing, but it’s meant mainly for correcting grammar.
Solving math assignments WowEssays can help you solve equations, do calculations, and answer multiple-choice questions.
Designing presentations If you want professionals to help you design your PowerPoint presentation, then this service is for you.
Admission help As you may have guessed, it aims to help students create successful admission letters. It actually costs a lot.

🏅 Our Experience with Rated

To see the quality of WowEssays’ work, we placed an order ourselves. Overall, our experience was pretty problematic. Here’s why:

Step #1: Placing an Order

The first thing worth mentioning is that there is no way to order from WowEssays without creating an account on their website. You’ll have to log in, disclose some of your data, and only afterward they’ll allow you to make an order. Also, once you submit your e-mail, your mailbox will immediately get bombarded with info about WowEssays discounts and other spam.

The process of placing an order is pretty straightforward. Interestingly, we couldn’t choose a specialist—only their category. We tried to paste the expert’s ID from their samples database, but all we got was: “This writer is inactive, try another one.”

Here’s what our order looked like:

  • We asked for a book review in 2 pages for the undergraduate academic level.
  • The category of our expert was “advanced.”
  • We also specified a 14 days deadline.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

The result was pretty average. We found several things that needed to be corrected, such as misplaced apostrophes, missing modifiers, article errors, and misspellings. In addition, one paragraph had slight logical issues.

WowEssays themselves state that most of their experts are non-native English speakers. It’s not a crime, of course, yet unfortunately, the mistakes spoil the overall impression. If you’re looking for a perfect result, then WowEssays may not be the best option.  

💸 WowEssays Prices: Are They Worth It?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer regarding the prices. Let’s start with the positives:

  • Wow Essays offer many discounts and promo codes.
  • Also, they state that if you follow the tips in their article called “How to Order as Cheap as Possible,” you’ll be able to save some money.

But unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros:

  • The prices are steep, especially for students.
  • Even though WowEssays provide a price calculator, knowing the exact price is still impossible. You’ll know it only after placing an order, and we guarantee you won’t like the final numbers.
  • They state that the minimum costs are around $8-9, but they forgot to mention that this rule applies only to the easiest and simplest high school assignments. The price will rise exponentially if you want to order a complex bachelor-level essay or research paper.

All in all, we wouldn’t exactly call WowEssays an affordable service.

🧑‍⚖️ Our Verdict is a prominent company, yet it still has many things to work on and improve:

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • The website is excellent and very informative.
  • They provide many features alongside various tools.
  • There is an extensive sample database.
  • The quality of their writing service is average.
  • The pricing policy is fishy.
  • Some of the website’s numerous features are completely useless.
  • The company could’ve been more transparent.

Overall, we rate WowEssays 4 out of 5 points.

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