PapersGeeks: Your Key to Unlocking Academic Success

Artificial intelligence (or AI for short) is taking the academic world by storm. New tools seemingly appear every single day, with ChatGPT being the most prominent of them all.

There’s been plenty of debates about how educators should react to such tools. Should they do their best to ban it, as its existence makes many assignments obsolete? Or should the education sphere embrace AI and use it as a tool that helps with research, finding inspiration, or brainstorming new ideas?

Whichever path is chosen, one thing remains clear. It’s that AI still isn’t advanced enough to produce 100% reliable content. It can give you factually wrong answers, as it’s not sentient and doesn’t understand whether it’s telling the truth or not. So, at the very least, fact-checking is still necessary, even if you’re using tools like ChatGPT.

But what’s a good enough alternative, then?

One of the possible options is the database of essay examples. Why? Because you get a collection of papers researched and written by real students. These works are referenced, and there won’t ever be a single doubt in their relevance or correctness in terms of facts.

And the use potential for such databases is enormous. You can look through works for inspiration or ideas, use them for reference, as a source of information, or for research. These are just a couple of options.

Today we’re going to talk about one such database. It’s called PapersGeeks.

In our review, we’ll discuss what this website is all about, what kind of samples it hosts, and what else students can use this site for. There’s certainly more that PapersGeeks can offer apart from samples. Read on to find out what else is on the table!

What is PapersGeeks All About?

PapersGeeks homepage.

The most important thing you should know about PapersGeeks is that it’s a database of paper examples that any student can access for free.

The team of academic experts behind it decided to create a platform where learners could get help without depriving themselves of obtaining new knowledge. So, unlike using AI, where you just enter a prompt and get an answer (which won’t necessarily be correct), you still need to put in some effort here. But the good part is that you always end up getting relevant answers and gaining experience.

The PapersGeeks team also states that there’s another purpose behind the service apart from giving help and spreading knowledge. They also care about students’ mental health. Academic burnout is not a joke, and the service creators hope that with the help of their database, learners will be able to tackle their assignments with ease.

What is PapersGeeks All About?

The website also puts a big emphasis on academic honesty. This is always a good sign meaning the service does care about their visitors and their study path. But we’ll talk about how exactly they implement integrity protection later in our PapersGeeks review.

Before we start telling you about the examples database itself, we wanted to quickly show our appreciation for how great the website looks. A helpful and informative service is good as it is. But when its creators go the extra mile to give it modern design and great useability—it’s a completely different story.

PapersGeeks’ Database of Samples

PapersGeeks’ Database of Samples.

The PapersGeeks database hosts thousands of samples that cover a wide variety of academic subjects. Those include:

  • Armed Conflicts
  • Art
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • History
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Sports
  • Tourism

For students who never had experience using paper examples, the service gives short instructions on how they can be utilized. PapersGeeks recommends going over three steps.

  1. Search the database for relevant works that match the needed keywords.
  2. Go over the search results and highlight the useful or important parts of available works.
  3. Pay attention to the technical details of examples in case you need to construct a work with the same structure, citation style, or formatting.
PapersGeeks’ Database of Samples.

The individual pages of samples contain all the necessary information and aren’t cluttered with useless bells and whistles.

You get the work title, its length, what category it belongs to, and the publication date. If it’s a lengthy paper, the page will also include a table of contents that allows you to jump to a specific section. Right off the bat, you can also print out the work, cite it, or check out other works relevant to the one you’re looking at.

As we mentioned earlier, the papers themselves are well-researched, with the absolute majority of them having lists of sources. So you can easily use the samples as a starting point for your research.

Bringing Additional Help: Writing Tools

Bringing Additional Help: Writing Tools.

Writing tools from PapersGeeks is another great solution for students to simplify some mundane academic tasks. Even though there are only three of them, they all prove to be quite helpful on a variety of occasions. Let’s break them down.

Tool nameHow it worksWhat it’s good for
Paraphrasing tool
  1. Paste the text you need to change.
  2. Choose the percentage of how much you want your text to be changed.
  3. Click the button to get the final result.
  • When you need to use a text snippet from the source and can’t type it word-for-word
  • To restate the same information from your work to write a conclusion
  • To get rid of overly complex phrasing
Essay reducer
  1. Paste the text that has to be shortened.
  2. Choose the number of sentences a summary should include.
  3. Click the button for the final result.
  • When you need to quickly find the essential information in a long article
  • If you find it hard to decide what exactly to remove from your work to fit the required word count
  • To make your writing more concise
Research title enhancerType in the word or phrase you want your research title or topic to be about.
  • If you need to run a brainstorming session to come up with the best possible topic option
  • To get inspiration or find the aspect of a subject that hasn’t been researched yet
  • To quickly come up with a topic or title that fits strict length or contents requirements

How Does PapersGeeks Protect Academic Integrity?

How Does PapersGeeks Protect Academic Integrity?

As we told earlier in our PapersGeeks review, it’s clear that the service cares about academic honesty.

The most prominent proof of this is the fact that they added a citation tool and a disclaimer to every sample page in the database. The disclaimer states that the works available on the website can be used for academic purposes and require a proper citation if a student would like to use any part of a sample in their paper.

The reference tool removes all the difficulty from the process of making a correct citation. It only takes two steps to do that. Select the needed citation style and click the reference to copy it to the clipboard. The tool can make references in APA-7, MLA-9, Chicago (N-B), Chicago (A-D), and Harvard styles.

PapersGeeks also allows students to contribute their work to the database. All it takes is to fill out the form and attach the file or paste the text into the form itself. There’s also an option to remove the paper from the website.

In conclusion to our PapersGeeks review, we’d like to say that to fully understand whether you’d use this website regularly or not, it’s definitely worth giving it a visit. We believe that it’s a well-designed and thought-through service that delivers on its promises and gives students what they came for. PapersGeeks hosts well-written samples and offers great writing tools (that are also free), which can make it a perfect resource for many students.

Give it a try, and if you did, tell us what you think of it!

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