Samplius Review: Essay Database & Other Features Rated

So, you were looking for a reliable essay database with a writing service and stumbled upon We bet you have myriad questions. Is it a scam website? How do you use it? What features does it have? Can you trust raving Samplius reviews?

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In this comprehensive article, we’ll answer all your burning questions and present an unbiased look at the website’s services and features. So, keep reading to learn if Samplius is a reliable platform!

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking

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Samplius ⭐⭐⭐
Gradesfixer ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Studymoose ⭐⭐⭐
Wow Essays ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Go Nerdify⭐⭐
Unemployed Professors ⭐⭐
Online Class Help
UK Essays ⭐⭐
TransTutors ⭐⭐

❓ What Is Samplius?

Samplius is a relatively new online platform offering essay writing assistance to students. In addition, Samplius has the following features:

  • A free essay database with various samples submitted by students.
  • A Spanish version of the site, which is quite handy and favors the Spanish-speaking customer base.
  • As per the site information, writing tools will soon be added to the platform.

Overall, the website has a simple, modern look with cool pastel colors and nice illustrations. But in our opinion, the site is not as appealing as expected for a new company in the market. Let’s see if it’s better than it appears!

🧐 Is Legit?

At first glance, when you visit Samplius, you may think it is a legitimate service. It has some of the marks of a trustworthy platform:

  • The website has privacy, fair use, and payment policy, as well as terms and conditions page.
  • The section at the bottom of each page shows information about the company’s owners.
  • There is a DMCA protection stamp, which indicates that it’s copyright-protected.

But when you start browsing through the sections, some things will definitely raise doubts about the company’s operations:

  • You won’t find any information about personal data protection or antivirus checks, which is not a good sign.
  • Further scrutiny of the About Us page doesn’t reveal any details that guarantee customer safety.

Overall, we can conclude that the site is likely legit, but not entirely safe.

📊 Samplius Features Ranked

Now, we will review the features of and see whether their essay database is a reliable information source. We also placed an order to get a first-hand experience with their writing service. Keep reading to learn what we’ve found out!

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Essay Database

First off, the Samplius website has a free database with thousands of essays on topics in different subjects. Here’s what’s good about it:

✅ You can conveniently search for samples thanks to the website’s intuitive navigation. It features countless clearly labeled topic categories and subcategories. For example, the Art category contains an Art Movements subcategory which then features numerous sections dedicated to separate movements, such as Pop Art and Fauvism.

✅ Every category features a tab called Essay Topics where sample titles are presented as a topics list. This way, you can not only browse the samples but also find some great topic ideas.

✅ The papers are also sorted by essay types, such as analytical and descriptive. Clicking on each one will show relevant samples as well as brief information about the essay type. And some of them (such as argumentativу essays) even have a guide with a checklist.

✅ Aside from using the samples for inspiration, you can also donate your own paper to the database. Other students will be able to use your model papers to understand essay structuring, topic selection, and outlining.

Unfortunately, this is where the positives end. We’ve found plenty of issues with the essay database, and we suggest you keep them in mind if you decide to use Samplius as a reference:

❌ Even with such an array of samples, you can’t use them as citation sources, which is a big letdown.

❌ Besides, there is no citation generator to assist you in getting accurate references.

❌ You must share your email address if you want a sample from the platform. Otherwise, Samplius restricts users from copying and pasting content.

❌ As per the site information, the essay examples are typically written by students who donated their essays, so they don’t reflect the quality of the company’s expert writers. But we can tell that the papers follow the academic standards required for a college paper.

The picture shows the pros and cons of Samplius' essay database.

Writing Service

There’s a pop-up screen on Samplius that you will definitely encounter while browsing their essays. It will suggest you order a custom paper if you haven’t found anything related to your topic.

Chances are, you won’t find the sample you need, so you may want to turn to this service for some assistance. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Samplius has a team of expert tutors who assist students in crafting academic papers. Here’s what we’ve learned about them from the info presented on the website:

📚 These professionals can work on any subject or topic at reasonable rates.
🧮 The prices depend on the paper’s length, complexity, and urgency.
The tutors can deliver orders within 3 hours (the minimum deadline,) which is quite impressive.
💎 The company promises to deliver original papers following its zero-plagiarism policy.
☹️ We’ve noticed the absence of standard ordering process instructions on the website; there’s only a brief description of steps on the homepage. So, most of the ordering procedure is your guesswork.
💸 When it comes to payment, you are required to deposit money first after placing your order. Fortunately, your funds will remain “frozen” until you receive your final paper and decide you’re satisfied.

🏅 Samplius Customer Experience Rated

We were intrigued by Samplius’ promises, so we ordered a paper to get an accurate idea of the company’s service. Want to know how it went? Read on!

Step #1: Placing an Order

The ordering process follows a bidding system where experts place bids on your order, and you evaluate the offers to choose the best one. You can also request support to help you find a competent expert who deals with your subject. No matter how complex your paper is, there is an expert who can handle your paper.

Have a look at what we’ve noticed while placing our order:

👋 You get a list of experts with their testimonials and bids displayed to help you make a choice. They also start a chat with you, eagerly offering their services.
🤖 There is an extra option to choose an expert automatically for $9.99. However, we don’t think this option is worth the money since the experts are already suggested to you via some algorithm.
🤷 On the minus side, we’ve discovered the ordering page is too minimalist and needs more features. You won’t be able to order a lengthy paper with many detailed requirements because there’s no way to explain all the additional instructions to your expert.
🕳️ Another letdown is that there are no perks when it comes to payment, even for first-timers.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

Now, let’s see if the papers we received are up-to-par:

  • The first essay (All levels) could have been better in terms of content, structure, and formatting. It also had a dozen spelling mistakes and was delivered several hours after the deadline.
  • The second essay (Gold level) was virtually the same quality and also delayed.

The quality of the papers was similar on the two levels, and as we figured, choosing Gold was not worth it. All in all, we would say that Samplius’ services are of medium quality. Many Samplius reviews on the Internet talk about mediocre papers, late deliveries, and poor customer support. Sadly, it seems like it’s a norm for this website.

💸 Prices Review: Affordable or Not?

Well, we’re not sure we can call Samplius’ services affordable: they’re quite pricey at higher levels. But do you really have to pay so much?

Let’s have a look at what we’ve learned from our experience with the website:

  • We ordered a single-page essay with a deadline of 2 weeks, and we received bids from several All-levels experts. The bids ranged from $17 to $25.5.
  • We also ordered the same essay using the Gold level option, and the bids ranged from $25 up to $35.5.

Our experiment revealed that the Gold level option has the same quality as lower levels, which means the level system doesn’t really make much sense. Opting for a cheaper level will bring the same results.

👨‍⚖️ Our Verdict

Let’s recap the strengths and weaknesses of this platform that our in-depth Samplius review has revealed:

👍 Pros: 👎 Cons:
  • There is a variety of free essay examples.
  • There’s also a Spanish version containing Spanish-language samples.
  • This service is an excellent option for customers operating on a tight budget.
  • The company has a few red flags that might compromise your safety as a client.
  • There are no perks or discounts.
  • The essay samples can’t be cited as references.
  • The writer’s level system is confusing.
  • The paper we received was of low quality.

Overall, we give 3 stars out of 5.

We hope you enjoyed our review! Feel free to share it with your friends and let us know what you think about Samplius in the comments below.

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