PaperCoach Review: 100% Free Essays & Other Features Ranked

Have you found yourself drowning in a sea of assignments? If so, we can understand why you may become curious about The service is one of the highest-rated academic help services out there, but is it really that good?

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If you’re wondering whether PaperCoach is legit, then worry no more! We’ve explored its every aspect and even ordered an essay to see how well it does its job. So, let’s get down to our PaperCoach review!

🌟 Academic Help Websites: Our Ranking 

Website Samples Tools Low PricesBlog Other Services Informative website Overall Quality 
Papercoach   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ✅   ✅  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Gradesfixer✅   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
Studymoose   ✅   ✅   ❌   ✅    ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐⭐  
Wow Essays   ✅   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ✅   ⭐⭐⭐⭐  
Samplius✅   ❌   ✅   ❌   ❌   ❌   ⭐⭐⭐  
Go Nerdify ❌   ❌   ❌   ✅   ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐  
Unemployed Professors  ❌   ❌   ❌   ✅   ❌   ❌   ⭐⭐  
Online Class Help   ❌   ❌   ❌   ✅   ❌   ❌   ⭐  
UK Essays   ✅   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅   ❌   ⭐⭐  
TransTutors   ❌   ✅   ❌   ✅   ✅      ❌   ⭐⭐  

❓ What Is is a website that helps students with their academic assignments, including essays and even dissertations. It promises perfectly-written works delivered by native English-speaking experts.

The main page certainly looks promising:

✅ It features a minimalist design with a convenient interface.

✅ You can easily find there all the information about PaperCoach’s services.

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✅ There is also a price calculator, which is very helpful because it allows you to estimate the expected pricing before making an order.

❌ The only drawback we found is incorrect word usage, such as “from humanitarian to exact sciences” or “high educational institutions.” There are also some minor mistakes in their spelling. All of that makes us doubt that PaperCoach’s team is fluent in their knowledge of English. We wouldn’t be so disappointed if they weren’t constantly assuring us that all of their experts are native English speakers.

So far, it seems that PaperCoach is a decent service, but they could be more sincere about their workings.

🧐 Is PaperCoach Safe?

Be assured, PaperCoach is safe. Here’s the proof:

✔️ If you scroll down on the website, you’ll find a whole bunch of legal documents, including Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy, and even Disclaimer and Report Abuse. They surely take the legal aspects seriously.
✔️ Besides, it features a McAffee badge, meaning the website is protected against malware.
✔️ There is also a phone number and a support service e-mail that you can use to ask questions.

What we didn’t like is that there is no actual address of this organization. We looked deeper into website and finally found an answer in FAQs: their main office is in Delaware, US (there was no street or house number.) However, we then found another address in the legal documents: this time, it was in Lithuania and featured all the necessary details.

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Why is there contradictory information, and why is the US address incomplete? It seems that, again, they were trying to create an illusion that they’re native speakers.

All in all, PaperCoach cares about its reputation, which is a good sign. Still, some things make us question its credibility.

📊 PaperCoach Features Ranked

Alright, the website seems okay for now, aside from a couple of suspicious aspects. Let’s now see how well Papercoach can do its actual job.

The  picture  shows a ranking of’s features.

There are several features on their website:

📑 A few free samples 5 downloadable examples of written works.
🔬 Research topics Writing ideas on various subjects.
📗 A blog Helpful articles for students.
✍️ The writing service itself Expert assistance with academic works.

We will now go over each one in more detail.

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Free Samples

If you want to boost your inspiration and find a variety of solid essay samples, PaperCoach is no helper. Its website doesn’t provide a database of samples. Instead, there are only 5 downloadable files: an essay sample, a research paper, a resume, a report, and a short coursework.

We’ve read their only essay (which is about Pride and Prejudice,) and we weren’t impressed. It has a short and weak conclusion about Pride and Prejudice being funny. The problem is that the essay itself is about other things and doesn’t mention humor once. Also, there are many questionable sentences like “is without fail” and “it offers not ready-made answers.” These are not the sentences a qualified English-speaking expert would use.

So, all PaperCoach can give us is 5 short samples, which could be better. If you want any particular examples for inspiration, you’ll have to turn to their essay-writing specialists for help.

Research Topics

Here’s a better feature: a variety of research topics on different themes. These topics are divided into categories and are comfortable to browse through.

Still, we found plenty of issues with the topics. For example, there are questionable sentences such as “The question then arises if religious canons say a person should live in harmony with himself and others, then how to view all these wars and armed conflicts,” or “Following these easy steps on creating an academic paper has been driving students to success for years.”

Also, some phrases such as “create a shiny essay” simply make no sense. All that, in addition to our suspicions that arose while we were checking their essay sample, only strengthened our opinion that PaperCoach’s team doesn’t feature qualified native English speakers.

PaperCoach Blog

Paper Coach’s blog is pretty good. It has many interesting articles that are rich and informative. There you can find useful tips and tricks on dissertation and essay writing alongside various lifehacks such as How to Overcome Difficulties in Academic Life.

Sadly, the last post was made in 2020, so the blog no longer gets any updates. Also, there are again incorrect sentences like “divulging the facts you would rather stay unknown” or “essay example worthy of modeling.”

Writing Service

This, of course, is the most important feature. PaperCoach specializes in all kinds of written works, including dissertations.

The process of placing an order is straightforward and convenient, thanks to the website’s intuitive interface. It goes like this:

Step #1 All you need to do is fill out the form with all the information about your project and its parameters.
Step #2 Then, you will be asked to log in and make a payment. Mind that you’re expected to pay the total price upfront.
Step #3 While waiting, you can monitor your order’s progress via your profile.
Step #4 After PaperCoach’s experts are done working on your paper, you’ll have an opportunity to check the results and see if everything’s all right.
Step #5 If you’re unsatisfied with something, you can ask PaperCoach to fix or redo certain parts. You can initiate a revision 3 times.

🏅 PaperCoach Customer Experience Rated

This is why you’re here, right? You look for actual proof of the service’s competence!

If you check other PaperCoach reviews, there are no doubts about it. There are 5-star ratings only! But these reviews may as well be fake. So, we’ve decided to place an order and see how they operate.

Step #1: Placing an Order

The first thing that we did was ask them via live chat whether their team indeed consisted of only native speakers. Their reply was a firm yes; all their writers are native English speakers, and they will gladly help us with our assignment. Again, it’s hard to believe, considering everything we’ve already mentioned about their grammar mistakes and incorrect wording.

Still, we were curious to see whether their essays were also like that. So, we went through the process of ordering a paper and checking it to ensure that PaperCoach experts do their work well. We’ve placed a request for them to write a 3-page-long essay on philosophy and set a 14 days deadline.

What we liked about the ordering form is all the details and features you can include. Here’s what you get for free:

  • Amendments
  • Bibliography
  • Outline
  • Title page
  • Formatting.

For an additional price, you can even choose software for your task or add soft copies of the work, which is a rare feature.

Step #2: Evaluating the Results

Our order was completed in time. The text that we received was okay in terms of content and structure. The only thing we didn’t like was how some of the sentences were formulated. Some mistakes were similar to those we found on the website and in samples. All this confirmed our suspicions that the experts are not native speakers.

After checking everything, we initiated a revision, asking Paper Coach to fix the mistakes. After that, we were finally satisfied with the results. (Note that we paid for an all-level writer. Perhaps if you choose one of the top experts, the result will be much better, but the price will rise exponentially.)

Overall, if you want to receive a perfectly-written academic text, perhaps PaperCoach is not the best choice. Don’t get us wrong, the text we received was good, but still far from perfect. It can be a crucial factor if you’re ordering something more complicated than just an average school essay. Keep that in mind when ordering from PaperCoach.

💸 Paper Coach Prices: Yay or Nay?

Regarding pricing, PaperCoach doesn’t bite your wallet too hard. The pricing is average, although if you’re planning to order a complex work or want to add some conditions to your order (like asking for top-level writers,) then be ready to throw in some cash.

In particular, one of the most expensive additions that you can ask for is a plagiarism report. Without it, the pricing is okay, but once you add a plagiarism report, the final price will rise by $10. This unfortunate fact makes us doubt the uniqueness of PaperCoach texts. Despite that, we didn’t notice anything suspicious regarding plagiarism during our testing order.

We also have to commend PaperCoach for their transparency in stating their prices. Everything that you’ll need you’ll find on their Prices page. Besides, there are plenty of nice discounts you can check out before placing an order.

🧑‍⚖️ PaperCoach Review: Our Verdict

It’s time to wrap up our review and present to you our final thoughts. Let’s recap Paper Coach’s advantages and drawbacks:

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • It’s transparent about most of its aspects.
  • It’s undoubtedly legit.
  • Its customer service is friendly and responsive.
  • You can include many features with your order.
  • The text we received was good.
  • The prices are okay.
  • PaperCoach team makes many mistakes in their writing.
  • There are not enough samples.
  • Paper Coaches are not entirely honest about their address and their team consisting of native speakers.
  • PaperCoach’s blog was last updated 3 years ago.

All in all, PaperCoach is a good service with some minor drawbacks. We give 4 out of 5.

This article was developed by the editorial team of, a professional writing service with 3-hour delivery.

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