What if students could bid on how many words they need to write an essay? “I can write that essay in 300 words,” you say. “I can write that essay in 250 words,” says another student. Sounds crazy, right? Still, you should know how many words per page you have to include and you should try to watch your word count.

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Average Number of Words per Page

The common standard is to have about 250 – 280 words on a page. However, in practice, it can be different. The word count on each of your pages usually depends upon:

  • the font you use (size and type);
  • margins;
  • spacing;
  • number of paragraphs;
  • length of words.

Still, your teachers will frequently ask you to use a limited number of words for each of your papers. Furthermore, you can be even penalized for not meeting these requirements. Some students can complain that this restriction limits the thoughts they can include in their papers. However, in fact, a more or less strict word count helps them better organize their papers and plan their work.

Control the Number of Words per Page

Different letters on the table.

The following are the common format requirements for most academic papers. Feel free to follow them, unless something different is requested by your teachers:

  1. font 12 Times New Roman or Arial;
  2. 1-inch margins (2.54 cm);
  3. double spacing and no extra lines before and after paragraphs;
  4. 5 paragraphs for an essay: introduction, three main body paragraphs and conclusion (however, this structure can vary from paper to paper).

When you write the outline for your paper, you should plan the number of words on each page. When you start writing, make certain to keep an eye on the word count and know when to stop. The writer’s block and writer’s obsession are the two serious problems disturbing students. On one hand, it can be difficult to start an essay if you have the writer’s block. On the other hand, when you are inspired and have the writer’s obsession, you may have difficulties stopping or fitting everything in a limited number of words. In addition, if you do not watch your word count, you can write too many sentences to support one point and only a few lines to support another point. It will make the second argument sound weak and unconvincing.

Listen to the voice of your conscience and remember that your teachers will need plenty of time to read your long memoirs. Plan your word count before you start writing, take control of the situation while writing and delete every unnecessary word when proofreading your papers.

So, use this guide, follow its recommendations and you will not only win the bid “I will write this essay in N words”, but also receive better grades for your papers.

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