Top 10 Easiest and Hardest College Majors in the Country

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Choosing a major is a challenge to students. If you're reading this, you probably take it seriously. It's great that you understand all the consequences of this decision. To help you make an informed choice, we've compiled the following list of top 10 easiest and hardest college majors throughout the country.

Easiest College Majors Students Dream Of

Of course, an easy major doesn't guarantee a successful employment. At least, you may enjoy your college years much better having minimum hours of assigned reading per week (look at here to get a distinguished writing help in any field of study).

  1. Communications, Journalism, and Advertising. The good news is that this category is free of brain-crunching lab work and mathematics. Isn't it what you've been looking for?
  2. Social Sciences. This group includes some calculations, requiring some Math and Statistics, but not as much as Chemistry or Engineering students have to go through. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have lots of writing assignments.
  3. Business Administration and Marketing. The fun part of these majors is that students often have to write proposals for their own startups and every day see how the theoretical principles they learn are used in practice.
  4. Education. Learning how to teach can be not very exciting, but it doesn't require too much calculations. By the way, spending time in the classroom, teaching students, you'll have less time left for assigned reading.
  5. English. Spending four years studying a language you've been speaking your entire life (or at leas a half of it if you're an ESL student) is the laziest choice ever.

Hardest College Majors for the Brave

And the most difficult degrees that will require most effort, dedication and time are the following:

  1. Engineering. This one is an absolute leader in the dropout rates. In some courses, it reaches 60%. Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics and Physics you’ll have to study if you choose this hardest college major will leave you happy with a ‘C’. ‘As’ are rare and accidental when it comes to Engineering students.
  2. Physical sciences. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology fall into this category. You’ll need photographical memory to remember the numerous Latin words and their meanings.
  3. Computer Sciences. Of course, it will absolutely pay off after you finally get your diploma. Your task is simply to stay alive and sane spending the vast majority of your awake time studying.
  4. Health Professions. Nursing students confess that at least 80% of their classes are challenging. No time to relax. But at least we can feel safe. Medical students’ missed classes are too costly for their future patients.
  5. Mathematics. While a lot of students are looking for majors which do not require calculations, this one consists mainly of calculations which can make brains boil.

At the same time, the hardest college majors can be the first to pay off. So, weigh up all the pros and cons and make your choice. Or, have you already chosen?

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  • Elias Elias Posted:

    This article is crazy biased. No degree is easy by any means. It might be easier to get a passing grade in social science or English classes than it is in math or engineering. In math or engineering, you either know the answer, or you don’t. In social sciences, you can be partially correct, and still get passing grades. Regardless of the major, you have to put a shit load of hours into your classes to get an A. I’m doing a social sciences degree, and I can tell you it is hard, but it is also subjective. It’s hard for me because I work my ass off and I have never had any grade lower than an A-. A degree is as hard as you make it.

    • Jack Milgram Jack Milgram Posted:

      Thank you for the feedback, Elias!

    • Amanda Amanda Posted:

      this comment is crazy biased. what you say goes without saying.. but some degrees are objectively (much) harder than others. I know facts hurt feelings but for the love of God, it’s ok.

      • Kurt Kurt Posted:

        Lol, the difficulty of a major is 100% an opinion and not a fact. You tried though.

    • Rachel Rachel Posted:

      Ironically put “It might be easier to get a passing grade in social science or English classes than it is in math or engineering.” – thanks for the laugh.

      I’m pretty sure Engineering isn’t about knowing the answers but the method to get to the answers, and then the process to get to the answer.

      No one’s saying that because some degrees are harder than others, that those in the easier degrees don’t work their butt off and it isn’t hard work.

    • Derek Derek Posted:

      I completely agree with you I’m doing a double major in psychology and criminal justice which will get me 2 master degrees once I graduate. And after that law school this college stuff isn’t easy by any means at all.

    • Emma Emma Posted:

      Come study nursing or medicine, then u will know ur social science is child’s play. Then u will work ur ass up, and d best u still get is ”C”.

  • Mariam Mariam Posted:

    Can you be a double major for both computer science and engineering?

    • Jack Milgram Jack Milgram Posted:

      Sure, you can!

    • Ben Ben Posted:

      Yea but you can just take software engineering or computer engineering which will be similar

  • Kelvin Kabasele Kelvin Kabasele Posted:

    Need to start a career in regards to my work experience and education as of right now

  • Alina Alina Posted:

    Totally agree with the article. I’m currently in nursing major, and I have no time to relax, no time for self care, no time for family and friends, stress out, and burned out. Had to study really hard in pre-nursing to get straight As for prerequisites to get into a nursing program. Then in nursing program I have lots of work (assignment, exams, lab, clinical rotations for 20 hours a week, and so on and so on) non-stop. I was in business administration before I switch to nursing and I can feel the difference in workload between the two. Anyway, I guess every major can be difficult depending on the person.