Bloom’s taxonomy has proven to be a highly efficient educational system that helps to set and reach learning objectives. Not only teachers, but also students find a great use for it.

But how do you make it even more effective?

Use apps! Modern technology gives us plenty of opportunities, so why not take advantage of it?

Here, at the top custom writing service, we’ve selected 83 apps that can help you reach your learning objectives. All the apps are divided into categories that match each of the Bloom’s taxonomy levels so that you know when to use them. There’s also a short description of each app to help you better understand what it’s all about. The apps’ names are clickable so you can go to the developer’s site (or an app store in some cases) right away and start using it immediately.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Level App Description Platform
Desktop Android iOS
Creating Animoto Create and edit short video clips using your pictures, apply styles and themes, and add music. + + +
Creative Book Builder A tool that helps to generate ebooks. You can use prepared materials or create your book from scratch. + + +
Canva This app allows you to design and edit graphics and photos. You can add elements (stickers, text, frames, etc.) and work with templates. + +
audioBoom This app allows you to record, edit, and upload audio, as well as listen to podcasts made by others. + +
Animation Desk You can draw cartoons, create sketches, and create animations with this app. + + +
PodOmatic You can create, share, and listen to podcasts with the help of this app. + + +
Audio Memos This app allows you to record your voice, create memos, and share them with others. + +
Celtx You can create and organize various projects. Write video scripts, audio plays, stage plays, screenplays, and more. + + +
Google Drive Work on projects and documents in collaboration with other students. Leave comments and track changes. + + +
Co:Writer This app allows you to create written works and use topical dictionaries and word predictability. + +
Soundation Studio You can create and edit songs with the help of this tool, import and export files, and publish your creations online. +
Puppet Pals This app allows you to create animated puppet shows in real time. +
Weebly With this tool, you can easily create a store, blog, or a website. + + +
Autodesk SketchBook This is a drawing app where you can create sketches and paintings. It has an engine that delivers natural-looking colors and textures. + + +
Adobe Spark Post This tool will help you with creating imagery adjusted for any social media site. With ease. + +
Evaluating COLOURlovers You can create custom color palettes for your projects and make descriptions for them. + +
Desmos A graphing calculator that helps to build functions and shows the effects of certain coefficients on your graphs. + + +
Edmodo This app helps to set up groups, where you can share tasks and files, and evaluate the group’s performance. + + +
Educreations A whiteboard, where you can cooperate, share, and evaluate ideas. + +
FluidMath This is a graphing calculator that also recognizes handwriting. +
GeoGebra Apart from having functions of a graphing calculator, this tool can also help to plot data, discover theorems and apply algebra transformations. + + +
Roambi This app allows you to create charts, reports, and dashboards, as well as gather analytics and visualize your data. + + +
A Web Whiteboard A simple web-based whiteboard for quick sharing and discussing ideas in groups. +
Padlet An online board where you can cooperate, share files, and evaluate the tasks. + + +
Analyzing Wufoo This is a tool for building forms. It will ease up on the information analyzing. +
ThingLink This tool will help you to create guides, as well as build lessons and customized curriculums using interactive images. + + +
Google sheets Allows you to create spreadsheets and analyze data together with other members of your group. + + +
SimpleMind With the help of this app, you can create and synchronize mind maps, and access them from any device. + + +
Airtable An app that allows you to create databases, idea collections, and checklists. You can also manage the interactions between contacts. + + +
InstaGrok You can create, customize, and share interactive maps on certain topics. This tool will help you to research and analyze data more efficiently. + + +
Tagboard Allows you to collect hashtags from social media and websites. You can then put them on a bulletin board for further analysis. +
DataAnalysis A useful app for conducting quick analysis for any sort of data. +
Applying Adobe Spark Page This app lets you collect pictures and any other content from the web to form a visual story that you can share with everyone. + +
Google Docs This is a text processor that allows groups of people to work together on the same project in real time. + + +
Doceri This app allows you to study concepts and embody the ideas on a virtual whiteboard. The whole process can be recorded and shared later. + +
PIXLR A photo editor that allows you to apply changes to pictures you’ve made. From adjusting the colors to completely transforming the whole image. + + +
MindMash This is an app where you can gather your ideas. You can work with text and images, and manipulate them in any way you want. This app will also find great use in brainstorming and taking notes. +
Google Earth A great app for applying and discovering new knowledge about our planet. It works well both for self-education and for working on specific projects. + + +
Explain Everything This app provides students with a new way to share their knowledge and experience with other students. + + +
Geoboard This is the app that allows students to create geometric attributes and identify their features, identify relations between them, and make connections. + +
Haiku Deck An app that provides you with an easy way to make presentations and slideshows on any topic. + +
PicCollage This app allows you to create collages, with a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from and with many editing options. + + +
Fractions Allows students to work with fractions in the form of a circle, bar, or chart. + +
ShowMe This app allows you to create tutorials with explanations recorded from the whiteboard and added voiceover. +
Stoodle A whiteboard for quick sharing of thoughts and ideas with a big group of people. +
BeFunky A photo editor with a wide range of editing tools. + + +
Understan- ding Annotate An app that helps you to take screenshots and add various types of annotations to them. Then, the image can be shared through social media or via email. +
VoiceThread This cloud-based app helps to create, share, and comment on content. It’s also possible to integrate this app into a Learning Management System for better results. + + +
Feedly This app will help you to organize a newsfeed that will satisfy all of your needs. + + +
HanDBase Database Manager A database manager that allows you to filter and sort your data, make fast searches, create reports and share their results. + +
Nimbus Clipper This app will help you to gather the information from the Internet by saving the whole pages or their fragments. + +
Diigo Diigo makes it possible to save entire web pages and synchronize everything you’ve saved across all your devices. It also has an annotations feature, readability mode, and PDF reader. + + +
Phonto With this app, you’ll be able to add text to photos. You can make explanations, annotations, or even motivational pictures with it. + +
Trello You can work on any task, list, or project with this app. It will present your work in the form of a storyboard with steps you need to complete. + + +
Screencast-O-Matic This app captures everything that happens on your screen and records your voice. You can then share this material for everyone else to see. +
Raptivity Provides a set of tools that can create various tasks and interactions for each of Bloom’s taxonomy levels. +
Classmarker A tool that allows you to create a variety of quizzes. It will help you to test the knowledge and understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses (or your own). +
Nearpod Makes it possible to present information on individual screens, ask questions, and receive answers in real time. + + +
GoSoapBox This tool provides a back channel for discussions and explanations, and gives you the ability to run polls. It can also act as a place for sharing ideas. +
Remembe- ring Quill This app gives you the opportunity to learn English grammar through a set of various activities. For instance, proofreading texts or stories, combining sentences, and practicing new structures. + + +
Quizlet This app helps to improve the preparation for tests, or students’ performance in general. It helps to create flashcards, tests, and quizzes to help you digest new material and check your knowledge. + + +
Schoology This app helps you to organize groups for students or colleagues where you can share files, test your performance and discuss topics or tasks. + + +
Symbaloo EDU This can act as storage for educational materials and resources. This kind of storage improves the accessibility of information and makes the collaboration smoother. + + +
Pocket This app allows you to save any materials from the Internet in one place. + + +
Flubaroo This is the app that will make grading of assignments easier. +
PlayPosit This tool simplifies the learning process by allowing you to create educational videos with ease. + +
List! This app helps to manage lists efficiently in order to not forget anything and make the most of your notes. +
Doodle An app that helps you to schedule events and send invites. With this app, it won’t be any trouble to gather a group of people to discuss an important question. + + +
eduClipper This app allows you to collect and share the educational content you find on the web. +
WolframAlpha This app uses special algorithms and methods to deliver knowledge and give answers to your questions. You can get exactly what you were looking for without having to blindly search for it on the web. + + +
SplenDO This is a list management app that will help you with your task management and maintaining multiple lists. It will prevent you from forgetting anything. +
Lensoo Create This app provides a great way to share knowledge or receive much-needed pieces of information through the virtual whiteboard. + +
MindMeister This is a tool that allows you to create mind maps. It will help you to make your ideas visual and share them with everyone. + + +
Evernote This app allows you to take notes and synchronize them across your devices. Great for keeping fresh ideas or capturing important information from the web or anywhere else. + + +
Popplet This app allows you to gather and organize your ideas for more efficient use. Create connections between them, synchronize, and share the results of your work. + +

And there you have it.

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It won’t be a surprise if you’re already familiar with some of the apps listed in this chart. If a certain app is in a specific category, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to complete other tasks or for different purposes. It’s only a matter of your imagination and creativity. So feel free to experiment. You’ll notice that there are a lot more ways to use most of the listed apps, and that it’s possible to adjust their usage for other levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Did we miss something? Feel free to tell us about your favorite apps for studying in the comments.

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