26 Terrific Essay Tools for Fast and Simple Writing

Our parents wrote essays with a pen on a sheet of paper. Our grandparents used dip pens. Today we print our writing pieces on laptops and computers and submit them via emails or cloud storage services. The world of college studies has turned upside down since everyone has got a personal computer. Could we imagine some ten years ago that we would type our homework on the cellphone?

But many students are not aware of how easy their life could be with essay writing tools. This article by Custom-Writing.org experts explores the best essay helper tools and resources for all stages of preparing an essay. Take your time to study these apps and instruments, and save sleepless hours later!

1. ✍️ Essay Writing Tools by Custom-Writing.org

1.1. Online Summary Generator

This tool analyzes the patterns of any text, from a short story to a Ph.D. thesis. You can also summarize your own works to get perfect thesis statements and abstracts. The following benefits will win your heart!

  1. This online summary generator does not just leave the most critical information. It provides you with a structured outline of your document.
  2. If you summarize a long text, it will be divided into meaningful parts.
  3. The summary contains a visible transition from general to specific information.
  4. All the unnecessary information is deleted, saving your reading time.

1.2. Thesis Statement Generator

A thesis statement is the most challenging part of any essay. It is hard to condense 500 words into a single sentence. If it is an academic or research paper for several thousand words, the task becomes even more daunting. Complete the following steps and receive a perfect thesis statement in a second.

  1. Enter the topic of your paper. Just as the statement, it bears the principal idea, but in a generalized form. The subject shall be concise and brief so as not to confuse the generator.
  2. Enter your key findings. If they are yet to be discovered, provide the idea you expect to reach in conclusion.
  3. Enter the counterargument. It is a statement that contradicts your main argument.

1.3. Essay Topic Generator

Sometimes instructors avoid giving an exact topic. They provide you with a subject matter or a problematic issue. An intriguing title is a part of such an assignment. If it is your case, an essay topic generator is there to accelerate your preparation work.

  1. Enter your keyword. It works similarly to the Google search engine.
  2. Press “Search topics.”
  3. Look through the proposed ideas
  4. If you need more topic ideas, press the button again. A new list will be shown.

1.4. Compare to a Famous Writer

If writing is your vocation and you are proud of your works, this tool will compare them to famous personalities’ writing style. It is an excellent tool for self-development. If you read the books by the author, you will find your strong and weak points.

  1. Copy your text into the empty field.
  2. Press “Compare my writing style.”
  3. Read about the writer whose way of expressing their thoughts was similar to yours. The tool gives the names of their most notable works and a brief biography.

2. 🔧 Useful Online Essay Tools & Resources

2.1. Essay Tools to Generate a Topic

Mindmapping tools and apps are designed for creative brainstorming. They help structure your thoughts and derive new ideas that are unlikely to cross your mind without the software. You can use them to generate topics for your essay assignments. Besides, if you struggle with the correct formulation, these tools will also be helpful.

✔️MindMeisterThis essay tool allows you to visualize your ideas, organize them, and share them with anyone via cloud storage. It is an excellent tool to generate topics for the whole class, as there you can make comments and assign issues to specific people. There is a built-in chat to discuss any issue online.
✔️MindMupThe tool creates mind maps instantly available on any device. In addition to topic generation, you can create outlines for your academic papers, edit them, and store them for subsequent reference. Keyboard shortcuts will accelerate the process. There is an option to convert any mind map into a PDF or PowerPoint file.
✔️MiroMiro is an intuitively clear tool to create informational architecture and build a strategy. It is organized as a whiteboard with colorful stickers, structural trees, and insertable pictures. The free version provides three editable boards, which is enough to generate a compelling topic for your paper.

2.2. Essay Tools to Organize Your Work

If you do not start an academic paper with a clear structure, you will have to struggle with it the night before the deadline. Believe us, it takes less time and effort before the work is written, and the result is many times better! Multiple sources require a concise arrangement of your arguments, statements, and evidence. These tools can make this work engaging and painless.

✔️ZoteroZotero works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It collects, organizes, and structures your research information. Besides, it sorts your research into collections tagged with keywords. You can as well save the searches so that they are automatically filled in the course of work. The software has a quick bibliography function to create a list of sources in any citation style.
✔️OmekaThis is a free system of content management. Designed for scholars, libraries, and archives, it offers a flexible open-source platform for web publishing. It is user-friendly, so you do not need any special skills to use it. Create your collection of resources for any research project with Omeka.
✔️ScrivenerThis system is a compilation of writing tools. It is a typewriter, scrapbook, and ring-binder in one simple tool. It is not free, but a trial version can help with your first project as it lasts for 30 days and comprises the full version’s complete functionality. Many best-selling novelists and screenwriters use it daily, and they know on which side their bread is buttered.
✔️ReadCubeYou will discover how pleasant it is to be an essay writer when you use ReadCube. It’s an easy and useful library for all your papers.Just upload all of the files you have for your essay, and this essay tool will analyze them and identify the sources. This makes essay paper writing three times as fast. Why? Because after the sources have been identified, you can easily find any information you need!
✔️MendeleyMendeley is an innovative way to escape the chaos of research papers and organize everything in one place. It offers an easy-to-manage library that is up to you to fill with useful resources. Every file that goes into the library is available from your computer and smartphone at the same time.
Mendeley also hosts a global community of researchers in every scientific field! You can join these communities or follow their researchers and always be the first to hear groundbreaking news.

2.3. Essay Tools for Research

There is no need to spend days and nights at the local library since the Internet age provides access to almost any library worldwide. Besides, modern science is developing so rapidly that traditional libraries merely have no chance to beat the World Wide Web. Review the following tools that can accelerate any research.

✔️Google ScholarOne of the best databases for research is Google Scholar. It’s an easy-to-use website that archives thousands of scientific articles.With Google Scholar, you’ll have no problem finding the newest materials on any topic. Just type in a keyword, and read all the recent information!
✔️ScopusScopus allows for tracking the citation rate of scientific articles. It is also a bibliographical and referral base that indexes about 36 thousand publishers’ titles, including journals, trade journals, and book series. The service also allows search through patent databases. Scopus is multidisciplinary so that you can search outside your discipline.
✔️Web of ScienceWoS is a global citation database. It is independent of any publisher, so the search results are objective. It provides you with best-in-class citation data with convenient access and assessment instruments. The tool comprises specialty, data, patent, and regional indexes. All cited references and each article from every journal have been indexed, making it the most informative citation network.
✔️EBSCOHere you’ll find one of the largest electronic libraries. It offers database research, library technologies, access to e-books and audiobooks, paper book ordering service, and even a clinical decision-making resource. The latter would be particularly useful for medical students. The distinctive feature of this database is access to historical digital archives in various disciplines.

2.4. Essay Tools for Checking Grammar

If you’re like many students, you have probably thought, “I wonder how to make my sentences better.” And the answer is grammar! In fact, the main reason why students get low grades is poor grammar.

Although you can find a lot of materials on the most common mistakes in academic writing, another way to improve the quality of your text is to use a grammar-checking service. Such help with essay writing will allow you to make huge progress in proofreading.

✔️GrammarlyWhether you’re looking for ways to paraphrase an article or checking punctuation mistakes in your report, Grammarly is the first essay tool to use. It helps you fix grammar mistakes, improve sentence structure, rephrase sentences, or correct the style.
First, put your text in a new document. Then choose your type of writing. Is it a creative article? Or an academic paper? Your score, as well as the mistakes that the service finds, will depend on the type of writing you choose.
✔️Ginger Grammar CheckerGinger Software is another essay writing tool. Its goal is to find mistakes and typos in your paper. All you have to do when the service finishes its work is to fix the mistakes it detected.
This software is free to download, but you can also try its benefits out online.

2.5. Plagiarism Checkers

If you hand in a paper with poor grammar, you’ll get a low grade. But what if your paper isn’t original? The worst—you could be expelled.

It’s important to know how to rewrite a sentence to make it original. That’s why you should use synonyms more often and find some paraphrasing word generators. But, first of all—use a plagiarism detection tool.

✔️PlagScanPlagScan is a helpful assistant for checking your paper. It also has an enormous database (with billions of internet pages). But they have another significant feature that is useful for any student: PlagScan allows you to store your documents online. Moreover, this essay writing tool guarantees the privacy of your texts. No one except you will ever see them.
PlagScan is a software for writing papers that are 100% original. It’s used not only for academic writing but also for business purposes.
✔️PlagiarismaPlagiarisma is a universal plagiarism checker as it supports more than 190 languages. It is a free resource to detect copyright infringement in any text. Paste your writing into the empty field, and in a couple of minutes, you will receive the percentage of plagiarism in it for subsequent editing. The tool does not retain your uploaded content, so it is 100% secure.

2.6. Essay Tools for Editing Your Paper

When the writing part is over, you still have a lot of important things to do. Most of them can be united in a category called “Editing.”

Every publishing company has its own editors. Why? Because proofreading is difficult and time-consuming, and when writing a thesis, essay, or report, you have to do it all on your own. That’s why you may need an essay writing tool.

✔️Hemingway AppIt’s always interesting to know how other people see your writing. Even if it has perfect grammar and punctuation, a precise structure, and interesting arguments, it still can be boring.
But how would you know? Hemingway App is an innovative way of checking the readability of your paper. It reveals lengthy sentences, unnecessary adverbs, and complicated words.
✔️ReadableThis is another fantastic service to check your document’s readability. Just click “Score text” and enter your text. Then Readable will generate a report on how easy it is to read.
This report has several categories. One of them is the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. If you score 8 points or below, it means that more than 80% of readers will be able to understand your paper.
✔️After the DeadlineWant to proofread and edit your paper? After the Deadline service will show you the best ways to change your text. Just click on an underlined word, and you’ll see a list of possible synonyms.
This essay tool also finds grammar and stylistic mistakes. For example, it detects passive voice. The use of passive voice isn’t a mistake, but it’s usually better to use active voice in academic writing.

2.7. Essay Tools for Making References

References are the last thing you need to complete a paper. But for thousands of students, this last step turns out to be a challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating task.

Why? Because every college or university insists on a specific citation style, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and so on. Citing text online is easier than formatting it on your own. That’s why we found some useful tools to help you with this final to-do.

✔️CitaviWith Citavi, any piece of text you find on the Internet can be added to your citations. For this feature, add the plugin to your browser.
Citavi allows you to structure your citations, which is a great variant of creating an outline—by adding and classifying the quotes you want to use, you’ll develop an outline without even knowing it!
✔️CiteThisForMeCiteThisForMe has a functional interface and many cool features to try out. Its workspace is similar to Microsoft Word, so the navigation is pretty easy. This program has a lot of built-in text tools, but the main function is the ability to change your references into one of many citation styles.
✔️BibMeWith this tool, you can choose from the four most popular citation styles to format your bibliography. Change text online depending on what source you’re using—books, journals, websites, and more.
You can choose another citation style before you download a reference list—MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian styles are all available.

Now you’re ready to create an essay that your readers will adore. With the help of these essay tools, writing will become a pleasant and interesting hobby.

Which of these tools do you like the most? Leave a comment below!

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