LPI Essay Samples: An Effective Way to Prepare for the Test

Are you getting ready to write your Language Proficiency Index Exam essay? Well, your mission is rather difficult, and you will have to work hard.

One of the main secrets of successful LPI essays is perfect writing skills. So, if you practice writing, you have a chance to get the highest grade on your LPI essay.

In this article, we want to share some effective strategies on how to get ready for writing LPI essays and how to improve your writing skills (if you want to ace your grades quickly, use our custom writing service).

🔑 Reading as One of the Keys to Success

Of course, we do not mean that you have to practice reading. However, to write professionally (which is actually required for LPI essays), you need to read professionally written papers such as newspaper and magazine articles and pieces written by reputable journalists and professors.

Analyzing LPI Sample Essays

Reading and analyzing LPI sample essays is one of the most effective ways to get ready for the exam. Try to do the following when working with LPI essay samples.

  • Make notes when reading LPI essay samples. Particularly, pay attention to the structure used to build essays and sentences, specific writing techniques, etc. Practice writing similar sentences using the same techniques.
  • Pay attention to the vocabulary used in LPI essay samples. Make your own dictionary and write down all unusual adjectives, nouns, and verbs that you see in LPI essay samples. Make sure you know the meaning of every word.
  • Finally, consider topics covered in LPI sample essays and practice writing on the same topics.

In other words, practice and experience are the main factors that influence the results.

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💨 How to Write Good LPI Essays and Pass the Exam

When it comes to essay writing, very few people are naturals. If you aren’t one of them, you will just have to work hard to improve the writing skills that do not come easily to you. Remember: practice makes perfect.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your LPI grade and write a five-mark essay.

  1. Intensively study materials and memorize patterns that you can use in your own LPI essays.

    This is not an optional step—it is an absolute must if you want to pass the exam. Have no doubt: if you work hard, you will improve your writing and pass the LPI exam.
  2. Read a lot to improve your writing.

    The truth is simple: you cannot produce a piece of writing at a level you have never even read.

    So what’s the best way out?

    The first thing you should do is to read at the level at which you want to write. Read as much as you can for pleasure, and any improvement of writing skills will be a bonus.
Facts about learning
  1. Practice writing.

    To make writing easier for you, let your brain follow established patterns in logic, structure, grammar, and word choice. To establish these patterns in your subconscious, you have to read well-written materials. A lot of them.

    As you begin to read and write more, it will become more obvious when the words, sentences, and paragraphs in your essays are right or wrong. Not only that—you’ll also understand where the errors are and how you can correct them.
  2. Do self-assessment.It goes without saying that you have to know and understand where you make mistakes in order to correct them. You should not depend on a tutor to do this for you—the process of assessing yourself is incredibly helpful. Search online to find an essay writing rubric to identify your weakest areas and work on them first.
Facts about reading
  1. If English is not your first language, use the LPI study guides to improve your grammar.

    If you are preparing to write an LPI essay, it is especially important to focus on grammar. You should learn more about:
    • subject-verb agreement
    • misplaced modifiers
    • verb tense
    • articles
    • singular/plural agreement

      Pay particular attention to the past tense because you will need it for nearly all LPI essay topics.
  2. Practice the grammar, multiple choice, and summary parts of the exam so that you can handle them quickly and accurately.
    By making sure you can complete the other sections of the test in a confident and timely manner, you will have plenty of time to write your LPI essay. Plus, the first sections are meant to build your writing fluency, so they might benefit you to write the LPI exam essay.

✍️ LPI Essay Writing Tips

Use the following essay writing tips if you want to write better LPI essays.

  1. Read non-fiction essays like newspaper columns, magazine articles (Smithsonian, National Geographic, etc.), and online articles written by professional journalists and writers.
  2. Take written notes of effective sentences, paragraphs, and essay structures when reading the essays. Try to write something similar in your own words.
  3. Analyze the vocabulary in the essays. Make lists of verbs, nouns, and unusual adjectives. Pay special attention to the most frequent specialized vocabulary and synonyms. These will be your own “sample essay word bank” lists.
  4. Collect sample LPI essay topics from the LPI website or from a printed LPI study guide.
  5. For every sample LPI essay topic, make your personal word bank list of verbs, nouns, and adjectives.
  6. Try to compile at least eight of these word bank lists on LPI essay topics that you discovered in your research.
  7. Choose one of the sample LPI topics to practice essay writing. Write down several ways of approaching the topic. Think of at least three major points you can develop, one for each paragraph. Practice writing your own sentences with nouns and verbs from your personal word bank lists. Experiment with essay structure, organizing your writing in a similar way to the LPI sample essay you read.
  8. Try to write a sample paragraph similar to the one you found in the articles. Actively experimenting with writing can help you work out a style that flows for you.
  9. When you finish writing your LPI sample essay, show it to your tutor. Together, use an online rubric to classify the essay as “excellent” (6), “good” (5), “satisfactory” (4), or lower.
  10. If you do not have a tutor, keep reading, writing, and self-assessing until you are comfortable with your level of work. The practice will make you more confident about your essay writing skills.

After all this practice, you’re sure to get a high grade for your LPI essay and pass the exam. But the best reward of all? You will be 100% ready to cope with all of the tough academic reading and writing during your studies.

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