Which Argument Does Creon Make to Defend His Decision to Arrest and Execute Antigone?

In Sophocles’ play, when it appears that it was Antigone who broke the king’s law, Creon still goes on to arrest her. It does not matter to him that she is his son’s fiancĂ© and simply a woman. Creon sees himself as the highest power, and the order should be kept. Therefore, every criminal has to be punished.

As the new king, Creon decides to make sure everyone follows his orders. Since Polynices is considered a traitor, his body is to be left outside. The honor of the traditional burial ritual is reserved only for his brother, Eteocles. However, soon enough, it appears that someone buried Polynice’s body under cover of the storm. Creon is furious to find out about it and is ready to order a death penalty for a guard who usually brings the news. Scared guard arrests Antigone, who does not even deny that it was her fault.

Creon has hard times believing that his niece could do something like this. However, after their conversation, it becomes clear that she buried Polynices and completely admits it. Antigone is Haemon’s fiancĂ©, but it does not stop the king from making a harsh decision. Creon condemns his son’s beloved to death. Some people might disagree with such a decision, so he has an excuse. The king who believes that putting political order in the first place is the only way to rule cannot take his words back. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances are, everyone has to obey, and the guilty ones are to be punished.

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