Which Character Is Arrested for Burying Polynices?

When Creon becomes the new king, he immediately forbids anyone to bury Polynices’ body under the threat of death. However, his sister, Antigone, goes to give him a proper burial under cover of darkness. Soon enough, she gets arrested for this crime. Creon cannot take his words back, so he orders her punishment. 

Sophocles’ play begins with the discussion between two sisters. Antigone cannot believe the king is not going to honor Polynices with a proper burial. She decides to do it herself. Ismene tries to reason with her sister, saying that they have to obey the laws or they would become criminals. However, Antigone’s stubbornness takes over and she storms out. A bit later, the guard brings the news to the king that someone buried Polynices’ body the night before. The king is so mad that he is ready to punish the innocent guard. However, soon enough, the person guilty of that crime is brought to Creon. 

By now, the audience should have guessed that Antigone is the one who gets arrested for burying Polynices. She does not even deny the fact that it was her and is ready for any punishment. It seems like the tragic heroine has been ready for such a turn of events. Creon condemns her to death and orders the guards to build a tomb and put Antigone there alive. Left with no choice, she commits suicide, which triggers further tragic events. Antigone knew that there is a high chance that she would be arrested, but it does not seem like she would have changed anything is she could. 

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