What Role Does the Chorus Play in the First Half of Antigone?

The Chorus plays an important role throughout the whole play. They provide the audience with some valuable insights that help with the understanding of the main ideas and morals. However, in the first half of Antigone, the Chorus also fills the audience in with the background. It helps the play to run smoothly. 

The Chorus is put on the list of the main characters of Sophocles’ play for a reason. The time they get to chant on different topics helps the drama a lot in different ways. For example, sometimes, they would comment on the character’s actions, which gives some additional emotional support. However, the Chorus’s main role is providing background information. At the beginning of the Antigone, they give a brief summary of the events before and during the war. This way, the audience that is not familiar with the history of Thebes does not feel left out. Besides, it seems like a necessary element since the play is about the aftermath of that battle. 

Later in the play, the Chorus continues adding some historical notes. However, it is important to mention that all of them are related to the scenes. Therefore, such interludes serve as extra help for the audience. They are meant to support the mood of the play and highlight the details that could have been missed. Sometimes, the Chorus also offers words of advice to the characters, like it is in the scene when Creon questions his decision. It plays a vital role in understanding all the moral points in Antigone. 

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