What Report Does the Guard Deliver to Creon?

Just after Creon has passed the order about a restriction regarding Polynices’ body, a guard arrives to deliver unexpected news. Someone dared to break the law and buried the body. Later, the audience finds out that it was Antigone who decided to follow the customs and give her brother the proper burial ritual. 

After Polynices and Eteocles kill each other in the war for Thebes, Creon becomes the new king. However, he has his own views on that situation. Since Polynices was the one who tried to win the throne, Creon refuses to give him the honor of a proper burial. His brother’s body is treated with respect, though. It is the king’s final word, and anyone who goes against it shall be punished. A bit later, a guard arrives with news. It is obvious that he is troubled by something and afraid of Creon’s reaction. The guard says that Polynices’ body was buried during the storm. 

Creon becomes extremely mad that someone dared to break the law. He threatens to punish the innocent guard. Scared for his life, the guard does his best to find the criminal. It appears that it was Antigone, so he takes her to the king. Such news is the second shocking report Creon gets. There is no other choice but to punish the perpetrator. Creon’s pride does not allow him to take his words back, so he orders to kill his son’s fiancĂ©. Meanwhile, the guard is forgiven since he found the guilty person. 

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