What Is the Goal of the Protagonist in Antigone?

Antigone is the protagonist in Sophocles’ play, and her main aim is to bury her brother properly. Creon is a strict ruler and passes the law that forbids anyone from burying Polynices. However, she is not afraid of possible consequences, and even Ismene cannot change her mind. Antigone is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. 

Sophocles gives some explanation at the beginning of the play regarding the events after the war. Creon becomes a new king and decides to honor the protector of Thebes, Eteocles. However, the second brother, Polynices, who was on the other side, is now considered a traitor. The king refuses to bury him and forbids anyone to do under any circumstances. Yet, not everyone supports his point of view. Antigone considers such a decision as a disrespectful act towards the gods. For years, the burial process has been the same according to traditions. The girl cares more about it than some man’s orders. Therefore, she decides to do it anyway. 

Ismene tries to reason with her sister, but Antigone is desperate to give her brother a proper burial. She knows she would become a criminal if she does it. However, the protagonist is ready to pay this price in the name of the gods. Eventually, Antigone achieves her goal and buries Polynices’ body. It can also be considered as a gesture of protest against the king’s will. Antigone has never been as obedient as her sister. Breaking the law was a perfect chance to show it.

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