In Antigone, Who Reveals the Details of the Battle to the Audience?

In Sophocles’ play, the Chorus plays an important role in filling in all the background details for the audience. One of such moments is when they reveal some information about the battle. Since the events of Antigone describe what happens after it, the war for Thebes needs to be presented as well. 

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Sophocles introduces one character in the play that just makes sense. The Chorus appears to be a vital part of Antigone since they add many details about the past. Sometimes, their chant is about the gods or mythological characters, but those additional parts are always related to the previous scene. The play begins with the main heroine, Antigone, having a conversation with her sister. They are talking about the recent Creon’s law that forbids to bury Polynices’ body. Antigone is furious about such nonsense and plans on honoring her brother anyway. Later, it leads to a chain of tragic events. However, the scene becomes much clearer after a short explanation. 

The Chorus appears to tell the audience about the cause of that whole situation. It was the day after a huge clash. It all started when the two sons of Oedipus failed to share the right for a throne. Polynices left the city to create an army. His brother, Eteocles, stayed on the other side to protect Thebes. The outcome of the war was quite tragic. While the city was defended, the two brothers killed each other. Creon was left to rule. He was also the one who dishonored Polynices for treachery and did not bury him. The Chorus reveals all those details at the beginning of the play. 

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