What Motivates Antigone to Defy Creon’s Decree by Burying Her Brother?

In Sophocles’ play, Antigone has her own reasons to stand by her decision to bury Polynices. Even though it is the king’s order, she does it anyways. The main reason Antigone goes against the law is that the gods’ will is always stronger than some man’s words. Therefore, Creon’s orders do not mean too much for her.

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The new king of Thebes, Creon, believes in the success of political order. He thinks that as long as people obey his rules, there will be peace in the city. However, not everybody agrees with that. The next day after the end of the war, Creon decides that Polynices is not worthy of a proper burial ritual. Moreover, anyone who goes against his order shall be punished. It is not long before Antigone is caught burying her brother. Creon has a hard time believing that she could have done something like that. However, the girl admits it was her and highlights that it was the right thing to do. Therefore, Antigone has a strong motif for breaking the law. 

The main heroine completely disagrees with Creon that the king’s wish is always correct. She argues that there are higher powers that do not care much about the rulers. People in Thebes have old burial traditions that respect the gods’ will. By denying Polynices the right to be properly buried, Creon offends the gods and risks being cursed. Even though the king himself does not believe in it, Antigone knows that it is true. She is ready to become a criminal and receive her punishment only to pay the honor Polynices and the gods of death. 

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