Antigone Essay Prompts, Topics, & Examples

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đź’ˇ Antigone Essay Prompts

  1. Who is the protagonist in Antigone? It might be a tricky but rewarding Antigone analysis essay. Even though it looks like Antigone should be the protagonist, Creon also suits this role. Consider both of them and compare the arguments to determine the best candidate. Try not to forget about Aristotle’s point of view on it.
  2. Discuss Antigone’s behavior in terms of gender roles. Since this issue is one of the play’s main themes, it may be worth analyzing it in your writing. Create an Antigone versus Creon essay where you would look at their conflict from the perspective of gender roles. Does Antigone agree with her place as a woman?
  3. How is humor used in the play? It is an excellent topic for those tired of doing the usual literary analysis. Try to find the most exciting moments where humor is used. Why would Sophocles put it there? Do the characters use irony or satire as well?
  4. What is the role of the Chorus? It should be a strong argumentative essay about Antigone. First, gather all the information about the Chorus, even the stage position counts. Then, look at how it addresses the audience and the characters. Does the Chorus have any influence over the plot development?
  5. Write about the significance of refusal in the play. Do you remember how many times characters get refused? It happens a lot! Try to look into it and find out why it appears like such an essential element in the play. To write this persuasive essay on Antigone, analyze one or more characters who say “no” the most.
  6. Analyze Creon as a tragic hero. No wonder that the king appears to be a tragic hero. Gather all the evidence that supports this argument. For example, you can mention that his pride is his main flaw, which causes all the issues. Creating this essay about Antigone’s tragic hero becomes easier after reading a detailed character analysis.
  7. Why is suicide so common in Antigone? It would be an essay on Antigone‘s themes. One of the most important ideas in the play is related to death and mortality. How is Creon connected to it? Why do the other characters see the only way to change their fates in committing suicide?
  8. Discuss the central symbols in the play. In this essay on Antigone‘s literary analysis, you must find symbols that occur in the play most frequently. For example, the characters mention birds many times. Some of them are just comparisons, but the others, like in Tiresias’ warning, carry a special meaning.
  9. What is the significance of abuse and physical violence in the play? Try to find as many examples as possible. Then analyze them and see what role physical violence plays. For instance, Antigone suffered a lot as a child. She was growing up with envy and hatred towards her sister, Ismene. How do you think it affected Antigone’s decisions?
  10. What is the role of faith and religion in Antigone and Creon’s fight? Antigone poses herself as devoted to the will of the gods. She values customs more than the king’s laws. Creon, on the other hand, believes in the political order. Why do you think he is ready to disrespect the gods while the Greeks would usually do the opposite?

đź“ť Antigone Essay Examples

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