14 Best AI Detectors for Students in 2024

AI technology is increasingly used to create content in various fields, including education, media, and even jurisprudence. Although AI tools can make different writing tasks much easier, they may also tempt writers to pass AI texts off as their own. This is a huge problem in the academic field, as such an unethical use of AI violates academic integrity.

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That is why there arose a need for accurate detection of AI-generated content. AI detectors can help ensure that ChatGPT and other AI tools are used responsibly and ethically.

In this article, our custom writing team has discussed the 14 best AI detectors for students in 2024, their key features, pros, and cons.

Read on to find the one that suits your requirements!

🕵️‍♂️ What Is an AI Detector?

AI detectors are online tools for finding content generated by the chatbot. AI writing checkers use reverse engineering language patterns to identify predictive text. In other words, the machine analyzes a written document and then applies algorithms to find patterns within these words. If a pattern is easy to identify, the probability that it was written by artificial intelligence is higher.

If you want to learn more about the mechanisms underlying AI detectors, we recommend reading our article on how AI detectors work.

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🤔 How Reliable Are AI Detectors?

The developers of AI detectors often claim that their tools’ accuracy rates are 95% or higher. ZeroGPT, for example, states that its detector’s accuracy exceeds 98%. In practice, however, AI may sometimes fail to detect AI-generated content (false negatives) or mistakenly classify human-written text as AI-generated (false positives). So, just like ChatGPT can produce inaccurate and unreliable results, AI detectors can make mistakes in content evaluation.

Even though AI checkers still have room for improvement, their ability to analyze text patterns and identify unnatural language can help if you have suspicions about the use of AI in the text. Besides, students can use AI detectors to double-check their papers before submitting them and ensure their work does not look AI-generated.

⭐ What Is the Best AI Detector? Top 14 Tools

We have analyzed the best AI detectors, including their distinct features, pricing, advantages, and downsides. Check out the table below to find the one perfect for you!

ToolBest forExtra featuresHighlight AI textFree planStarting price
Custom-Writing AI CheckerHigh school or college studentsGuide, many other writing toolsYesYesFree
Originality AIEditors and publishersBatch file upload, Chrome extension, plagiarism checkerYesNo$14.95 per month
Winston AI DetectionBest for content writers, website owners, and teachersPlagiarism checker, file upload, OCR technologyYesLimitedFree (up to 2,000 words)
Sapling AI DetectorStudentsChrome extension, Share Certificate featureYesYesFree (2,000 characters per query)
StudyCorgi GPT DetectorStudentsGuide, many other writing toolsYesYesFree
GPTZeroEducators, studentsBatch file upload, plagiarism checkerYesLimitedFree (10,000 words per month)
IvyPanda GPT Essay CheckerStudentsGuide, many other writing toolsYesYesFree
Content at ScaleContent makers, businesses, studentsSentence-level analysisYesYesFree (2,500 characters per query)
CopyleaksContent writers, educatorsChrome extension, plagiarism checker, multilingual detectionYesLimitedFree (5 checks per day)
Hugging Face GPT DetectorDevelopers, researchers, businessesNo extra featuresNoYesFree
GLTR AI CheckerStudentsHistogramsYesYesFree
WriterLarge teams or enterprises, professional writersPlagiarism checkerNoYesFree (1,500 characters per query)
Crossplag AI DetectorIndividual usersPlagiarism checker, file uploadNoYesFree (registration required)
Kazan SEOContent writersChrome extension, Bulk AI DetectorNoYesFree (registration required)

1. Custom-Writing AI Checker

This image shows the pros and cons of Custom Writing AI Checker.

AI Checker for Essays by Custom-Writing.org can come in handy if you want to check an essay or research paper. With its help, you can quickly find AI-generated fragments in academic writing for free.

How It Works

To use the AI Checker for Essays, you need to paste text that does not exceed 4,500 characters in the appropriate field of the tool. For higher precision, add a brief description of the text of up to 250 characters. Then, click the button “Analyze” and give the detector a couple of seconds to prepare the result.

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The tool will provide you with two histograms and the analyzed text with the words highlighted in different colors according to their probabilities of being generated by AI.

If you want to test how the tool works, you can check some of the ChatGPT essay examples we’ve provided in our article.

Key Features

The AI Checker for Essays has several outstanding features:

  • Highlighting AI text. The tool uses different colors to mark the sections of text that are most and least likely generated by AI.
  • Graphic results. The detector shows detailed results in the form of two histograms: “AI text probability” and “Fraction of probability”.
  • Adding a title or description. The tool allows you to enter a topic or title of the text for a more accurate result.
  • Word-by-word analysis. By clicking on each word in the “Analysis” section, you’ll see the probability of each word being used by a chatbot and its top 5 most likely alternatives.
  • Extensive character limit. The tool allows you to check 4,500 characters at a time.
  • Guide. On the page with the tool, you’ll find a guide on how to use it and helpful information about AI-generated texts.

Pros & Cons

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of AI Checker for Essays:

✅ Free
✅ Unlimited number of tries
✅ Simple and intuitive interface
✅ Graphical presentation of results
❌ No file upload option

Best for: AI Checker is a perfect choice for high school or college students since it is free and easy to use. If you’re not sure why students might need to check their papers for AI content, read our article on whether the use of ChatGPT is considered cheating.

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2. Originality AI

This image shows the pros and cons of Originality AI.

Originality AI is one of the most effective AI checkers on the market, designed to detect AI content and plagiarism in text. It can scan various types of content, including SEO, educational, marketing, and academic works. This generator can show not only the level of AI-generated content but also the percentage of plagiarism.

How It Works

Originality AI works on a modified version of the BERT model and boasts 94%+ accuracy on the content created with GPT-3, GPT-3.5, ChatGPT, and GPT-4. The tool can even identify AI content that has been paraphrased.

To use Originality AI, copy and paste your content into the text box on the website. The tool will show what percentage of your text is original and what percentage is AI-generated. Also, the checker will highlight AI-generated portions in red and human-written passages in green.

Key Features

Originality AI has the following features:

  • Wide range of detectable AI content. The tool can identify GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 content with an accuracy of up to 99%.
  • Free AI detection Chrome extension. With a Chrome extension, you can scan text in Google documents or on any other website.
  • Team management. This feature allows organizations to add and remove employees or monitor their use of the tool.
  • Shareable reports. You can easily share the content analysis with a shareable link.
  • Multilingual support. The tool supports multiple languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, German, and more!
  • Full website scan. You can enter a website URL to see how much and how often it relies on AI writing.

Pros & Cons

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Originality AI:

✅ High accuracy
✅ Free Chrome extension
✅ Plagiarism checker
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Responsive customer service
❌ Lack of free trial
❌ Possible false positives

Best for: Originality.AI is suitable for editors and writers since it specializes in content to be published online or in print.

3. Winston AI Detection

This image shows the pros and cons of Winston AI Detection.

Winston AI is an AI detector suitable for writers, educators, and web publishers. It can recognize content created with generative AI tools such as Gemini, ChatGPT, GPT-4, and other Large Language Models (LLM). In addition, Winston AI supports optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which allows users to detect AI content in images.

How It Works

To use Winston AI, you should create a free account. After that, you can paste the content you want to check in the appropriate field of the tool or upload a .docx, .png, or .jpg file. Click the button to scan the text and check the result.

The AI detector will indicate the likelihood of a text being created by AI on a scale from 0 to 100%. In addition, the checker will give you a sentence-by-sentence assessment and create a printable report.

Key Features

Winston AI has the following outstanding features:

  • Multilingual support. The tool supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. The developers plan to add more languages in the future.
  • OCR technology. This feature allows you to scan images and handwriting to find the traces of AI.
  • File upload. The checker supports multiple file formats, including .docx, .png, and .jpg.
  • Shareable PDF reports. It is convenient to create reports with detailed assessments, which you can share with others.
  • Integrated plagiarism detection. You can activate a built-in plagiarism checker to scan your text for plagiarized content.

Pros & Cons

Check out Winston AI’s pros and cons below:

✅ Built-in plagiarism detection and readability score
✅ Multilingual support
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Previous scanning records
✅ Multiple file formats
✅ Color-coded results
❌ Mandatory sign-up
❌ No URL scanning option
❌ Free plan limited to 2000 words

Best for: Winston AI detector is useful for writers, teachers, and website owners since it boasts high accuracy and allows for checking various content formats.

4. Sapling AI Detector

This image shows the pros and cons of Sapling AI detector.

Sapling AI Detector is a web-based checker that can recognize GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 content. It was created by former researchers at Google, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley. The tool claims to detect 97% of AI-generated text and has several additional functions, such as a grammar and punctuation checker and sentence rewrite.

How It Works

Sapling AI Detector uses machine learning to identify passages written by AI and show a percentage of how likely a text is AI-generated.

All you need to do is type or paste the text and click the button. The detector will provide the overall score and a shareable link to the result, which expires in 3 days. Below the score, you will also see an overall text and sentence-by-sentence analysis with AI-generated parts highlighted in red.

Key Features

Here are some of the Sapling AI Detector’s standout features:

  • Comprehensive AI detection. The tool can detect GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 content.
  • Overall and per-sentence analysis. Sapling AI Detector analyzes an overall text and individual sentences to help you make better judgments about the content.
  • Highlighted text. The tool highlights the text in two colors: red marks sentences entirely written by AI, while light red marks partially AI-generated sentences.
  • Integration with third-party apps. You can use the detector with apps like MS Word, Google Docs, Slack, Gmail, Notion, and more.

Pros & Cons

Sapling AI Detector has the following pros and cons:

✅ Easy to use
✅ Trained on the latest AI models
✅ Free plan
✅ AI writing assistant & grammar checker
✅ Perfect for short texts
✅ Integration with third-party apps
❌ 2,000-character limit per query
❌ Not as accurate as some other tools

Best for: Sapling AI is an excellent choice for students and everyone looking for a free AI detector. It allows for checking short texts and doesn’t require registration.

5. StudyCorgi GPT Detector

This image shows the pros and cons of StudyCorgi GPT Detector.

StudyCorgi Chat GPT Detector for Essays is a valuable online tool that will suit the requirements of students. It can identify which parts of the text look AI-generated, thus helping students spot the essay sections that need improvement. Additionally, the tool will indicate if the consistency of your text is unclear, if there are errors in grammar and style, or if it is just hard to understand for a reader.

If you wish to use AI in your academic work but don’t want your papers to sound robotic, read our helpful guide on how to use ChatGPT to write an essay.

How It Works

To check the text with the help of Chat GPT Detector for Essays, paste your text in the appropriate field and enter its topic, title, or short description. Then, click “Check the text,” and the tool will provide an analysis.

You will see two bar charts and a detailed analysis of the text. All words will be marked according to their likelihood of being AI-generated. You can also switch between bar charts to check AI text probability and a fraction of probability.

Key Features

Chat GPT Detector by StudyCorgi is a valuable tool due to the following features:

  • Large character limit. The detector allows you to check up to 4,500 characters at a time.
  • Histograms. The tool provides a detailed analysis of the text using two histograms — AI text probability and a fraction of probability.
  • Text topic or description. By adding a text topic, you can get a more accurate result.
  • AI text highlighting. The detector highlights words in different colors. By clicking on each word, you can see other words often used in this context.
  • Inconsistent content detection. The detector warns you about the problematic content, which is hard to assess for AI authorship. It might be either grammar, style, or overall logic that looks suspicious.

Pros & Cons

Check out Chat GPT Detector benefits and drawbacks in the table below:

✅ Created especially for students
✅ Detailed analysis in a graphic format
✅ Free
✅ No usage limits
❌ No file upload feature

Best for: StudyCorgi Chat GPT Detector is perfect for students because it is free and provides text analysis in a clear and simple format. It will help students overcome ethical issues related to the use of ChatGPT.

6. GPTZero

This image shows the pros and cons of GPTZero.

GPTZero is an AI text checker created by Princeton University computer science graduate Edward Tian to assist educators in detecting AI written text. According to the developer, the detector was trained on a broad set of human-written and AI-generated material, with a focus on English prose.

How It Works

GPTZero looks at the perplexity and burstiness of a text to determine whether it was created by a machine or a human. To try the tool, go to the GPTZero website, enter or upload the text you want to check, and click “Check Origin.” The detector will show the probability of a text being written by AI and highlight sentences that are likely to be generated by ChatGPT.

Key Features

Check out GPTZero’s outstanding features:

  • Perplexity score. The tool provides you with a perplexity score, namely the level of the randomness of a text. The higher the perplexity value, the higher the probability that the content is written by a human.
  • Burstiness score. GPTZero provides a burstiness score to show whether there is uniformity or pattern in the analyzed text.
  • Highlighted AI text. For your convenience, the detector highlights sentences that are most likely to be generated by AI.
  • API integration. The developer made the GPTZero API accessible to anyone who wants to incorporate it into their systems.
  • Batch file upload. This feature allows you to upload and check multiple files at once, saving significant time and effort.

Pros & Cons

GPTZero is one of the most popular AI detectors used by teachers thanks to its valuable features, but it also comes with certain disadvantages. Check out the tool’s pros and cons:

✅ Free plan
✅ Highlights AI text
✅ Easy to use
✅ Integration with other platforms
✅ Batch file upload
❌ Still under development
❌ Below-average accuracy
❌ Paid API integration
❌ Sing-up required to view detailed scores

Best for: GPTZero is best for teachers because, apart from AI detection, it offers features like project and classroom organization and education safeguards for minimal false positives. Besides, the tool is suitable for people on a tight budget as it offers a free plan.

7. IvyPanda GPT Essay Checker

This image shows the pros and cons of IvyPanda GPT Essay Checker.

GPT Essay Checker by IvyPanda is a free online AI detector that will help you determine whether a text was written by a human or AI. The checker provides a detailed analysis based on which you can make your final decision about the content.

How It Works

Using GPT Essay Checker is easy: just copy and paste the content you want to check, click the button, and follow the prompts to interpret the analysis. This tool doesn’t give a definitive answer. Instead, it shows the risk of the text being generated by AI.

This AI detector also uses color-coding to show which parts of the content look more or less AI-generated:

  • If your text is marked mainly red with some orange words, it was most likely generated by an AI.
  • If the text has many words highlighted orange, green, and blue, it is likely to be human-made.

Key Features

GPT Essay Checker by IvyPanda has the following features:

  • Highlight AI text. The tool highlights words in different colors depending on how likely they were generated by AI.
  • Visual results. The detector shows an AI Text Probability chart with the percentage of words more and less likely generated by ChatGPT.
  • User-friendly interface. You should just paste the text and click the button to get the result. The website also offers a detailed guide to help you interpret the chart and text analysis.

Pros & Cons

IvyPanda GPT Essay Checker has the following pros and cons:

✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Free
✅ No restrictions on use
✅ Visual results
❌ No file upload
❌ No field to enter a topic for more accurate results
❌ No fraction of probability chart

Best for: GPT Essay Checker is a perfect online tool for students due to its simple interface. In addition, the detector gives you full control over interpreting the result since it does not provide a definitive answer.

8. Content at Scale

This image shows the pros and cons of Content at Scale.

Content at Scale is a free AI detection tool for content marketers and academics. It can detect AI content produced by ChatGPT, GPT-3, and other AI models. It bases its content score on the text’s predictability, probability, and pattern.

How It Works

The Content at Scale detector is one of the most straightforward tools. All you need to do is paste the text into the appropriate field, click “Check for AI Content,” and wait several seconds.

The tool will provide a human probability score from 0% to 100% and will highlight the words in different colors based on how likely they are generated by AI. For example, green marks the sentences most likely written by a human, while red highlights parts most likely to be AI-generated.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Content at Scale:

  • Comprehensive coverage of various AI models. The tool can identify GPT-2, GPT-3, 3.5, and ChatGPT content.
  • Simplified scoring. Content at Scale has simplified the scoring process to provide an overall yes/no/maybe result.
  • In-depth analysis down to the sentence level. Due to this feature, you can find the sentences that trigger AI detection due to their artificial structure.
  • Visual representation. The tool uses color-coding to mark content that is more or less likely to be AI-generated.

Pros & Cons

Content at Scale has the following benefits and pitfalls:

✅ No sign-up needed
✅ Easy to use
✅ Free plan
✅ Visual result
✅ Sentence-by-sentence analysis
❌ Limited accuracy
❌ No URL scanning
❌ No file upload

Best for: Content at Scale is a perfect tool for content creators and businesses because its Pro plan offers access to AI writing capabilities, like undetectable AI rewrites, along with extensive AI detection. Students can also use this AI detector to protect themselves against academic dishonesty.

9. Copyleaks

This image shows the pros and cons of Copyleaks.

Copyleaks is an effective online tool that combines plagiarism and AI content detection to protect the authenticity of written works. With an accuracy of over 98%, Copyleaks successfully identifies AI-generated content created by various language models: ChatGPT (including GPT-4), Jasper, Gemini, and T5. The tool helps individuals, educators, and businesses to ensure the originality and integrity of their written materials.

How It Works

Copyleaks employs advanced AI-powered algorithms to detect AI-generated content, called the “fight fire with fire” strategy. In addition, the tool was trained on trillions of crawled and user-sourced content pages from universities and enterprises worldwide.

You can use Copyleaks for free without registration, but you’ll be able to select only the “Basic” model and check only 5 texts per day. Paste the text you want to scan for AI into the tool and click the “Check” button. You will receive a result in the form of a statement saying whether or not the tool detected AI content. The AI detector will also highlight AI text in red.

Key Features

Copyleaks has the following helpful features:

  • Complete AI model coverage. The tool can detect content created by ChatGPT (including GPT-4), Gemini, and newer models.
  • Detection of plagiarism and paraphrased AI content. Copyleaks is highly confident in identifying potentially plagiarized or paraphrased AI-generated text.
  • Source code detection. With the help of this detector, you can guarantee complete source code security and transparency with the function that recognizes AI-generated source code, including GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT, and others.
  • Detection across multiple languages. Copyleaks supports many languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, and more. However, the most accurate detection is in English.
  • Browser extension. The detector has a browser extension that allows you to scan any internet page for AI-written content.
  • LMS and API integration. Copyleaks can be integrated into a website or Learning Management System (LMS) via API.

Pros & Cons

Check Copyleaks’ pros and cons listed below:

✅ Chrome extension
✅ Multilingual detection
✅ API and LMS integration
✅ Plagiarism detection
✅ Highlights AI text
❌ Varying detection accuracy
❌ Limited free plan

Best for: Since Copyleaks can be integrated with LMSs like Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle, it is suitable for educators to detect plagiarism and AI content. The tool is also a good choice for content writers because it offers detection in over 30 languages and combines plagiarism and AI checks.

10. Hugging Face GPT Detector

This image shows the pros and cons of Hugging Face GPT Detector.

Hugging Face GPT detector is software that assists AI and machine learning experts in developing and deploying deep learning models. It scans and analyzes text to determine the likelihood of human-generated and AI-generated content. Hugging Face displays results in decimals, making them difficult to grasp for non-technical people.

How It Works

Hugging Face GPT Detector uses the RoBERTa model to detect the text generated by GPT-2. To use it, you should paste the text you want to check and wait for the result.

The tool will show the percentage score, indicating how likely the text is “real” or “fake.” Unfortunately, the detector doesn’t highlight AI content, so you won’t be able to know which parts need improvement. Besides, the accuracy of the score depends on the text’s length. The result becomes reliable when the text contains a minimum of 50 tokens (about 38 words).

Key Features

The Hugging Face GPT Detector has the following features:

  • GPT-2 output detection model. The tool is designed to detect texts created by the GPT-2 model.
  • Transformers implementation of RoBERTa. The detector is based on the RoBERTa, a transformer-based language model, which is an improved version of BERT.
  • Fine-tuning on a specific data set. The tool lets users fine-tune the pre-trained model on their individual data set. This way, users can customize the detector to their needs and get more accurate results.

Pros & Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of Hugging Face GPT Detector look as follows:

✅ Free
✅ Simple user interface
✅ Fast analysis
❌ Detects only GPT-2 output
❌ Not as reliable as other AI content detectors

Best for: Hugging Face GPT Detector is a perfect choice for technical teams since it allows them to fine-tune the AI detection model to meet their unique needs. Non-technical users can also use the tool to detect GPT-2 content.

11. GLTR AI Checker

This image shows the pros and cons of GLTR AI Checker.

GLTR AI Checker is an online tool created by the MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and Harvard Natural Language Processing group. It examines each word in the text and estimates how likely it is to be generated by AI. While this checker can detect GPT-2 content, it may not be useful for analyzing text from more recent models such as GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.

How It Works

GLTR identifies AI content based on its predictability since computer-generated text follows a pattern or sequence. The tool analyzes how predictable each word is in the given context.

To use the detector, paste your text and click “Analyze.” The tool won’t give you a definitive answer as to whether your content is AI-generated. Instead, it will show you the result in the form of three histograms. You will also see your text with each word highlighted in different colors. Green and yellow denote words likely to be used by AI, while red and purple highlight words unlikely to be used by chatbots.

Key Features

GLTR AI Checker has the following features:

  • GPT-2 detection. GLTR AI Checker has access to OpenAI’s GPT-2 117M language model. It allows the tool to compare the given text to the GPT-2 output and, thus, identify how likely the content is AI-generated.
  • Visual representation. The tool uses color-coding to mark words with different likelihood of being AI-generated.
  • Histograms. Apart from highlighting AI text, the detector provides three histograms: top word count, fraction of probability, and the entropy of a prediction.

Pros & Cons

GLTR AI Checker has the following benefits and pitfalls:

✅ Free
✅ No sign-up required
✅ Visual results
✅ High accuracy for GPT-2 content
❌ Doesn’t detect content from recent AI models
❌ Results can be difficult to understand

Best for: GLTR AI Checker is suitable for those searching for a reliable detector for GPT-2 content.

12. Writer

This image shows the pros and cons of Writer AI Content Detector.

Writer is an AI writing helper that includes generative AI and AI detection. The Writer AI Content Detector can identify AI texts generated by various AI models, including GPT-3 and GPT-4. This tool is designed for teams and enterprises, but individual users can also benefit from its free AI detector, which is available without registration.

How It Works

Writer AI Content Detector analyzes your text and calculates how much of it has been generated by AI. To use the tool, paste or enter your content into the appropriate field and click “Analyze text.” If you have a lengthy document, you need to break it up since the tool has a limit of 1,500 characters (about 300 words) per query. As a result, you will receive a percentage score of how likely the text is AI-generated or human-written.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Writer AI Content Detector:

  • URL scan feature. With Writer AI, you can input the URL of the text-containing page, and the tool will automatically extract the first 1,500 characters and perform an AI content analysis.
  • Integration with third-party services. The tool integrates with services like Figma, Contentful, and Chrome.
  • Team collaboration. Writer AI is a perfect choice for teams thanks to its Team plan, which allows a group of up to 5 members to scan 500,000 words per month through the API.
  • Simple AI scoring. Although the detector does not highlight AI text, it shows the result as a percentage score. Therefore, you can easily understand whether the content is AI-generated.

Pros & Cons

Check the Writer AI Content Detector’s pros and cons listed below:

✅ No sign-up needed
✅ Free
✅ High accuracy
✅ Easy to use
✅ Team collaboration
✅ URL scanning
❌ Character limit
❌ No text highlighting

Best for: Writer AI is best for teams or enterprises due to its outstanding team collaboration feature. In addition, professional writers can benefit from this tool since Writer AI has not only AI detection but also many other advanced features, like AI writing assistance.

13. Crossplag AI Detector

This image shows the pros and cons of Crossplag AI Detector.

Crossplag AI Detector is another online tool to spot AI-generated content. It offers several pricing plans and has a user-friendly interface. You can use this tool for free, but you have to create an account first.

How It Works

Crossplag AI Detector is trained to accurately guess the text’s origin using a combination of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. The tool allows you to check 3,000 words at once.

To use this tool, log in to your account, enter the text into the field, and click “Check.” The Crossplag AI Detector shows the result as the AI Content Index, ranging from 0% to 100%. The higher the percentage, the more likely the text is AI-generated. Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t highlight AI text, so you won’t be able to see where your content looks artificial.

Key Features

Crossplag AI Detector is a good checker due to the following features:

  • Plagiarism checking. With the help of this tool, you can not only detect AI text but also scan your content for plagiarism.
  • Simple scoring. Crossplag gives users an easy-to-understand percentage that indicates how likely the text is AI-generated and allows users to make the final decision.
  • No data storage. Users do not need to be concerned about their data when using Crossplag AI Detector. The tool does not save any information, providing users with complete privacy and security.

Pros & Cons

Crossplag AI Detector has the following benefits and pitfalls:

✅ Free plan
✅ File upload
✅ Plagiarism detection
✅ Data privacy and security
✅ Flexible pricing
✅ Easy-to-understand results
❌ False negatives
❌ AI detection only in English

Best for: The Crossplag AI Detector is a comprehensive solution for individual users looking to ensure the originality of their texts and concerned about their data security.

14. Kazan SEO

This image shows the pros and cons of Kazan SEO.

Kazan SEO is a website that started as an SEO content optimizer. Now, it offers many different tools, including a specialized AI detection tool for analyzing SEO content. This detector is free and unlimited and requires only registration to use.

How It Works

Identifying AI-generated text is quite simple with the help of Kazan SEO. After you create a free account, paste your text into the field and click the “Detect” button. The tool will analyze the text and provide a score indicating how likely the content is AI-generated.

Instead of a simple yes or no answer, Kazan SEO provides a score based on its analysis of various factors, including sentence structure, vocabulary choices, and overall writing style. The bigger chunks of text you provide, the more accurate the result you receive.

Key Features

Kazan SEO can perform the following functions:

  • GPT-3 detection. The detector can identify texts written by the GPT-3 model.
  • Fake vs. real identification. Kazan SEO examines your content and returns an output indicating whether the text is “fake” (AI-generated) or “real” (human-written).
  • Bulk detection. This feature allows you to scan multiple URLs for AI content.
  • SEO tools. You can find various SEO tools on one platform, making your writing experience more convenient.

Pros & Cons

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the Kazan SEO AI detector:

✅ Free
✅ Bulk URL detection
✅ Additional SEO tools
✅ Unlimited text length
❌ Mandatory registration
❌ Low accuracy
❌ Poor user interface design

Best for: Kazan SEO is created mainly for those working with website content since it offers various SEO tools and allows users to check URLs for AI text.

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