Best AI for Homework: 17 Helper Apps + 7 Bonus Study Tools

Even the brightest college students can face problems with their homework. Sometimes, assignments can be too complex, or there may not be enough time to complete the tasks on time. Sadly, students rarely get enough help, which leads to disappointment and bad grades.

Surely you want to avoid this situation, but how?

Well, we’ve got the answer! In this article written by our custom-writing experts, you’ll find only the best AI-powered tools for homework. We will review their pros and cons and show how they can help you complete your tasks more efficiently.

🤖 What Are AI Homework Tools

AI homework tools are websites and online apps that assist students in completing all kinds of academic assignments. Some can help with exam preparation, while others generate topics, check your grammar, or even write whole essays.

The most important feature of such study tools is that they’re based on GPT language models and their alternatives. It makes them powerful enough to:

  • Understand any query perfectly well.
  • Modify texts to make them better suit your needs.
  • Make the results sound fluent and human-like.

Most of these apps require you to enter some information about your task. They use it to formulate a prompt and generate a result based on your input.

All AI tools reviewed in this article are 100% free, unlimited, and readily available.

AI Homework Apps vs. ChatGPT

Knowing that these homework apps are AI-powered, you might wonder, “Why not just use ChatGPT?”.

Well, ChatGPT is indeed a helpful instrument for students, but it’s not without its challenges:

  • The chatbot doesn’t always follow your instructions precisely. It can write a 7-paragraph outline when you ask for five paragraphs or confuse summarizing with paraphrasing.
  • You’ll have to write a perfectly-formulated prompt to get the exact answer you need.

Unlike ChatGPT, the tools presented here are made for specific homework-related tasks. It means that:

  • They will produce exactly what you’re asking for.
  • They don’t require formulating prompts, which will save you time.

Try them out, and see for yourself!

✍️ Best AI for Homework: Essay Writing Tools

If you need help writing and developing essays, look no further. In this section, we will examine some of the most powerful tools that will help you with such tasks:

1. Essay Outline Generator

An outline is an integral part of any essay writing process. Many students see it as a challenge because of the writer’s block or lack of ideas. So, how can you make a perfect outline on the first try?

Custom-Writing’s essay outline generator is exactly what you need. This app is very easy to use: simply select your essay’s type and specify your topic. There are also plenty of settings specific for every assignment type, including scholarship essay, research, or even dissertation. Filling in all the fields will help you get a detailed, fully-customized outline.

Pros and cons of the essay outline generator.

For example, let’s create a sample plan for an analytical essay about the impact of social media on political discourse. Additionally, we’ll specify that we want it to be four paragraphs long.

Here’s the result:


Introduction: The Impact of Social Media on Political Discourse


Paragraph 1: The Influence of Social Media on Political Communication

  • The role of social media in shaping public opinion.
  • The impact of social media on political campaigns and messaging.

Paragraph 2: The Polarizing Effect of Social Media on Political Discourse

  • The echo chamber effect and its contribution to political polarization.
  • The spread of misinformation and its influence on political discourse.

Conclusion: The Impact of Social Media on Political Discourse: A Double-Edged Sword

  • Social media has revolutionized political communication and campaigning.
  • However, it has also led to increased polarization and the spread of misinformation.

As you can see, the resulting outline is detailed and appropriate for our chosen essay type.


  • Creates catchy titles for essay sections.
  • Works with 12 different paper genres.
  • Supports every possible assignment type.
  • Inspires you with fresh ideas.


  • Doesn’t generate ideas for an introduction. For that, you’ll need to use a separate tool.
  • May write an outline with a different number of paragraphs than specified.

2. Attention Grabber Generator

Even the most experienced writers often struggle with creating a good hook. Usually, it’s just too hard to think of something catchy or original.

If this is your case, worry no more. Custom-Writing’s hook sentence generator will help you get back on track and find new ideas for inspiring hooks. All you need to do is choose the paper genre, select the type of hook that you want, and specify your topic. Just like that, you will enjoy an excellent attention grabber in a couple of seconds.

Pros and cons of the attention grabber generator.

Let’s see how it would work with a question essay hook. Our topic was “The influence of artificial intelligence on creativity.”

Here are the results:


How does the emergence of artificial intelligence impact the traditional notions of creativity and innovation?

And this is a definition hook for a research paper titled “Analysis of sustainable urban development strategies”:


Sustainable urban development strategies are essential for creating environmentally, socially, and economically resilient cities that can meet the challenges of rapid urbanization and climate change. In order to understand the complexities of these strategies, it is crucial to analyze the various approaches and initiatives that aim to promote sustainable development in urban areas.

You can generate again or try different types of hooks with your topic to choose the most fitting result.


  • Generates unique and creative hooks.
  • Customizes the results for seven different paper genres.
  • Works with hooks of all types, including question, statistical, and anecdotal.
  • The resulting attention grabbers can also be helpful in PowerPoint presentations and speeches.


  • Quotes and statistics in the generated hooks are likely to be made up. Only use them as inspiration.

3. Introduction Creator for Essays

Consider Custom-Writing’s great introduction maker if writing opening paragraphs is not your forte. This tool is great when you need an example, a boost of creativity, or a basis for your own introduction. All you need to do is specify your topic and the essay type.

Pros and cons of the introduction generator.

Here’s a sample introduction for an argumentative essay on the topic “Ethical implications of gene editing in medicine and agriculture” we’ve generated with this tool:


The ability to edit genes has revolutionized the fields of medicine and agriculture, offering the potential to treat genetic diseases and improve crop yields. However, the ethical implications of gene editing are complex and multifaceted, raising questions about the moral and social implications of manipulating the very building blocks of life. In this essay, I will argue that while gene editing holds great promise for advancing human health and food security, it also poses significant ethical concerns related to potential misuse and unintended consequences. Nonetheless, the potential benefits of gene editing in medicine and agriculture far outweigh the ethical drawbacks, as it has the potential to cure genetic diseases, increase crop resilience, and reduce the use of pesticides.


  • Works with four different essay types.
  • Creates an introduction complete with background, hook, and thesis.
  • Can generate an original intro for an essay on any topic.


  • Doesn’t support paper genres other than essays.

4. Transition Words & Phrases Generator

It’s great when a written work smoothly transitions between sentences and paragraphs. It makes it more logical and easier to follow.

To improve your essay’s flow, try our transition generator for essays. It has two functions:

  • Providing examples of different transitions, whether additive, adversative, causal, or sequential.
  • Adding transitions to an existing text.

This tool works best for texts you’ve already finished and want to improve their flow or emphasize a sequence of events.

Pros and cons of the transition words generator.

For example, we had this segment with no transitions:

Cellular mechanisms activate a series of events within the organism. The dynamic interplay of molecular components and signaling pathways follows. Analysis of the process unveils underlying patterns and correlations.

And here’s how it was transformed:


Firstly, cellular mechanisms activate a series of events within the organism. Subsequently, the dynamic interplay of molecular components and signaling pathways follows. Consequently, analysis of the process unveils underlying patterns and correlations.

As you can see, this text is now easier to follow. The sequence of events has also become much clearer.

💡 Pro tip:

If you want to see other transitions you can use in this text, choose “provide me with examples of transitions,” select “sequential” as a category, and “to enumerate” as a function. The tool will then provide an extensive list of words and phrases that fit this context.


  • Works with all types of transitions.
  • Can provide you with numerous examples.
  • Inserts transitional words based on context instead of just placing them randomly.
  • Drastically improves the quality of your text.


  • Can occasionally glitch and add longer segments rather than words or phrases.

5. Transition Sentence Tool

If you’re looking for a more advanced way of improving your essay’s flow, a transition sentence generator is what you need. In contrast with the previous app, this one can generate transitions by rewriting entire sentences of your text. It’s great for situations when you have a skeleton of a text and want to flesh it out.

Pros and cons of the transition sentence tool.

For example, we had the following text we wanted to expand on:

Environmental factors such as pollution have a strong effect on urban biodiversity. The correlation between urbanization and diversity of species is negative. We need for sustainable urban planning to counter the loss of biodiversity.

And this is what the tool produced:


Environmental factors such as pollution and habitat destruction have a strong effect on urban biodiversity. They can lead to the decline or even extinction of certain species within urban areas. The correlation between urbanization and diversity of species is negative, as urban development often leads to the destruction and displacement of wildlife. Therefore, there is a pressing need for sustainable urban planning to counter the loss of biodiversity and create a more harmonious coexistence between human development and natural ecosystems. By implementing measures to protect and restore urban green spaces, as well as promoting wildlife-friendly urban design, we can work towards maintaining and enhancing urban biodiversity.

The text is now much more detailed. The tool not only added transitions but also expanded on the main ideas.


  • Works with all assignment genres.
  • Adds more than just transitional words to your text.
  • Changes parts of the original to improve its flow.
  • Can provide examples of transition words for different purposes.


  • When you ask for examples, this app will show the same words and phrases as in the previous transition tool rather than complete sentences.

✨ Best AI Homework Helpers: Analysis Tools

Now, let’s check out the pros and cons of AI-powered tools that can help you with analysis assignments:

Writing rhetorical, literary, and case study analysis essays with their assistance will be a breeze!

List of text types that AI-based tools can analyze.

6. Rhetorical Analysis Generator

A rhetorical device finder can effectively assist you in making a rhetorical analysis. All you need to do is paste your text, specify its type, and include the author’s name with some background information to help the tool make its answers more accurate. It will then analyze the text’s ethos, pathos, logos, purpose, audience, claim, and other rhetorical elements. The results will be conveniently presented in a visually appealing format.

Pros and cons of the rhetorical analysis generator.

To test this tool, we asked it to analyze Viola Davis’ short speech that she gave at the 2017 Academy Awards. It produced a very detailed and well-written work that did a great job interpreting every single aspect of the speech.

For example, here’s how the tool analyzed the speech’s claim, support, and warrant:


Claim: The main idea of the speech is to emphasize the value of storytelling, the celebration of ordinary lives, and the impact of family and colleagues on one’s personal and professional journey.

Support: Viola Davis supports her claim by expressing gratitude to specific individuals who have played significant roles in her life and career, such as August Wilson, Denzel Washington, her family, and her colleagues. She also highlights the importance of storytelling and the celebration of life through art.

Warrant: The connection between the claim and the supporting reasons lies in the profound impact that storytelling, family, and colleagues have had on Viola Davis’ life and career. By expressing gratitude and acknowledging their influence, she reinforces their importance in shaping her identity and success.


  • Covers all rhetorical devices in a text.
  • Has many customizable options.
  • Generates a very detailed analysis.
  • Conveniently presents the results.


  • You can enter 700 words at most, which doesn’t allow you to analyze lengthier texts.
  • Unfortunately, it won’t help you with analyzing visual media.

7. Quote Meaning Analyzer

Teachers often ask students to analyze quotes from prominent personalities or literary works. But what if you come across a saying you simply can’t interpret?

Custom-Writing’s brilliant quote explainer is just what you need. This tool can help you get to the bottom of almost every saying. You only need to paste a quote, specify its author, and choose one of the two analysis types:

  • General analysis will explain the quote’s meaning, significance, and tone.
  • Literary analysis will list and examine all the literary devices used in the quote.

After the tool is done analyzing, it will present the results to you in a simple and comprehensive way.

Pros and cons of the quote meaning analyzer.

For example, here’s a general analysis of Oscar Wilde’s quote, “Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not” produced by the tool:


This quote by Oscar Wilde suggests that life is inherently unfair, and that this may actually be a positive thing for most people. The meaning behind the quote is that unfairness is a natural part of life, and that it may serve as a form of protection for individuals. It implies that if life were fair, people might face more challenges and difficulties, and that unfairness can sometimes work in their favor.

The significance of the quote lies in its acknowledgment of the realities of life. It reminds us that we cannot always control the circumstances we are faced with, and that unfairness is an inevitable part of the human experience. By accepting this, individuals may be better equipped to navigate life’s challenges and setbacks.

The tone of the quote is somewhat resigned and philosophical, with a hint of sardonic humor, reflecting Wilde’s characteristic wit and insight into human nature. It encourages readers to embrace the unpredictability of life and find strength in the face of its inherent unfairness.

Impressive, right?


  • Works with general and literary forms of analysis.
  • Writes an in-depth explanation of any quote.


  • Interpretations are subjective, so we don’t recommend treating the tool’s analysis as the only correct one.

8. Poem Analysis Tool for Students

Poem analysis is one of the most challenging assignments that you can receive. Have you encountered a poem that’s too cryptic or not resonating with you? Worry not – we have a solution for you.

Custom-Writing’s poem analyzer can save you lots of nerve cells. Just paste the poem, and in mere seconds, you’ll get a complete analysis where everything that seemed so confusing will be made clear and straightforward.

Pros and cons of the poem analysis tool.

We asked the app to analyze Robert Frost’s poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and received amazing results. This powerful tool produced an in-depth explanation of the poem’s theme, language, rhythm, sound, structure, and context.

For example, this is how it evaluated the poem’s language with examples:


The language of the poem is simple and straightforward, reflecting the speaker’s contemplative mood. The poet uses imagery such as “woods fill up with snow,” “frozen lake,” and “easy wind and downy flake” to create a vivid picture of the wintry landscape. The poet also employs literary devices such as personification (“His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here”) and repetition (“And miles to go before I sleep”) to convey the speaker’s introspective thoughts and emotions.

And here’s the conclusion with background information about the poem and its author:


The poem was written by Robert Frost in 1922 and is often interpreted as a reflection on the tension between the allure of nature and the responsibilities of human life. It is a timeless exploration of the human experience, capturing the universal conflict between the desire for tranquility and the demands of everyday life.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Includes quotes and background information.
  • Reviews every key aspect of a poem.
  • Will inspire an outstanding analysis.


  • Just like with quotes, poetry analysis is subjective. Keep in mind that the tool’s interpretation is not definitive.

9. Case Study Analysis Generator

Looking for ways to complete your case study analysis quickly and successfully? Try Custom-Writing’s case study answers finder.

To make it work, you need to paste the text of the case study and its central question. The tool will then conduct a detailed analysis, locating the case study’s key problems, background, and solutions.

Pros and cons of the case study analysis generator.

For example, let’s try to analyze a case study on the US Capitol security breach. Here are the proposed solutions and recommendations the tool presented:


Proposed Solution/Changes

One specific and realistic solution to address the vulnerabilities is to ensure robust security at government institutions during significant events such as elections or inaugurations. This solution was chosen because it addresses the specific vulnerability exposed in the case study and provides a practical approach to enhancing security.


Specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution include implementing stringent security measures based on threat assessments, maintaining a high level of security at federal buildings, and implementing physical security checkpoints and metal detectors at entrances. Further action should involve coordination between law enforcement agencies and the National Guard to ensure comprehensive security measures are in place.


  • Makes an in-depth analysis.
  • Saves you time as you don’t have to go through the entire case yourself.
  • Presents the results in a well-structured way.


📚 Best AI Homework Tools for Generating Texts

Now, let’s review the AI-powered apps that generate entire texts from scratch. These tools will help you get outstanding writing examples and inspiration:

Remember that under no circumstances should you submit AI-generated texts under the guise of your own. That’s highly unethical and can lead to severe consequences. If you need to use such content in your essay, make sure to cite it properly.

AI tools can create essay examples, poetic texts, speech scripts, and discussion posts.

10. Free AI Essay Writer

It’s always helpful to see examples of good essays on your exact topic, especially if the subject you’ve chosen is not very popular. When you feel like you’ve run out of ideas, try Custom-Writing’s ChatGPT essay writer. Just type in your topic, essay type, and number of paragraphs that you want.

Pros and cons of the AI essay writer.

Now, let’s see it in action. Here are the body paragraphs of a generated essay about environmental conservation in urban spaces:


Paragraph 1

One of the major aspects of environmental conservation in urban spaces is the preservation of green areas. Parks, gardens, and green spaces not only provide a pleasant environment for city dwellers but also contribute to the ecosystem’s overall well-being. These green areas act as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants, and provide habitats for various species of plants and animals. By preserving and expanding green spaces within urban areas, we can mitigate the effects of urbanization on the environment and create a healthier living environment for residents.

Paragraph 2

Another important aspect of environmental conservation in urban spaces is the promotion of sustainable practices. This includes the implementation of eco-friendly infrastructure, waste management systems, and renewable energy sources. Sustainable urban planning and development can help reduce the ecological footprint of cities and minimize the impact of urban activities on the environment. Additionally, promoting sustainable transportation options such as walking, cycling, and public transit can help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in urban areas.

💡 Pro tip:

If you already have an outline, you can use it to customize each body paragraph however you like. This will help you get exactly the kind of essay you need.


  • Has many opportunities for customization.
  • Makes very well-written, grammatically correct texts.
  • Inspires you with perfect examples.


  • A maximum of six body paragraphs may not always be enough.

11. Instant Speech Maker

Writing a captivating and eloquent speech is no easy task. What should you write about, and how can you keep your audience glued to their seats? If you’ve found yourself staring at a blank page, try this next tool.

Custom-Writing’s speech maker takes into account the general as well as the specific aim of your presentation. You can use it to compose a script that will be written according to your objective and the audience type.

Pros and cons of the instant speech maker.

To test this tool, we took an unusual topic, “The secret life of houseplants.” We indicated that the speech aims to entertain, and its specific purpose is to prove that houseplants do many amazing things behind our backs.

Here’s what we’ve got:


Good evening, everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic time tonight. I want to start off by asking you all a question: have you ever stopped and thought about the secret life of houseplants? Yes, you heard me right – houseplants have a secret life that they lead when we’re not looking. And tonight, I’m here to share with you some amazing things that houseplants do behind our backs.

Now, you might be wondering, why should I care about the secret life of houseplants? Well, for one, it’s a fascinating topic that has a lot more depth than we might think. Secondly, understanding the hidden abilities of houseplants can actually benefit us in ways we never imagined. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the secret world of houseplants. […]

Check out how catchy and exciting the resulting speech is. With examples like this, you will surely captivate your audience!


  • Writes good speech scripts and not just texts.
  • Makes perfectly structured results, with transitions and a final call to action.
  • Includes an original greeting and a goodbye to the audience.


  • Sometimes, it can glitch and generate more paragraphs than required.
  • As you can see from the example, it takes humorous topics a little too seriously.

12. Paragraph to Poem Generator

Writing a poem may take ages, especially if you don’t have much inspiration. With our paragraph-to-poem converter, you can forget about failed attempts and a bin full of drafts. Just specify your poem’s topic and mood, and get a custom-made poem.

In addition to that, Custom-Writing’s poem generator offers a wide range of customization possibilities. For example, it allows you to paste a paragraph you wrote and transform it into a poem. There are many more advanced functions that other similar apps don’t have, like choosing the desired format and meter.

Pros and cons of the paragraph to poem generator.

To test this tool, we’ve chosen a short passage inspired by an epic movie:

In the fiery heart of battle, I stand unyielding on the edge of the cosmos. My gaze pierces through the myriad stars, fueled by the flames of determination.

We’ve decided to convert it into a dramatic elegy, and this is what we’ve got:


In the fiery heart of battle, I stand alone,
Upon the edge of the cosmos, my fate unknown.
My gaze pierces through the stars so bright,
Fueled by the flames of determination, my might.
My heart ablaze with unyielding fire,
I face the chaos, never to tire.
In this eternal struggle, I take my stand,
A solitary figure in this vast expanse.
The stars above, they witness my plight,
As I fight on, with all my might.
In the fiery heart of battle, I remain,
A warrior, unyielding, amidst the cosmic domain.
So let my tale be told, in solemn elegy,
For the warrior who fought, so tirelessly.
In the fiery heart of battle, I made my mark,
A solitary soul, forever in the dark.

All we can say is – wow!


  • Can create unique poems on all kinds of topics.
  • Has vast customization opportunities.
  • Works with virtually all types of poetry.


  • Although the poems it produces are well-written, they’re still pretty soulless, unlike human-made poetry.

13. Discussion Board Generator

Do you attend online lessons? If so, then Custom-Writing’s discussion board generator is for you. It can make answers in the format of a discussion board post.

Generated texts will help you get a clear idea of what your own response might look like. Simply type in the topic and choose whether you need a post or a reply.

Pros and cons of the discussion post generator.

For example, here’s the post we’ve got on the topic “How does cultural diversity influence team dynamics in the workplace?” with a follow-up question:


The impact of cultural diversity on team dynamics in the workplace is significant. It brings together individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and ideas, which lead to more innovative solutions and better decision-making. However, it can also lead to challenges such as communication barriers, misunderstandings, and conflicts if not managed effectively.

In my opinion, cultural diversity can greatly influence team dynamics in both positive and negative ways. On one hand, it can enrich the team’s problem-solving abilities by bringing in a variety of viewpoints and approaches. On the other hand, it can also lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication if not addressed proactively.

I believe that embracing cultural diversity in the workplace is crucial for fostering a more inclusive and innovative environment. It is important for team members to be open-minded and willing to learn from one another’s cultural backgrounds. By promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity, teams can leverage the strengths of their diverse members and minimize the potential for conflicts.

I wonder, how do you think organizations can promote cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace to enhance team dynamics? And what strategies have you found to be effective in managing the challenges that cultural diversity may bring to a team?


  • Formats the answer specifically as a discussion post.
  • Can generate a post or a reply with an optional follow-up question.
  • Allows you to upload study materials necessary for a discussion post.


  • The study materials that you attach can be at most 2000 words. If you want to upload more, you might need to use a summarizer, which the tool conveniently suggests.

📌 Best Summarizing AI to Help with Homework

The final group of tools we want to share with you consists of text summarizers, but not your average ones. These are advanced and AI-powered, meaning they use an abstractive summarization approach.

Comparison of extractive and abstractive summarization methods.

What does it mean? Well, it means they will transform the text to produce a coherent result and not just combine several sentences from the original. This way, our generators can summarize even the most complex text in as little as one sentence while retaining all the critical information.

This section includes:

14. Abstract Generator

If you’ve ever done serious research, you know that writing a good abstract can be tricky. It needs to tell the potential readers all about your paper and be appropriately structured. How can you do it quickly and easily?

Here’s a solution – use Custom-Writing’s free abstract generator. Paste your research and get a perfect abstract just like that. If you want to improve the result’s quality even further, you can use advanced settings.

Pros and cons of the abstract generator.

Let’s see this tool in action. Here’s a generated abstract of a research paper on the recent exploration of brain functioning:


This abstract discusses the findings in the field of neurophysiology regarding neuroplasticity and its implications for brain development and aging. The research problem addressed is the impact of cognitive activities on the brain’s ability to reorganize and maintain cognitive functions throughout life. The aim is to demonstrate the importance of continuous cognitive activity in preserving brain function and reducing the risk of cognitive decline, particularly in the context of aging.

The methodology involves a review of neurophysiological research on neuroplasticity and its implications for brain aging. The participants are not explicitly mentioned, but the context of the study is focused on the general population and the aging process. The results indicate that cognitive activities play a crucial role in maintaining cognitive reserve and reducing the risk of dementia and premature aging of the brain. The findings also highlight the “use it or lose it” principle, emphasizing the need for continuous cognitive stimulation to preserve brain function.

The practical implications of the research suggest that continuous education and cognitive activities are essential for maintaining brain health and cognitive function. The abstract concludes by emphasizing the importance of daily cognitive exercises and moderate physical activity to support brain function and overall well-being.

Keywords: neuroplasticity, cognitive reserve, aging, brain development, cognitive activities, dementia, cognitive function.

As you can see, it includes everything an abstract needs: background, problem, aim, methodology, findings, and implications. The keywords are a nice addition that will definitely help you with your research paper.


  • Makes outstanding abstracts and not just summaries.
  • Correctly formats the output.
  • Generates a keyword list in addition to an abstract.
  • Has many advanced parameters that you can alter to get the best results.


  • Only works with APA format.
  • Can sometimes use the word “abstract” instead of “research”.

15. Notes Generator from Text

When preparing for tests, you often need to read through a ton of notes. But what if you haven’t made them yourself and don’t have enough time to make them now?

Well, we again have a solution! With our free notes generator, you can forget this problem ever existed. This tool can effectively scan longer text and conveniently condense them into bullet point lists: just paste your study materials, select how many bullet points you want, and let the AI do its work. You’ll get a list of logically-connected notes that you can use for your summary, research, or other purposes.

Pros and cons of the notes generator from text.

Let’s see how the tool will make notes out of the first chapter of Britannica’s article on the American Civil War:


  • Northern economy was modernizing and diversifying, investing in transportation, financial industries, and communications
  • Southern economy was based on large farms and slaves, with investments in slaves rather than factories
  • The issue of slavery expansion into new territories and states led to political disputes and compromises
  • The Civil War began in 1861 with the Confederates bombarding Fort Sumter and both sides calling for military support


  • Does a great job condensing your text into a set of notes.
  • Uses abstractive method to make a meaningful summary.
  • Saves you time during test preparation.


  • You can only paste up to 1000 words of text at once. To convert longer texts into notes, you’ll have to split them into parts.

16. Key Points Summarizer

This next tool is excellent for summarizing big chunks of information when you don’t have time to read everything yourself. Custom-Writing’s key point generator effectively highlights only the essential info, saving you hours of time. Just paste the text you want to summarize and select how many bullet points you want. You’ll get a perfect result in seconds!

Pros and cons of the key points summarizer.

Here’s an example of a neat set of key points generated from CUNY’s course chapter about Idealism:


  1. Idealism is the view that only the ideal world of ideas is real, and there is no external reality composed of matter.
  2. Plato believed in the existence of a world of ideas, which is a world of unchanging and absolute truth, independent of human minds.
  3. Bishop Berkeley challenged the notion that matter exists autonomously outside the mind and maintained that only life forces, such as spirits or souls, are able to function causally through perception.
  4. Berkeley asserted that all physical objects are perceived via sensation and that all physical things in this world are ideas of the Divine.
  5. Christian Scientists believe that God is a disembodied spirit who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, and they specify that humans are in truth spirits produced by divinity and are all incarnations of God.


  • Saves you time reading lengthy texts.
  • Effectively brings key ideas to light.
  • Structures the results in an easily readable way.


  • The maximum length of a text you can paste is 1000 words, which may not always be enough.

17. Abstract Keywords Generator

Do you need to gather keywords for your abstract? Or maybe you need to quickly grasp the context of someone else’s research? In any case, our AI keyword generator will help you. All you need to do is paste the abstract’s text and specify how many keywords you need. The app’s AI will select the most relevant phrases highlighting the research’s crucial aspects.

Pros and cons of the abstract keyword generator.

Check out the keywords it generated based on the abstract from the research on occupation and health in Saudi Arabia:


Keywords: occupational health, safety, workers, Saudi Arabia, environmental risks, accidents, productivity, sick leaves, healthcare sector, stakeholders, employees, injuries, government

As you can see, they convey the text’s contents perfectly.


  • Generates good keywords in an instant.
  • Saves you time selecting keywords by yourself.
  • Chooses the most relevant phrases instead of picking them randomly.


  • It’s limited to 15 keywords maximum.

🎁 BONUS: Other Helpful Tools for Homework

In addition to AI-powered tools, there are plenty of simpler yet very useful study-helpers worth checking out. You’ll be surprised by what else is hidden up our sleeves!

List of must-have tools for homework.

This section includes:

1. Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool

A summarizer and paraphraser combined into one tool is a fantastic solution that will be helpful to every student. It can shorten academic texts for better understanding and summarize your writing.


  • Effectively condenses any text.
  • Can show keywords in addition to summaries.
  • Allows you to additionally rewrite your summary.
  • The results can serve as a basis for a conclusion.


  • This tool uses an extractive rather than abstractive summarizing method, so it won’t restructure your original sentences. Instead, it will select the most important passages and combine them.

2. Research Question Generator

Want to find unique research questions in a couple of clicks? Try our free research question maker. Just type in the topic of your project, and the generator will offer several options. All you have to do is choose the best one and modify it to suit your needs better.

But that’s not all of it! In addition to finding ideas, this tool can help you formulate a perfect research question for your paper. Enter the main aspects of your study, such as your research groups and time frames. The tool will then combine them in different ways to form a research question.


  • Generates an unlimited number of meaningful research questions.
  • Allows you to choose among 24 subjects.
  • Works not only with research questions but also with topics for essays.
  • Helps you formulate a research question correctly.


  • The research question maker can only combine the text fragments you’ve entered. It doesn’t modify them or add anything extra.

3. Problem Statement Maker

Custom-Writing’s statement maker can create a meaningful problem statement based on your research’s type, area of concern, main arguments, and counterarguments. It provides two generated options at once, so you can choose the one you like the most.

  • Allows you to choose between casuist, descriptive, relational, and comparative research problem types.
  • Lets you enter as many as three key arguments and a counterargument.
  • Correctly arranges parts of the research problem.


  • Doesn’t modify your inputs aside from arranging them in the correct order and adding transitions.

4. Hypothesis Generator

Our hypothesis generator will be helpful in medicine, math, or chemistry research. To make it work, specify your experimental group, its attributes, and the subject of your research. Additionally, you can include a control group and choose whether your findings are positive or negative. The generator will then produce a hypothesis based on your entries.



  • Similar to the previous tools, it only rearranges your inputs and adds transitions to them.

5. Thesis Statement Generator

A thesis generator is a must-have when it comes to writing essays. Apart from the main idea, argument, and counterargument, our app considers the type of your essay. The more you can tell us about your paper, the better the results will be.


  • Works with four different types of essays.
  • Gives you hints on what each essay type is like.
  • Allows you to add up to three arguments and a counterargument.


  • Again, it only modifies your inputs by rearranging them as a thesis.

6. Read My Paper Tool

Next, we have a simple yet convenient essay reader for students with reading disabilities or vision challenges, as well as visual learners. It converts text to audio via text-to-speech technology with the help of different voices. Use our tool to listen to your study materials on the go, multitask, and memorize the information more effectively.

💡 Pro tip:

If you’re working on a college essay, use this tool to read your essay aloud. It will help you notice whether some passages sound clumsy or far-fetched.


  • Offers a wide range of customization options.
  • Has ten different pleasant-sounding voices to choose from.
  • Allows you to change the reading’s tempo.
  • Has an option of downloading the audio file you’ve converted.


  • Sometimes, the voices may sound a little unnatural.

7. AI Checker

Did you know you simply can’t work with AI-powered tools without a good ChatGPT detector? The problem is that if you use fragments of generated text in your paper, it will be flagged by AI detectors. What’s more, texts written without any help from ChatGPT can also be mistakenly marked as AI-generated and cause you big problems.

You see, even if you wrote your essay yourself, your tutor can still falsely accuse you of cheating if your text has too many predictable words typical for AI.

To avoid trouble, it’s a good idea to check your work before submitting it. That’s why you’ll definitely benefit from using our free AI checker. It will help you find any suspicious fragments and AI traces so that you can eliminate them before it’s too late. This tool will demonstrate the most suspicious words and show the overall predictability rate.


  • Can effectively determine the presence of AI depending on how predictable the words are.
  • Allows you to specify the topic of the text for more accurate results.
  • Conveniently displays the degree of predictability for each word, the results by percentage, and the top six most popular continuations for each word.
  • Helps you understand which sentences need to be changed to reduce the percentage of predictability and make your essay less AI-like.


  • There is still a small chance that this tool will say that the text was written by AI even if it wasn’t.

And with that we conclude out list. Remember that using these apps for inspiration and writing assistance is completely ethical. Besides, they’re more convenient than ChatGPT when it comes to homework-related tasks.

We hope you enjoy using the AI tools we reviewed here. They will undoubtedly help you ace any assignment. Try them now, and make sure to recommend them to your friends!

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