The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Outstanding Dissertation

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So far, grad school has been very hard work. But there’s one last ordeal: writing your dissertation.

Sadly, this article can’t write your dissertation! (But Custom-Writing can. Just drop us a line "write my paper for me" and our coursework writing service will do the job for you). But it does explain how to successfully execute the hard process of writing a dissertation. So cheer up! Read this article. And then get back to work!

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30 Best Online Research Tools to Guide Your Writing

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For many students, the hardest part about writing a research paper is the research. Even the best students often don’t know how to properly conduct research or even where to start.

But you’re in luck:

This article provides step-by-step details for doing online research. This article also ends with a list of reliable online research paper sources, from online public libraries to dissertation databases.

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Dissertation Structures: Hints on Dissertation Structuring

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As a rule, students cope with their dissertation structures without difficulties, just following to the well-known template. However, dissertation structure is more than dividing a dissertation text into several sections. Let us offer you some dissertation structure hints that may be helpful for you.
Dissertation Structure: How Much Should Each Section Take?
First of all, it is important to distribute dissertation length between the sections appropriately. The following dissertation structure is recommended:

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract (300-500 words)
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction (10%)
  6. Literature review (20%)
  7. Methodology (20%)
  8. Findings and Discussion (30 %)
  9. Conclusions and Recommendations (15%)
  10. Bibliography
  11. Appendices

Dissertation Structure: How Are Sections Connected?
For good dissertation structure, it is not sufficient just to divide a paper: it is necessary to make it harmonious and monolithic. Let us consider how dissertation sections are connected to each other:
Dissertation Structure: Introduction / Literature Review
In your Literature review section, you show the starting point of your research. You are to outline how much has already been done by other researchers in term of studying your subject. Make sure you analyze literature in the dimension of a problem and a purpose of your research. Do not deviate.
Dissertation Structure: Literature Review / Methodology
In your Methodology section, you should describe which research methods you plan to use and why. In your Literature Review section, you can also highlight methods which methods were used by other researchers and then allude to them in a Methodology section.
Dissertation Structure: Methodology / Findings and Discussion
Make sure that in your Findings and Discussion section, you do not repeat what you have already said in a Methodology section. Methodology is about general approach to a research while Findings and Discussions is about what exactly you do and what results you get.
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Things You Have to Know about the ACT Essay Test

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ACT essay testACT tests seem to be one of the most significant and challenging tasks for many students. Still, you have nothing else to do but invest time and efforts to get high scores.
ACT tests are taken in four fields of study: Math, English, Science, and Reading. You are looking for tips on how to write ACT essays, which means you are taking English.
Although you can be a native English speaker, it does not mean that the ACT essay test will be easy. Therefore, it is better to get as much information as possible on how to succeed in passing the ACT essay test. This is what you will find below.
What is the main purpose of taking the ACT essay test?
Well, the ACT essay test is designed to check your writing skills. It means you have to demonstrate your abilities to state and develop ideas clearly in a written form.
What does the ACT essay test look like?
You will be given two situations that contain an essay question. Thus, you need to write two ACT essays and answer these questions.
How is the ACT essays test evaluated?
They use a six-point scale to evaluate your ACT essay test. You will be given 6 if:

  • Your ACT essay is perfectly organized;
  • All your ideas are conveyed clearly in standard written English;
  • You give a full answer to the question set in the offered situation.

How should ACT essays be structured?
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Dissertation Fellowships

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Every Dissertation Fellowship has its own program that provides support to young researchers. Each Fellowship provides a stipend or a grant that will support individuals whose dissertation targets the spaces between the disciplines, where new perspective emerge, whose dissertation shows potential for bringing constructive and fresh perspective to the practice or the theory.
Although most of the dissertation fellowship programs cover social sciences, many programs support distinguished graduate students in the humanities and the natural sciences conducting dissertation research. Nowadays, dissertation fellowship programs engage a wide and evolving range of themes.
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How to Succeed in Writing an Impressive Dissertation Analysis

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Here it is! The most crucial moment of your life! Are you ready for this? Well, ready or not, here we go! Your dissertation analysis writing has already begun.

Writing a dissertation analysis is a really great challenge for each student! And you should do everything in order to resolve all possible problems.

For your dissertation analysis you should, first of all, read all, necessary for your dissertation analysis, literature. This may help you and provide with the necessary information. Your dissertation analysis is a great piece of work and you should not grudge the interesting facts and theory. Continue reading >

What Is the Dissertation Grant?

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To understand the nature of dissertation grant better we provide you with example of concrete institution offering it. We are introducing you Dissertation Grants Program that is offered by the American Educational Research Association (AERA). The policy pursued by the AERA will be the best explanation of the essence of the dissertation grants and their influence on the research development throughout the country.
The Dissertation Grants Program is conducted by the AERA with support from the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Education Statistics. The Dissertation Grants Program is intended to stimulate research on U. S. education policy, to improve the quality of the research and increase the number of educational researchers.
Dissertation Grants are worked out for advanced graduate students; this is a support for those engaged in dissertation writing process. The sum available for students is up to $15,000 for 1-year projects. Dissertation grantees report about the work completed either in the form of article or a copy of the dissertation. Continue reading >

Useful Tips on How to Write a Dissertation Critique

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Dissertation critique writing develops the students’ critical and logical thinking abilities. When writing a dissertation critique the students learn to analyze the works conducted by other researchers.

In this article we will discuss the main aspects of dissertation critique writing.

First of all, choose a written dissertation published within the last five years for writing your dissertation critique. The dissertations should present some empirical research based both on primary and secondary data analysis.

The length of dissertation critique is about 5 pages. Dissertation critique is done in prose-style according to academic writing requirements. Continue reading >