How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Topics, Examples, & Outline

Exemplification essays, also called illustration essays, are one of the easiest papers to write. However, even the simplest tasks require experience and practice. It is a good idea to find and analyze free exemplification essay examples. You can also ask your teacher to give you some sample exemplification essays from their collection.

What particular points should you pay attention to if you want to make your own paper? Find the answer here, in this article by experts. It contains an exemplification essay outline, samples, and topics.

An exemplification essay is an argumentative essay subtype that provides relevant examples to persuade the audience of the writer's thesis statement.

❓ What Is an Exemplification Essay?

An exemplification essay is an argumentative essay subtype. It provides relevant examples to persuade the audience of the writer’s thesis statement. The examples confirm the benefits of the author’s opinion. They also show the opposing perspective’s negative outcome. Exemplification essays train your storytelling skill.

💡 Exemplification Essay Topics

Some teachers can give you a task to write a free composition in an exemplification essay format. The task also includes the desired length and a deadline. You are the one to choose the topic to develop an argument. Here is the list of 45 compelling topics for your exemplification essay.

  1. Can mistakes help a person?
  2. Is plastic package a holdover from the past that we should abolish? 
  3. Vegetarianism helps our nature.
  4. Does TV influence children more than their parents?
  5. Do we have a lot to do about women’s rights, or are you satisfied with the current state of things?
  6. Social responsibility: examples of helping a neighbor.
  7. If a child’s family is intolerant to ethnic minorities, can school education change the child’s point of view?
  8. Freelance leads people to professional burnout.
  9. What is easier: teamwork or individual work?
  10. How did the politics of HIV-AIDS operate as a conduit for social and cultural prejudice?
  11. Is agility or stamina more critical for success in sports?
  12. It is better to train for half an hour five times a week than 2.5 hours on weekends.
  13. If you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business. 
  14. Online advertising is stealing our time.
  15. Examples of stereotyping and unequal treatment in medicine.  
  16. Can poor in-class relationships ruin students’ academic performance? 
  17. Teachers can show where to find knowledge, but they cannot make you learn. 
  18. We bear the responsibility for biodiversity on our planet.
  19. Should governments limit the uncontrolled breeding of domestic animals?
  20. Examples of hasty generalization consequences.
  21. Does lifelong learning make us better people?
  22. Litter campaigns don’t make much change.
  23. Is a college degree a must for a successful life? 
  24. Online communication has become a full alternative to live interaction. 
  25. Negative consequences of high sugar consumption.
  26. Most news is negative, and we should change this.
  27. The poor don’t get the same access to preventive healthcare as the rich.
  28. How does food industry affect childhood obesity?
  29. What makes William Shakespeare relevant in the contemporary world?
  30. Mass media contribution to social issues of humanity.  
  31. Should builders consider ecology when choosing construction materials?
  32. Are we doing enough to eliminate domestic violence?
  33. Why adolescents take drugs.
  34. Does failure at the exam teaches students a good lesson?
  35. Is national security more important than citizens’ privacy?
  36. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for human health.
  37. Why good communication skills are important in business?
  38. Do contemporary fashion images really promote gender stereotypes?  
  39. Why do people join hate groups?
  40. Are legal and ethical behavior the same?
  41. Why is accountancy a good occupational choice?
  42. Can jealousy have any positive outcomes?
  43. Is frailty an inevitable result of aging?  
  44. Strategic leadership is a key to the success of any business.  
  45. Is self-awareness really important for the development of a child?

📝 Exemplification Essay Outline

Below you’ll find a simple exemplification outline. It also contains some comments on what you should include in each of the parts.

  1. Introduction. Tell the reader what is waiting on them in your composition. You can give some background that confirms the topicality of the discussed issue. You can as well provide any information that will help to understand your position.
  2. Thesis. Formally it is the last sentence in your introduction. We have put it in a separate point because it is the most important sentence of your whole essay. This sentence presents the argument (or the problem). Although you can hint at your perspective, a thesis statement is not equal to an opinion statement.
  3. Main body. Each paragraph shall contain one argument and one supporting example. If you have one example that confirms all your ideas, you can dedicate the last section to it.
  4. Conclusion. In three to four sentences, summarize your principal arguments. Then rephrase your thesis statement highlighting your opinion. You can also add a sentence about the depth of the problem and explore it more.

👀 Exemplification Essay Examples

In this section, you’ll find two great exemplification essay examples. The first one focuses on the ways writers prefer to use exemplification in their works. Another one (below) is about women’s rights. Note that different parts of the outline are marked in the text.

Do we have a lot to do about women’s rights?

IntroductionDo we have a lot to do about women’s rights, or are we satisfied with the current state of things? This question has become a hot-button issue in the last decades. On the one side, most constitutional women’s rights are observed and respected. In America, women can vote, work wherever they want to, and decide to build a family or stay single. However, not all countries live according to these simple rules. Moreover, these rights are not comprehensive.
Thesis statementThis essay questions if everything possible has been done to ensure equal rights for men and women in our country and worldwide.
Main body, paragraph 1One of the key feminist problems is inequality in household chores. Some governments provide a paid maternity and paternity leave for any of the two parents. Still, only nine percent of American jobs are ready to pay a father. The popular opinion is that a mother is better at taking care of children and doing the housework. When both parents work, the mother often has to cope with cleaning, ironing, and taking children to school and back. She dedicates much time to these activities, so she has less time and strength to develop her career.
Main body, paragraph 2Consequently, women earn less. Many employers regard women as less-skilled workers. This also causes lower salaries. They prefer hiring men to managerial positions. Men are more likely to stay at work even when they have a child. Another example of discrimination at the workplace is the denial of professional training and promotions to women. In general, they are often considered less valuable employees dedicated to their families than jobs.
ConclusionWe have a long way to go to reach gender equality. This essay covered sexism in household chores and work. The scope of discrimination by sex goes beyond these examples. We should educate children to take care of themselves at home regardless of their sex. A lot can be done, but it will take a couple of generations to see the change.

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