10 College Application Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

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It is not a secret that for every open slot at a prestigious college, there are from 10 to 15 eager applicants. Looking at their achievement history, all applicants seem academically qualified individuals with high grades.


However, very often it is the college application essay that sets one lucky applicant apart from the others. The essay provides students with an opportunity to express themselves and to explain why they would be perfect for the college.

While writing is very personal, and styles can vary, the mistakes students make in their admission essays are the same. So if you want to find out 10 application essay mistakes to avoid, just read on!

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How to Use the Right Gender-Neutral Pronouns in Academic Writing?

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Nowadays our society has become more and more tolerant toward and understanding of gender differences. Thanks to LGBT activists, gender neutral pronouns have cemented their position in daily life.

For example, Facebook now allows its users to choose “custom” in the field for gender. According to ABC News, the social media platform applies 58 options such as agender, genderqueer, trans, pangender, and so on.

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How to Write a Literature Review: Actionable Tips & Links

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So you have to write a literature review. You find your favorite novel, and then start analyzing it.

This is how it’s usually done, right?

In fact, it’s not.

The “literature” here means any collection of materials on a given topic. In this case, “literature” can be anything from a set of poems about love to serious scholarly articles about the treatment for pneumonia. And the word “review” does not actually mean that you have to give your personal opinion about these sources.

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23 Terrific Essay Tools for Fast and Simple Writing

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There’s a time in every student’s life when they start asking, “I wonder how to write an essay online. Are there any essay tools to make my writing easy? Where can I find the most useful custom thesis writing service?”

Custom-Writing.org is ready to answer all of these questions. With the help of this guide, you’ll know the primary principles of writing any student paper.

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Research Proposal Help: Amazing Resources, Tips & Tools

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Most writing assignments in universities are pretty much the same as the ones students had in school.

But a research proposal is different.

This task is one of the most confusing ones you’ll encounter. And that’s why we’ve decided to write this post—to give some help with research proposal.

So, how exactly are we going to help you?

In this post by https://custom-writing.org experts, we’ve gathered some of the most useful tools and resources that will make writing a research proposal much easier for you. These tools and resources will not only save you time—with their help, your chance of creating an outstanding research proposal will be extremely high.

But that’s not all!

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