We have to evaluate many things almost every day, starting from books and movies up to someone's work, ideas, etc. If you are not sure about the right way to evaluate something, writing an evaluative essay will be a useful experience.

By the way, in the great majority of cases, evaluative essays (also called evaluation essays) that you will have to write in school will be devoted to either books or some films.

Purposes of writing evaluative essays might be different. You can write an essay that will make the reader think about his/her own values and ideas on the matter. Your evaluative essay can also be designed to convince the reader to accept your position on the issue. In this case, you need to provide arguments to back up your opinion.

Below, we list several components that a good evaluative essay should include.

Description of the main subject

This is how you start your evaluative essay. Provide as much background information about your subject as you think is necessary. Make sure it is enough for the reader to get this subject.

Your judgment

Your judgment in the evaluative essay, in other words, can be called a thesis statement.


Arguments will be introduced in the body paragraphs of the evaluative essay. They will support your judgment. Mind that all your arguments should be reasonable. For instance, if you are evaluating a mystery novel, it will be unwise to refer to supporting arguments used for the evaluation of some other genres of literature. Or, if you say that your mystery story has features that are not typical for this genre, prove it with examples taken from the text. If you have no examples, such arguments will not work.

At the end, let us say a few words about evaluative essay format. You can follow a standard five-paragraph format.

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