Who is Prospero in The Tempest?

Prospero is the main character of Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. He was betrayed by his brother and had to seek another home. A remote island appeared to be a nice place, so Prospero and his daughter settled there. Over the years, he has been planning revenge with the help of magic.

Prospero appears on the stage as the one who controls the storm. Later, the audience finds out that it is a part of his plan to get the royal party to the island. At the same time, to answer his daughter’s question, he proceeds to describe the years from the distant past. It appears that Prospero used to be the duke of Milan until his brother Antonio decided to take over. The king’s counselor helped Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, to run away on the ship and provided all the essentials along with some of the books for the library. They reached a remote island and have made it a new home. Ever since then, Prospero has been planning to take revenge on Antonio. 

When the king’s ship gets into the magically created storm, Prospero uses the spirits’ help and his magic to manipulate everyone. Every event is under his control which shows him as a pretty dominating person. Yet, he makes sure that no one is seriously hurt. Moreover, at the end of the play, Prospero forgives his enemies and is ready to move on. He has only been using magic and illusions to make the traitors realize their mistakes and restore justice. In the end, the duke of Milan burns all his connections with magic and returns back home. 

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