What Action Does Caliban Suggest When He Discusses Killing Prospero with Stephano and Trinculo?

When Caliban finds new friends, Stephano and Trinculo, he asks them to help him with the assassination of his master. They plot to take away Prospero’s books to disarm him and kill him when he is taking a nap. To motivate his fellows, he promises that they would get control over the island.

In the play, Stephano and Trinculo, separated from the rest of the royal party after the shipwreck, met Caliban. The islander found both men reliable and understanding, even though they were under the influence of alcohol. Seeking revenge, Caliban shared his desire to murder Prospero. Stephano is interested in the opportunity to become the ruler of the island and listens to Caliban’s plan. First of all, they have to find and destroy the magician’s books as they are the source of his power. Without them, Prospero can’t control the spirits of the island. Such an assumption suggests that Caliban has already attempted murder but unsuccessfully.

The islander wants to motivate his friends, so he promises Stephano some bonuses. After they get rid of Prospero, Miranda will be available to get married so Stephano can use this chance and become the king of the island. The next step would be to find Prospero and kill him. Caliban says that it is better to do while he is sleeping. There are several horrible ways of how to do it that he offers. However, the irony of the scene is that Ariel is there eavesdropping and decides on telling Prospero everything. Therefore, their plot is not meant to come into life.

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